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  1. Stanley block planes are fairly inexpensive on Ebay, Why not pick one up, then you'll have any parts you may need for it in the future?
  2. I have to add, that Ken inset a cross into the foot of my wife's casket and did it perfectly. He's a good man.
  3. Thanks for the mention guys, we do what we have to do for love!
  4. I have for my wife. The most painful construct I've ever had to do. Also did two for an old couple, simple plain cedar caskets. They loved them.
  5. Have you checked
  6. If you're using the DeWalt blades, they have a much shorter life span than blades from DeWalt blades can be honed once and maybe twice, then you'll need to replace them. The Infinity blade can be honed 6 to 8 times, then they to will need to be replaced. The cost difference isn't that much, you'll have to determine when change needs to take place.
  7. RichardA


    You can get one of those at Walmart isle 1920a......
  8. I'm a bit luckier than most. I'm 75% deaf and wear two hearing aids. When I'm doing anything with loud noise, I just turn them off, and they act like plugs. I hope you never have to go through it. But the aids are hearing savers.
  9. Or a good homemade sausage gravy!
  10. Good experiences often just crack you up!
  11. RichardA

    Hearing Aids

    I've had hearing aids for about 25 years. Both ears. I'm guessing .. to much rock and roll, or to much diesel noise, or just old age. I prefer to think it's the rock and roll. But I live alone so I don't wear them much. My dog"s not a heavy conversationalist. I have to turn them off in public places, because I hear stuff I have no reason to hear. But in casual one to one conversation, I can hear perfectly. The first time I put them in and walked out of the Audiologist office, I heard birds, You have no idea how wonderful that was. I'd recommend them to anyone with even the least amount of hearing loss. You never know what you're missing til you can hear everything like you did when you were 15.
  12. Take it to a glass shop, and ask them to cut it down to fit what it was designed for.
  13. It seems to me that , to avoid bowing, you could find some wood dowels that will fit in the aluminum tubes, that would stiffen it up quite a bit. Just a thought off the top of my head.