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  1. Being the bait in an attack dog school, doesn't mean you train them, it simply means you can't run fast.
  2. Whatever set you get, don't try and go full depth in a single pass, unless your only going 1/2 or less. Cleaner cuts with multiple passes.
  3. Dave's right. Turn them into cash and get something you need, like more wood.
  4. Is the vise going to be on the overhang? If so, rethink it's placement to the other end. A vise on that overhang is going to make the bench less stable. And why the dovetails on the legs? Visual? Or supportive? Seems unnecessary, since it's part of a tool.
  5. I don't have a center punch, so I use the point of the brad point bit I drilled the holes with, then set the point back a 1/16th toward the shoulder.
  6. Moving a chunk that heavy as a cutting board might be a bit of a struggle. Tell him you'll be happy to make it thinner, for a cutting board for Sharon.
  7. That'll get you safely on public transportation. Soon you'll need that to cross State lines.
  8. I just realized, those pics were taken before I cleaned it up. It looks way better now. And @chet, I'm thinking that those guys in prison have enough time on their hands to do things right. : }
  9. I may have a pic of it, I'll look. It was sold by the Ohio tool Co., but only the wooden parts were made in the prison, OTC sold it as a Second, "because" it was constructed by convicts. The ones they sold that were made outside of the prison were sold as new and top of the line at the time. I don't think the wooden body would cut through the bars or walls.
  10. I have a coffin plane made in 1848 in an Ohio prison, that is near mint. And I've never used a LN or any "modern" plane, but that coffin plane with patience, will take the finest shaving you can ask for. But it takes time to set it up. Once set right, you have a wonderful tool. And it's pretty also.
  11. I don't know if you saw the date of the last posting on this! It was 8 years ago, and most of those folks aren't here any more.
  12. Ya, just can't go wrong with the cure.
  13. It's easy to see why. Keep it coming.
  14. Google Drill press tables. You're gonna find a ton of them as well as instructions on how to make a bunch of them. I just made mine from 2, 1/2" sheets of ply. I don't require perfection for drilling holes. I put the drill tip where I want the hole to be, adjust the fence, clamp and drill. I prefer to work with the KISS agenda {Keep It Simple, Stupid }.