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  1. It's not too tight, and more than exceeds the manufacturers recommendation of 3/8" on the sides. It's 38" wide, so many contemporary fridges will fit with sufficient side space.
  2. There is a walk-in pantry/laundry room to the left of the fridge. The surround on the fridge is really just for looks - with some storage above. The sides of the surround are not really big enough to do anything with, and I like the symmetry, so I don't want to shove the fridge in either direction, and I really want to keep it off the left wall.
  3. I guess I wasn't clear enough. While I appreciate the feedback regarding the esthetics and space utilization, I'm really looking for feedback on the design of the carcasses. I'll be gluing and using Kreg pocket screw joinery.
  4. Like I said, I was gifted a nice pile of high quality 1/2" ply.
  5. The doors and drawer fronts will be 3/4. It's the carcasses that will be constructed from 1/2". My research shows that 1/2" ply for the carcasses is common. Also when you put two cabinets side by side and screw them together that is 1". So it's pretty solid.
  6. I did upload the model to 3DWarehouse. It's titled, "Shane's Kitchen base cabinets".
  7. These are just the base cabinets. The cupboards are simpler and straight forward and I’m feeling pretty good about them. The Bases will be constructed from ½”ply. The drawers and doors will be ¾” ply. I will be using Blum glides and hinges - under mount, soft close for the drawers, and soft close blumotion full overlay for the doors. The sink base will have a tilt tray at the drawer location, and an under mount Blano sink. The counter will be a 3cm quartz top. The kick plates will be constructed separately and the bases will sit on them. The kitchen will have an exposed concrete floor. I can't attach the Sketchup file, so I can send that to anyone who wants to review.
  8. Hello, I'm rebuilding my home after a wildfire took out much my town last summer - Talent, OR. I'm going to build the cabinets myself. I've built quite a few over the years, mostly with face frames. I'm gonna make these in the European style - faceless. I'm looking for someone who has experience building this style of cabinets to review my plans in Sketchup. Give the plans a thorough look, and provide any suggestions. I've been gifted a bunch of nice 1/2" ply, which is new for me as well, but from what I've read it seems to be a common material for cabinets. Any takers?
  9. I was told it's because the automobile manufacturers scooped up all the metal last year, when production dropped off due to COVID.
  10. just sitting around collecting dust? A plane that desires to be used? A personal desire to help a guy out by selling it? I'm not looking to refurbish one, not time for that right now. I'd pay a reasonable market price for a decent Veritas, Lie Nielsen, etc... jointer plane. I really want another bevel up Veritas, but they won't be in stock again until December.
  11. I can't stop staring at the red triangle and the date. How am I supposed to rebuild my kitchen and other cabinets without tools? This metal shortage is really starting to piss me off.
  12. Indeed, he is quite the craftsman. I'd probably have to drop my entire insurance settlement to get one of those. I'm not saying it's not worth every penny he charges for one, whatever that may be, but I'm guessing it's not within my budget. I'm also rough on benches, so I'd be afraid to go near one of those things with my tools and bohemian work style.
  13. I had just built a nice split top Roubo style bench with a pair of twin turbos that I lost in the fire. I'm thinking, I might at this point buy a bench, as I'd rather focus on making furniture to replace some of what I lost. Other than Benchcrafted and Sjöbergs who else should I be looking at?
  14. Good catch. That's on me. Turns out the switch is mounted backwards for shipping. It reduces the width. All I had to do was take it off flip it around and screw it back down. I'll edit the post.
