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  1. Shane Jimerfield

    Exposed, loose-tenon joinery

    Thank you. I made an entry table a few years ago with the same tenon style, but it was all ebonized and thus more subtle. I took it to a different level in this piece. I do like how this came out, but not sure I would do it again.
  2. Shane Jimerfield

    Exposed, loose-tenon joinery

    Finished... Sugar pine Red gum eucalyptus Ebonized poplar (India ink)
  3. Shane Jimerfield

    Exposed, loose-tenon joinery

    Started this project back in the Fall, then got run out of my garage by the cold. Then I moved. Now I'm finally settled into my new studio workspace - love it. So, back at it. I really love this old sugar pine lumber, such amazing figure and grain. Been experimenting with exposed, loose-tenon joinery (as others have) (it's amazingly sturdy). I did it with another project a couple of years ago and really liked the effect. I still need to make the shelf, top, drawers, and doors. What do you think?
  4. Shane Jimerfield

    Home Sawn Veneer

    you could probably tell them not send you the print version and just read it on a screen.
  5. Shane Jimerfield

    Floor protection

    Interesting idea, but I'm not sure if there are enough gyms within 200 miles to warrant that strategy, and I wouldn't even know how to monitor for such a thing. Yes, i'd really rather not cover the floor, but seems prudent. I may just do under and around the bench. Not sure yet, I'll have to spend some time in there before I settle on just where things will go permanently. Thanks for all the suggestions folks - I think I've got a good idea of what I should do.
  6. Shane Jimerfield

    Home Sawn Veneer

    FYI...FWW has a new membership option for $99/year you get access to everything, yes EVERYTHING they have. you'll get the zine sub, all video workshops, past magazines (every issue published), projects and plans, books (all their illustrated guide books too) etc... it's a bargain if you ask me. They have a 14 day trial option. If you are about to veneer I recommend checking out the video series I just linked. There's plenty more on the subject as well.
  7. Shane Jimerfield

    Arts and Crafts Sideboard

    Agreed, hardware on a piece like this is likely a significant design consideration. The first sideboard, IMHO, would look better if they just used one pull per drawer.
  8. Shane Jimerfield

    Advanced Woodworking Section

    Somehow, "no nothing" seems quite apropos at that particular origin. it's a zen state perhaps. the place of enlightenment. it requires a complete deconstruction of self to reach the point of no nothing. LOL...
  9. Shane Jimerfield

    Home Sawn Veneer

    Oh, check this out you might be able to create 4 nice book-and-butts out of that crotch for your fronts.
  10. Shane Jimerfield

    Floor protection

    BTW, they accepted my offer. We open escrow tomorrow. This is gonna be a nice shop space. I feel all giddy. I'll be able to work in the winter too and not have to worry so much about humidity messing with my projects!
  11. Shane Jimerfield

    Floor protection

    Looks promising. How's the off gassing? I'm kind of sensitive to smells. I can't even go into a tire store, or Walmart for too long before I get nauseous.
  12. Shane Jimerfield

    Floor protection

    Nailed it - freshly single. ;-)
  13. Shane Jimerfield

    Floor protection

    Hello, I'm likely moving into a new space soon. It will create a split shop situation for me. Machines in the garage, and hand tools and work bench in the studio. I mostly use hand tools, so this is ideal for me. I might bring the band saw into the studio as well - so I don't get lonely. Anyway, the studio has nice, fairly new oak flooring that I want to protect. I'll use some cushy mats throughout, but I'm thinking I should probably have a thinner, sturdier rubber like layer between the bench and floor (let's call it the sub-mat) to prevent skidding, and sliding of the bench. I would not want the sub-mat to stick excessively, or embed itself into the oak flooring (my bench is heavy, and receives a lot of shear force). Any ideas for such a product? Here's a picture of the studio, so you can share in my excitement.
  14. Shane Jimerfield

    Closing shop

    Hi Tom, Sorry to hear. If you're willing I might be interested in the drill press. If so, what's the model and year, and of course price tag?
  15. Shane Jimerfield

    A G&G influenced TV table

    Hello! It's been a while. My shop has been on mothballs for a couple of years. I'm finally starting to get setup again. Just gonna center it around hand tools and a couple machines. This is not really a full journal, but I didn't see where else to put it. Let me know if it should be moved to a different category. To get going again I made a G&G influenced TV table, thingy. It holds the coffee cup, a book, sometimes a computer and the occasional plate of food. It's made from reclaimed mahogany (i think). All hand tools, except a few cuts on the bandsaw. I like how it turned out.