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  1. Yeah, poor Miss Sharon would go stir crazy if she had to put up with you all day every day.
  2. I'm interested to know Rita's response to the transformation. My guess would be a large WOW!
  3. Derek, I love the way you think about a project. Well done young man.
  4. See, what happens to you after a Tennessee visit. You get fantastic work done.
  5. Clean them up, learn how to set them up, and put them to work. Like this.
  6. I remember 70. As I recall, I was hating not taking the day off. I could be wrong though, it was almost 8 years ago, And, I've noticed that without my driver license I'm not sure of who I might be.
  7. Man, I'm so sorry to hear another loss in our group. She don't hurt now, A prayer is on the way for her, and for you to young'un.
  8. Been there. I know what your going through. Keep her close to your heart. My prayers for her and for you.
  9. Quarter sawn not only looks better, It's much more stable than flat sawn, by at least a two to one margin. QSWO is what you want, Can you afford it is another matter. Often , Price doesn't enter into it if your going to build something that will at least outlive your grandchildren. And the flecking in the wood affords you a dare, for good match up.
  10. Seal the ends Period.The sooner the better.
  11. I musta missed that one. I was probably on the chain gang that day.