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  1. Steve is the man and has been my personal woodworking mentor here in town. Learned more from him than any book or video out there. Once saw him and a helper with like, 8 bessey’s all ganged up in a row for a conf table glue up. Coolest thing ever.
  2. Surprised no interest. Putting on Craig’s list this week. Wanted to give y’all first crack.
  3. Moving in a month or two to philly and selling off all the big tools. I'll rebuy them all again in time as I rebuild a new shop. In the meantime, I'll be focusing more on greenwork. Once I built that shavehorse from a log with only a froe, hatchet, and t-handle auger, (Roy's original Episode 2), it's been hard to go back to dry flat boards. List below is just the Powermatic gear. Other equipment to follow. For all powermatic tools, I'm selling 20% off the current woodcraft or rockler sale price. 25% off current woodcraft or rockler sale price for buying more than 2 items Powermatic PM2000 cabinet saw - runs on 220 - will throw in a gripper with the 1/8" add-on Selling the below too - incra 1000 miter gauge $95 -magswitch featherboard (the nice one) - $30 or $50 total for both if you buy the saw Powermatic 60HH 8" Helical head jointer (dovetail). Runs on 220 -awesome Powermatic mobile base for jointer Powermatic PM1200 air filtration system Powermatic 18" variable speed drill press Model 2800) PWBS-14 Bandsaw with powermatic riser block (makes it a 14/12) - does not have powermatic fence, but includes aftermarket Kreg precision fence with resaw guide Powermatic mobile base for bandsaw (p.s. I'm buying WdWrkers lathe from him)
  4. Thanks all. Bench was a hit. The birthday boy has been ‘flushing the LEGO men down the toilet’ (i.e, putting them in the dog holes’.) ...still better than video games. Closeup of the bench crafted hi-vise turned mini-leg vise. Can’t say a bad thing about the product. Wow it’s well made. About the finish. While the chop is wipe on poly, I wrapped up the actual bench the day before, so I just wiped on walnut oil from the grocery store. The pine soaked it up and it dried overnight. No fumes. No smell. A great finish in a pinch to take the ‘raw’ look out of the lumber. Included a quick vid of me using the #8 to flatten the top. That, and traversing with my jack plane It made quick work of it.
  5. Complete and ready to go (this is much nicer than my bench)
  6. Thanks The hole is common in shaker furniture (from what I understand) for hanging on the wall. Really though, the hole is more ideal for picking up, moving, and supporting yourself as you step up/step down. It's actually quite awkward to really grab it any other way. I'm 5-8 and the hole is right where my hands fall by my side. You don't realize how convenient it is to not bend over to pick up a stool until you don't have to.
  7. Love it Coop. Plenty of room under those hooks for long coats. Great design.
  8. Thanks Hidden screws. The screws were key to pulling the top and sides together. Turned the plugs.
  9. Awesome. Is that the one CS had on Woodwrights Shop where he shows how all legs would self level on non-flat terrain?
  10. Built this to spec from Christian Becksvoort's article in Fine Woodworking. Used some figured flame birch I got from Bell Forest a few years back. Funny, I've come a long way with hand tools since then and have learned appreciate the workability and subtleness of lumber vs. figure. The heavy figure and hardness of the birch was a nightmare. Planes were useless. All in all, came out nice. Cut the dovetails on the tablesaw with a square edged blade and cleaned up with a chisel. I don't have a special dovetail blade. Removing the waste on the pin board was more time consuming then I'd prefer. Also, you really need to pay attention. Every cut seems to be the opposite angle of what you expect and you can mess up quickly. I spent more time second and third checking than actually running the saw. Finish is Shellac, specifically 50/50 seal coat and DNA. Last coat went one with 25% mineral oil. Wiped off the residual oil after 24 hours and wet sanded with a Mr Clean magic eraser, mineral spirits and a few drop of dawn. I love matte shellac finishes. All in all very happy. Becksvoort said in the article it should last many generations...he clearly hasn't met my three boys. I give them 4 months.
  11. Thanks again Immortan. Found some cool stuff on the company. Looks like it's the #700 Full Head Railroad Adze
  12. You are the man and thanks. Out of curiosity, what was your process to find it?
  13. if you fill in what may be a few worn lines, it could be a diamond?
  14. Agree wholeheartedly. Speaking of which, what member currently has that LN #2 that's been trading hands for the past 8 years?
  15. I picked up two Adze(s) from the upstairs tool shop at Roy Underhill's school. After 15 hours in a 5 amp electrolysis "dip", it cleaned up a bit, but still a ways to go. Anyone recognize this makers mark? Thanks Before and after pics below
  16. Happy with how this turned out and glad I strayed from the face-grain plugs. Sad this will turn banana yellow once the varnish hits it...never liked the waterborne stuff. The dents, dings, and scratches always seem to stick out as super-white
  17. Turned some end grain plugs. Cut and installed tonight. I'll post some pics in the am when the glue dries. Much happier with the look than face grain. I never want to work with figured birch planes were all useless.
  18. Great idea but I wouldn’t put it past my kids to trip over a 1/64” proud plug!
  19. I just finished Christian Becksvoort’s plan for a shaker step stool from Jan 2018 FWW . The last step is three screws with plugged holes. Didn’t sound common for a shaker piece? I bought a plug cutter set and did some test boards with very carefully matching face grain...not a fan. Reminds me of cheap entertainment centers. Thinking an end grain plug will look better...while it’ll be more conspicuous, it’ll at least match the end grain on the dovetails. Plus, it’ll look like a joinery peg instead of a weird post-mistake glue in fix. Generally speaking...face grain plugs...when are they useful without looking like weird circles? Here are some pics:
  20. Applying a coat of shallac and sanding again should fix the problem. I had this issue with red ironwood. My random orbital sander was actually ripping the splinters out!
  21. Figured maple for the leg vise chop. Normally I wouldn’t use the side with the worm stain...but pretty sure my kids will think it looks cool.
  22. Used some tongue and groove offcuts from my ash hardwood floors for the bottom shelf on the bench. Pairs well with yellow pine. Actually went through quite a few pieces to make sure the five boards matched and looked nice together. One out of place cathedral or mismatch in color would’ve drove me bananas.