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  1. Excellent color. I love the look. Can't wait for the cherry on top.
  2. Paul is right, the glass will be the cherry on two beautiful pieces.
  3. Excellent work as usual young'un.
  4. Highlander is correct. Slow and steady is going to be answer to getting a good cut. Be sure to leave room away from the line .
  5. I don't see any sign of the Ash borer. That's getting harder to find nowadays.
  6. Stud finder???? Ask any hooker. There ain't any.
  7. Yeah, you're right. Spread it around. I've never had a owner of a lumber yard, take such an interest in woodworkers. Ya done good Rickey.
  8. That's damn nice work, Don't forget I have done stuff for you, and could always handle another commission.
  9. Nah, There's no need to see what I'm building til they are complete. Some things are best left alone til completion. Part of the reason, is there seems to be constant changes, that are driving me to drink. Lucky for me the freezer that holds my Jack is only a few feet away, no driving necessary.
  10. I'm in the process of building a couple of things out of Cedar for a customer. And, my neighbor stopped by to assist me in ripping 2 sheets of plywood. He ended up taking all the Cedar off cuts for starting a fire in his wood stove he uses in the winter to heat his home. Now I don't have to burn it. I'm saving hand plane shavings for starting a fire in the new wood stove I'm putting in this Fall.
  11. Time of death and amount, pronounce the winner. He's still alive, you could pass him, if you try.