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  1. ... and now it's a pile of ashes, along with many of my other projects. For me personally, I'm not that attached to stuff, but loosing the stuff I made and my tools is like loosing part of myself. I know many of you on here would feel the same way, perhaps that's why I'm sharing this with you.
  2. The original bed has plugs at each end of each spindle and couple more at the corners, and I do like it, but yes I too prefer fewer.
  3. Yes, they are a great tool. I use they for all sort of stuff, not just G&G plugs.
  4. Thanks. I do have some of his books. I've not make the jig for the plugs, I like them to have a random handmade look, so I just crank them out by hand. I have a Powermatic morticer , so it wasn't too bad. And there are no spindles in the foot board. ;-)
  5. Finished! The bed is based on the Greene and Greene bed in the Gamble house. The house and the furniture were designed a built by the brothers. I did a modification to the foot board, because I'm 6' tall and tall foot boards are bothersome. Finished with shellac and wax. African Mahogany, Gaboon veneered center panel, and Danizia pegs and splines. I used the plans by Martin McClendon from FWW Jan/Feb 2013. I really liked that he used six spindles on each side for the queen sized bed, four just don't look right to me. Happy 4th! Sorry not a full project journal.
  6. Did you put the plugs on the inside of the footboard as well, at least the top ones at the bend? Something to admire when I'm laying there with my coffee.
  7. OK, OK, looks pretty good! I guess I needed some drama today. I'm gonna leave this post up as a learning lesson. The veneer is Gaboon, BTW. Goes very nicely with African mahogany.
  8. yeah, it's more obvious in person when you move it around. But, I took the side that will be against the wall (also beautiful by the way), and went for the finish. Turned out OK, in all honesty it will probably only be noticed by me...but I'll have to learn to live with that for the rest of my life, because it's my bed.
  9. Yes, that's one of the first things I tried after sanding it. It's rather subtle, cause of all the grain switching directions, but I'll forever see it. I plan to shellac and wax coat it, like the rest of the frame. I'm not sure what's going to happen when I wipe on the shellac - I'm afraid it's gonna be more noticeable.
  10. I'm sinking into despair. I purchased some beautiful veneer and I'm book matching it so I have a seem down the middle that I used veneer tape to get a tight glue line. I made a clean, straight cut on both pieces, used blue tape on one side to squeeze it together, then put veneer tape on the other side, the show side. I then removed the blue tape, came off cleanly. So, in proper order I then glued the veneer to the substrate (3/8" Baltic birch ply). Yes, I put veneer on the other side too, both sides are the same. So, it all went well and I got a nicely veneered panel for my G&G bed fr
  11. yep, that's it. my pic is of the footboard. I modified it so that it does not stick up above the mattress. I basically eliminated the spindles and middle rail. i'm using African mahogany, with Dinizia for the accents.