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  1. vinnyjojo

    Roubo Questions

    Saw your other questions. If you have the Roubo guild project, no there’s probably no reason to buy more bench plans. If you don’t want the split top, you’ll have to modify a bit, but nothing you can’t handle. If you haven’t read them, I recommend both of Chris Schwartz’s workbench design books. There’s so many different styles with their own pros and cons, as it relates to any given style of work, that you’ll have a pretty darn good idea of what it is you’d like to build and what hardware you think you’ll need.
  2. vinnyjojo

    Roubo Questions

    Just to clarify, you do or don’t want a leg vice?
  3. The Woodwright's Shop S05 Ep06: Hutch Table, Part 1 Seek this one out. When I took the 5 day class with Roy, we cut giant 12” ogee’s on 16/4 stock...with only a chisel. It was awesome and we made quick work of it. I since forgot about it until I saw this video today. Check out how Roy cuts the profile and giant dovetail in this video. It’s a rare situation where this one actually is as easy as Roy makes it look on TV. BTW, the $20 a month for Pop Woodworking’s video archive is worth every penny. 35+ seasons of Roy is worth the price of admission alone.
  4. vinnyjojo

    Air Plant Holders

    This is way cooler than the bizarre glass jars hanging all over my house. Time to start replacing them with wood! Thanks for the inspiration Also, you must have some weird coats if those are your coat hangers.
  5. vinnyjojo

    Three Sided Bowl

    I love that your lathe looks like the International Space Station Ditto to Chesnut’s remark. I actually know less now that I know how you did it! Amazing work man.
  6. vinnyjojo


    Gaps, schmaps. Plenty of mechanical strength there. A good first showing. My first handcut dovetails wound up being 180 degrees to one another.
  7. vinnyjojo

    I love this book

    +1000000000 for The Archistists Toolchest. I never thought I would nerd out on paper type and how the binding is sewn...but it makes the book feel more like a durable good (and me less likely to use as a coaster). The $120 Roubo plates book is my next purchase. Unrelated matter, can I borrow $120? ______ Love Mike P and thanks for the recommendation. I always associated QSWO with huge chunky 4/4 and 5/4 dimension arts and crafts furniture. His use of QSWO on elegant pieces, 3/8” and 1/2” changed my mind completely. BTW, he mentioned on STL that some copies have a defect whereby pages are falling out and to contact him directly for a new (signed) copy if you have one.
  8. vinnyjojo

    Now what - what to get after Lathe?

    A book! Check out Fixtures and Chucks for Woodturning by Doc Green.
  9. vinnyjojo

    First bowl of 2019

    Very pretty ...that’s a huge piece of Holly by the way. Beautiful bowl Curious..., why the segments on the rim?... as opposed to just face gluing a wide board to the edge of the blank Look up cactus juice if you’re interested in stabilizing blanks. It’s a process though. Minwax wood hardener works well on a very very punky blanks. No need for a vacuum or oven but it’s expensive. A 12” diameter blank can soak up two full bottles of it and just about triple the weight. The Challenge with CA glue on punky areas is that it soaks through and completely changes the color off and blocks your final finish as well. I’ve ruined quite a few blanks trying to fix hairline cracks with CA. Shellac seems like a good idea to stabilize punky areas so they don’t tear out... until the alcohol displaces all the moisture in the blank and it cracks like an egg !
  10. vinnyjojo

    18th Century Style Kids Workbench

    Are you kidding me?’s a tool A polished, finely machined tool... with threads and a crisscross designed to run smooth as silk. We’re not talking about a flint rock tied to a stick. Tell you what Buy four expensive new chisels for $200, put them in a shoebox with no packing, and shake vigoriuously for 1500 miles. All, good, right? .
  11. vinnyjojo

    18th Century Style Kids Workbench

    Ok, enough negativity from your humble OP. Leg cutoffs made a fine mallet....or as my boys call it, a ‘bonker’ White oak handle. God I love spokeshaves for chamfers on curves. . Big ups to Michael Cullen for the plans from an old FWW from 2012.
  12. vinnyjojo