  15. Shipping and packaging: Super, not a complaint at all. Eleven days from order to it sitting in my garage. Make sure you get yourself a new roll of paper towels as they are very liberal with the grease. For obvious reasons, that’s fine with me. Unpacking and setup was straight forward. Instructions were good. Lots of grease needed to be removed before power up so as to not spread it around anymore than it already was. Did a quick check on the mechanics, aligned the blade and guides then turned it on. It powered right up. Everything seems well balanced as there is no noticeable excessive vibration. I did not have a nickel on me, but I’m sure it would have just stood there. Impressions: I paid $1,690 including shipping. I could have ordered a Laguna 14|BX delivered to my local dealer for $1,500. I lost my 14|BX in the fire and liked that saw very much, it was nearly flawless, IMHO. There are some features of the C14 that drew me to it. The 3HP motor being the first, and 14” resaw being the second (I like veneers). The 14|BX running on 110V was under powered in a few resaw situations, but other than that it performed well power-wise. The table sizes are comparable. I like the C14 bearing guides, the Laguna ceramic guides were OK, but kind of a PIA to adjust. The 14|BX fence is superior. The C14 fence seems like it will be fine and is certainly decent, but as a comparison, Laguna wins that one. There is one thing about the 14|BX fence that was a PIA, the locking mechanism was always in the way of the lower door. The C14 won’t have that problem. Laguna also wins on the breaking mechanism. The C14 break works fine, but the 14|BX was much smoother and more responsive. The 14|BX uses a disk, the C14 uses a pad against the lower wheel. The C14’s finish is decent, but I think Laguna’s is probably a bit better. I need to run some thick, hard boards through it to get a real world test to determine if the increased HP was worth the other tradeoffs. There are other differences, like the C14 having aluminum knurled knobs on the doors, where Laguna uses plastic. I didn’t spend a lot time under the table on the 14|BX, but my impression is the trunnion on the Laguna was a bit bigger, so it’s a little bit of a guess. However, the trunnion on the C14 seems quite adequate for a 14” saw. If I was not wanting to resaw wide, hardwood veneers, I think I would have gotten another 14|BX. Overall though, the Ambassador C14 seems to be a decent saw for the price, and I think it is going to serve me well. EDIT: I removed my comment about the switch being mounted facing the rear of the saw. It ships that way to reduce the footprint and protect the switch. I simply had to remove the screws and flip it around.
  16. Ha... they just sent me a $150 coupon for Bridge City Tools Works. I like these people.
  17. I'm working all angles. I missed a super nice 3hp PM-66 for $1,200 the other day. By 1 hour! I had to cry myself to sleep. I've got a lead on a supermax 19-38 for $1,000. They claim it's barely used. So, I need to go check it out.
  18. FYI... They are having a decent sale on some nice tools. I pulled the trigger and got the ALPHA HW110LC-36P, AMBASSADOR C14, GYRO AIR G-700, the thin riving knife and a mobile base. They threw in a complimentary MG-36 - so I'll have two of them! The shipping seemed a little steep, but the bottom line of $6,200 for the lot is what counts. Seemed quite reasonable delivered to my driveway. Slowly rebuilding. I plan to take the Gyro G-700 to Mars to explore with Perseverance.
  19. I'm not familiar with the Guild Facebook group. I had planned to do a guild build last fall, the Fremont Chest of Drawers, but things didn't go too well for my shop so I had to cancel.
  20. Thanks, yeah we were unharmed physically. I've been keeping my eye on the Facebook Market and Craigslist, no luck so far. I'm just wondering if any members within a few hundred miles (Medford, Oregon) are looking to offload anything in decent condition for a fair price.
  21. Hi All. I'm starting to rebuild (lost my home and shop last summer to the wildfires), and I'm hoping to put my home shop back together. Insurance was insufficient to buy all new stuff, so I'm looking for some decent used machines. Powermatic, Laguna, Grizzly, etc... table saw, 8" jointer, 20" planer, 14" bandsaw, and drill press. I'm in southern Oregon. Thanks for any leads.
  22. ... and now it's a pile of ashes, along with many of my other projects. For me personally, I'm not that attached to stuff, but loosing the stuff I made and my tools is like loosing part of myself. I know many of you on here would feel the same way, perhaps that's why I'm sharing this with you.
  23. The original bed has plugs at each end of each spindle and couple more at the corners, and I do like it, but yes I too prefer fewer.