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  1. WorkTheWood, The Sawstop has exceeded our original expectations. It's also amazingly quiet. SQ
  2. Thanks! I ordered two more 6 inch face plates and they arrived today! This gives me a total of three 6 inch face plates. Now the chips are really going to fly! SQ
  3. Santa brought us a contractor's Sawstop which I love plus the two cast iron wings, dado blade and dado brake. We are very happy with it! SQ
  4. Tim, Those really turned out nice! Very nice job! SQ
  5. Thanks! I've never turned a bowl from a solid bowl blank. I've turned a few plates and platters from a solid piece, but never a bowl. SQ
  6. That is gorgeous! I want that piece and your lathe! SQ
  7. Yes, was having some technical difficulties. lol Think I figured it. SQ
  8. This bowl was made from walnut, cherry, and maple. Bowl rings were 22mm wide. Wood was 25.5 mm thick. Rings were cut at 41 degrees. Bowl was finished on the lathe. Bowl measures 12 3/4 inch inches in diameter and 4 inches tall. Thanks for looking. SQ
  9. Wow. That is truly amazing. I'd love to have his lathe. lol SQ
  10. Yes, I also have a basic set of carving tools and a dremel but never used the dremel for this application. Here are some very shallow spoons I scrolled the outside form and carved the bowl. If I used the dremel to help sand the interior that would be very helpful. There must be other sanding attachments, I am not aware of for the dremel. Thinking I will cut some more salad sets ( fork and spoon) from Steve Good's pattern and give it another try. Another option is turning the handle and then carving out the spoon. Time to dust off the carving set and give it another try. SQ
  11. I obviously have no real spoon skills . The turned handle looked wonderful, but I just couldn't get the bowl of the spoon looking right. Steve Good's site has some great spoons. forks, and spatulas to scroll. I'm actually cut out several of his spatulas today. The Grex comes with a rather firm sanding pad but they make a thick flexible pad which the sanding pads attach to. This thick flexible pad makes sanding angles much easier. This pad will fly off the sander if it isn't against something when you turn the sander on. I've been on the floor more than once trying to locate the darn thing. SQ
  12. I bought the Grex air sander from Woodcraft and they carry the pads from 60 grit to 800 grit. I think it's the perfect size for the lathe. I'm really happy with it. I tried that spoon and it turned out horrible. I never could get it to look right. Spoons are more difficult than they look. SQ
  13. Duckkisser, I bought a new Grex 2" air sander and also bought the extensions so I can get into deep bowls. They also have available a 3" pad, but I haven't found it necessary. I ended up having to upgrade my air compressor as the minimum requirement for this air sander is a 60 gallon air compressor. I am very pleased I took the plunge and bought the Grex and 60 gallon air compressor. I can now sand on the lathe up to 800 grit. I take my time sanding, and don't move up to the next grit until I am satisfied that grit has accomplished all it is capable of. SQ
  14. S Barton, I thought pictures would explain this better. 1st picture is right after this bowl was cut out on a scroll saw and pattern removed. (I see from this picture the rings are not aligned, but I do align the rings before I glue them up. Second picture shows alignment marks on the sides of the bowl) Entry holes for drill bit must be set at the same angle I cut the rings. The angle at which I cut the rings is the same throughout the bowl resulting in rings that stack up one on top of the other with little overhang. The width of each ring is the same. 2nd picture is the bowl rings and bottom of bowl glued up and a waste block attached for turning. I hope this answered your question. SQ