    8 Drawer Dresser In Walnut

    Beautiful work so far, brother. I love walnut sapwood. Creams and purple gradient cathedrals in the face pretty. WTN. Oak is for riving, not milling.
  13. vinnyjojo

    18th Century Style Kids Workbench

    Their phone number doesn't work, nor do they publish it. Not dealing with a CS rep either. Here's how it ended (below). Very disappointed, because I was really excited about splurging on my first BC vise, which was integral in the initial design and scale of the bench. What really sucks is that I have two disappointed 5 and 3 year old boys that still don't have their Dad-made mini-roubo while i get all this sorted out. From Me: Thanks for your response, albeit disappointing, When one purchases a new product it's expected it to be handled with care from quality assurance to consumer; even more so with precision hardware. Certainly didn't expect it to be banged around en-route from Iowa to Georgia before I open the box. If you bought a guitar and it arrived loosely packed in a refrigerator box you wouldn’t inspect it for superficial damage and live with it. If the edges get burred or scratched beyond the level of tolerance off the line, I prefer to be the one to do it, not the UPS driver. This is the 'handling' part of the shipping and handling for which I paid. Please advise next steps. Thank you From: Benchcrafted Vince, Again, you've not mentioned any damage whatsoever. We understand that it's desirable for a product not to get banged around, but it sounds like this is a case where we're just talking about the product box? We don;t issue replacements when there is no damage. If you would like a fresh clean product box we'll send you one of those. From Me: I don't care about the box. I'm referring to all the parts that came out of the box. How about this? Send me a shipping label, and I'll return it, you can refund me, and I'll buy a Veritas vise from Lee Valley.
  14. vinnyjojo

    18th Century Style Kids Workbench

    Sorry guys, but I disagree wholeheartedly. If you bought something...a tv, guitar, tablesaw, vise...whatever, at a retail store and the sales guy dropped the box down the stairs after you paid, would you: a: inspect it for superficial damage to the best of your ability and take it home or; b. Ask him to just grab you a different one These are expensive, high quality machined parts that were given a rock tumbler treatment en route cross-country. I’m not going to go through a QA process to check for scratches and burrs in the parts and threads, nor do I know what their tolerance is for superficial defects off the line. By the way, I could just return it and buy another without any communication, but actually advising them of the problem was the right thing to do...
  15. vinnyjojo

    18th Century Style Kids Workbench

    Received my $200+ vise from Benchcrafted, with all the hardware spilled out into the carelessly packed shipping box. Sent them an email advising I'd ship back if they could send a me replacement. Quite surprised at the response I received from a company that is supposed to stand by their product. My email and their response, below: My email to Benchcrafted Subject: Packing/Shipping Problem - Order #XXXX I received my Hi Vise on Saturday (Jan 5) via UPS, however there were some major problems with the way it was packed in the shipping box. The small HI-Vise box was packed in a shipping box substantially larger (4-6x), however the only other packing material was a few small air packs. Because the HI-Vise box was not taped, nor adequately secured in the shipping box, the HI-Vise box was open and all hardware was tossed about the large shipping box with no support, presumably banged around quite a bit in the shipping and handling process. Even if the HI-Vise box didn’t open, it was shipped in an oversized box with no packaging to secure it. The Hi-Vise box would still have been thrown all around. I trust you understand my concern for how it was packed and shipped. I opted for BC hardware for the high quality machining and craftsmanship, (and commensurate price)…didn’t expect to see it packed/shipped so carelessly. If you can send me a email me a shipping label, I’ll adequately pack and ship back to you. I also ask that you please send a replacement asap so I can be assured the same hardware I’m returning won’t just be shipped back to me. The vise is to be installed as a leg vise for a mini-roubo I built my 5 year old son. I placed the original order on 12/28. Thank you. I can be reached at XXX if you need to contact me. Benchcrafted's Response: Sorry about that but you don;t mention any actual damage so we're not sure why you want a replacement? Cheers,