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  1. Baltic Birch is pricy, but the piece i'm considering is good for not much more that maybe a big bowl..
  2. What' is the heaviest thing you've hung from a French cleat? I'm getting ready to rid my shop of free standing shelves and get all that stuff off the floor...
  3. spencer_J - yes, absolutely plan on using the splitter AND the kickback claws. It's only 48"-ish long. good advice on running it cup up and parallel to the blade. think I'm going to give that a try this weekend. (hopefully I won't be reporting back from the ER) I'm probably overthinking this - but with the price of lumber now days...I have a hard time throwing such a piece away. although I'd never use it for a project - it's probably perfect for the shop French cleat system. I'll likely cut it down into more manageable sizes before cutting 45* angles.
  4. mds2 - keep us posted. that does look tedious - but in a cool way. where does you inspiration come from?
  5. Particle Board - why are all the good screen names used? Anyway. I'm using a "hybrid" saw. It's the Ridgid R4512. Basically a shop saw - not job site. The size or outfeed is not my concern. I've recently watched Marc's vid on shop safety (love it when the gods come down to our level ) and am a bit concerned about kickback. I've experienced it a few times on cutting very long boards (like 14 footers) with an inexperienced helper on the outfeed side - don't want to experience that again.
  6. Lets just say beyond use on any project - which is why I figured they'd be good for cleats (bolted to wall). I'm figuring I've got about a 1 in bow in them, in the middle. I thought about attaching something straight to them to "pull" out the bow - like a jointed 2x4 - and maybe it will straighten it out enough to keep it from kicking back in the table saw. Cutting them down with circ saw first is a good option though...
  7. DavidC


    Love the joinery on the front/sides of this drawer.
  8. DavidC

    IMG 1058

    Sweet Shop Bart. And it appears I also need to thank you for your service to our country.
  9. I have a few sheets of warped 3/4 Birch ply laying around and was wondering if they were worth anything more that firewood. I've been considering installing a French Cleat system for wall storage and was wondering how to safely cut these sheets on my table saw. Any ideas anyone?
  10. thanks pug. did just that. still think i'm just gonna hope my tblsaw blade is true.
  11. LOL. guess it's the perfectionist in me coming out. thanks for the advise...
  12. So Particle Board - you think jointing MDF will be ok?
  13. I'm assuming you mean on both MDF and ply. Kind of what I figured. I can just see all that glue gumming up my jointer. Good advise. Thanks. New to this forum. think I might stay awhile...
  14. LOL. don't do the project or don't do the jointing MDF? or both?
  15. I have an upcoming pro bono project (don't you love those?) to do that will likely require MDF (look for the dust storm) - any suggestions on jointing (or planning) MDF? Also Jointing and planning plywood. (I do realize planning to much out of ply will unleash some issues with the layers and glue - but I'm referring to micro-planning). Thanks.