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  1. I vote for shipping. Easier to file a claim if lost or damaged. The airline has a greater chance of putting your stuff on the wrong flight and you won't have it when you need it. A lot of golfers ship their clubs now as opposed to taking them on the airplane...less chance of damage or getting lost.
  2. Like @..Kev, I like the Mechanix gloves with the leather palms...they are my do everything outside work glove. They also work for moving lumber around. As for nitrile gloves, I go to the local First Responder/Police/Fire supply store. Great choices and better prices than online.
  3. Devious...I love it...that's cool tradition to keep going.
  4. Man, that is awesome! Timing is great too. It's about time for me to build something like that for us and this is about the perfect design.
  5. I also got a truck load of it for a good deal. I have used it for shop stuff mostly, but I think I may make one of those Lego tables with some red oak.
  6. Stumpnav

    Smoothing plane

    I have always been a BD user. I tried the LN No.62 LAJP and did not like it. The little things I did not like: no lateral adjustment, lighter than a No 5, nothing to rest my index finger on when I had it pointed down the cut...but the biggest thing I did not like was the difficulty in changing the depth of cut. I much prefer to be able to reach down with my finger and spin the adjustment wheel.
  7. Another vote for the does everything I need it to do...however, if I was putting together a wish list for gifts, I would have the Blue Spruce on the top of the list.
  8. Keep it rip, sharpen it and start cutting. Get a dedicated crosscut and you'll be much happier.
  9. Cherry, for firewood? GASP!! It would be perfect for the smoker...pork shoulder would be best...brisket would be second...this time of year, it would be dove breast with a piece of jalepeno, wrapped with bacon, smoked with cherry wood for about an hour then finished off on the grill if need be. Sounds so good I might drive to Philly and buy it off of you!
  10. I've got three saws up for sale: SOLD Knew Concepts 5" Fret Saw. NIB. Got two for Christmas last year and don't need to keep both. $85 including shipping. Veritas 20 TPI Dovetail Saw. I really like the Veritas saws and they are a great value. However, I have big hands and these just don't fit (I take an XL in the Bad Axe sizing). Used but still in good shape. $50 including shipping. Veritas 14 TPI Carcass. Used but still in good shape. $65 including shipping. Carcass.jpg3192x1192 448 KB PM for details
  11. Blue Spruce are great...but a little more expensive
  12. Never used the LN. I've got some LVs and they are nice. However, I bought a Bad Axe a couple years back and haven't looked back. I was quite happy with the LVs until I tried the BA. I have a large hand and the BA with the larger handle just fits so much better. I will be buying another BA in the near future.
  13. I put the earbuds in and listen to Wood Talk
  14. Give Mark at Bad Axe a call. He can probably set you up with what you need. They will be old and they will be SHARP! He doesn't keep many of his old saws listed on the website so you need to give him a call. Tell him what you want and why you want it and he can probably hhomyou up.