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  1. are you suggesting that I call them and ask if they one on the shelf I could buy? hmmm... might be worth the effort.
  2. Nice. Looking forward to getting mine and building a new, long over due, bench to go with these beasts. BTW, I ordered a small one also, and the drawings say 14" screw to screw center, and the housing plates at 17" wide. Are you sure the screws are 16" apart?
  3. If you have one sitting around gathering dust, I'm interested in purchasing the PM-TJ.
  4. Has anyone worked with Dinizia for furniture making? Care to share your experience? I'm particularly interested in any knowledge on residual odor and gluing problems. I know it's mostly used in exterior applications, but...the wood looks beautiful and I just got my hands on 200bf of it for $1/bf. 80 pieces of s4s at 4x91x1 actual dims, clear grain.
  5. many hundreds of square feet and have not rotated them yet. perhaps thousands. some very hard wood at times too. the Shelix is such a sweet deal.
  6. This a nice miter station. I've had a few miter stations over the years and I hate to break it to you, but that chip is the least of your worries. You might want to just take a hammer to it now and get past any future emotional anguish caused by dings. LOL.
  7. The SDD is marketed for 1 - 3HP systems. The reason I'd upgrade the suction is to provide better flow (quantity and speed of air) through the SDD to get better removal of fines. I don't want to chase my tail here. Do others think a the 2HP Grizzley dust collector is over sized for the SDD? I'll have just one 8' flex hose coming off it.
  8. I think his point is that a bigger motor alone is not going to help.
  9. I wouldn't do that. When I say "bigger motor," I mean a bigger impeller too. I'm thinking of upgrading from the Rikon 1HP Snail Dust (9" impeller) that sits above my SDD and blows out a duct to the great outdoors (aka suburbia) to a Grizzley 2HP G1029Z2 (12-3/4" impeller). This might provide the velocity and volume needed to better capture fines in the SDD. Like I mentioned I can't really do anything about the flex and Quick Change adapter, so that might be my best option. I may have to add a Y with a gate to let more volume in for certain machines (I've only got four - I'm mostly a hand tool guy). Thanks for all your input folks. Mensch, all-ya-all.
  10. much of the waste is due to the number of cuts (saw dust), and the off cuts are usually too thin, so yeah kindling.
  11. Things are tight at the SDD setup. The biggest problems are the flex hose, the two elbows and the 1hp motor. There's not much I can do about the flex and elbows, so I might try a bigger motor. Interesting point about opening it up to grab more air. If I upgrade the power that might help, but with the 1 hp I'm not sure it would help. When I disconnect the SDD the vent does not feel as thought it's pushing more air (my hand and memory are the best gauges I have, which are purely anecdotal).
  12. You don't cut bubbles? You're missing out. Give it a try.
  13. How many horses are turning your impeller?