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  1. Mineral oil is usually best for that type of finish. Just clean and redo when the wood gets pale.
  2. Hickory does a number on any balde as well.
  3. Check and see if the Triton is compatible. There may be a Makita that will fit.
  4. I have a 23 ga Bostitch, I like mine, never had a problem with it.
  5. Dave, I think what makes me skeptical of this is that the force of the chips coming out of a 735, hitting a ridgid flex hose, and only going 2 or 3 feet, and stopping quickly, is going to cause a wearing of that flex hose, and with such a sudden stop, it's going to blow dust and possibly the box all over the place. I could very well be wrong, in fact I hope I am. But I know how hard and far that 735 blows chips.
  6. Actually, no I haven't. I've been meaning to go visit him, but you know how stuff happens. Life gets in the way of living.
  7. I bought mine at Lowes, they're sold as motorcycle tie downs. I guess any motorcycle shop would have them. They have to hold a bouncing/moving bike.
  8. I think I'll stay out of this thread. Let us know how it works out for you.
  9. How and "why" are you going to dump the chips into the box below??? The 735 throws chips at the very least 16', and you're going to direct those hard,fast moving chips about 2', that seems just a little on the crazy side to me. Get @Coop to show you his solution, it works well and is easier to clean up. Or you could always use my old method, blow the chips into the back of a pickup truck and mulch the country roads as you drive along. Add to that, that your box is going to be 3 or 4 times heavier than @coop's solution, and hold considerably less.
  10. Do you have a table saw? A bandsaw? A skill saw? Cutting tenons can be done easy with any one of those tools. It does take patience though. And always cut them slightly bigger in all directions, and tune them down with either a shoulder plane, a Stanley #78 or a flat wood rasp.
  11. RichardA


    Fixed it for you.
  12. RichardA


    Yeah, but he's not in the freezer.
  13. RichardA


    So, this morning around 6:30, I'm fixing breakfast for my dog and I when he raised hell barking, louder than he ever has. My first thought was there was an intruder that I'd have to somehow scare away with a gun or my superhuman Machoness. Oops, I run to the window, and there was the damn intruder, plain as day, boldly showing off, as if he didn't care what my dog was doing. The only rifle I had nearby was a 22lr and I figured, that wouldn't stop him unless I got a lucky shot, so I grabbed my camera, so I'd have a record of him if I needed to report him. Does anyone have any facial recogni
  14. A spinning metal object with sharp teeth doing a wobble? I'm outa there ASAP.