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  1. If I were you, I'd call Jet. As I recall, they have good customer service as well as a good warranty.
  2. If it still works................use it. When you are old enough to leave the planet, it'll be a part of your estate. But if it works, why not make use of it?
  3. I bought 150 bf of air dried from Spanky for $1.25 bf. It's about to be ready to use when I get out of my jail AKA: House. Mine was all 4/4.
  4. After you use that custom bit for that project. How often will you ever need it again? They get rusty laying around unused. Tom's idea sounds better.
  5. I use an older #71 with just the 1/2" blade. I bought it used some time back, and never found a need for the fence option. I do however suggest that you get the other two blades that normally came with it when it was new. And make certain that the wing screw that locks the blade at height functions they way it should. I had to replace mine the first time I set it to depth, as it moved.
  6. That was my first thought. Is Nut gonna be a dad? That's scary.
  7. I've been noticing some changes in the pain over the last week or so. It doesn't seem as intense. And trust me, that's a damn good thing. I'll get some observations from my Physical Therapist this week. Being able to sit longer is a good sign. Standing hasn't improved a lot. It's tough going, but you know what they say, In order to be old, ya gotta be a tough SOB.
  8. Smart ass. No, I can't. They're just now feeling good, especially with the holes.
  9. I'm with Mick. My walls close to the TS are full. I need to add another building just for stuff that I only use occasionally.
  10. I bought an 8 pound bag of cotton rags from a big box store. I emptied them into the washing machine, and added a light touch of bleach. The lint trap got full, but now I have a drawer full of soft clean white rags that really work for me.
  11. Yes they do, and are able to be re honed several times, giving you a longer life. The DeWalt blades can be re honed onec or twice, then they are useless. Infinity's hhs blades can be re honed 5 or 6 times with no loss .
  12. It also makes it apparent that dealing with woodworkers, is a lot like your day job.
  13. RichardA

    Used SawStop

    My guess would be that 240 volt is the correct number.
  14. When I was a trucker. I use to pick up rolls of denim in North Carolina, haul them to El Paso,Tx drop them , and pick up an equal load of Levi's just over from Mexico, and take them back to NC to get the tags sewn on the pockets. It's not just woodworking or metal working, it's damn near everything.