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  1. A tale of two benches

    Bench number 1 Some time ago I bought 5 or 6 sticks of kiln dried Maple. Just random sticks, at a glance they were knot free, so I didn't investigate any more than just the glance. When I got them home and began stacking and stickering I found one of the boards was full of powder post beetle holes. I called the guy and he said that I should toss it and next time I get wood, he'd replace it. I asked if he wanted to see it. He said no, just tell him what size it was. It was 4/4 x 11" wide and 8' long. He did replace it some time ago, but for some reason I stuck it up on the rack out of the way. About a month ago, I was digging around and re-found this stick. I was actually cleaning and doing some reorganizing when I found it. I thought , why not try something for the outside at the house or shop, pretty wouldn't be important, but function would. So I opted for a small bench. And, I thought I'd put it on our covered front porch, where it now sits. It wasn't done especially well, mainly because it will probably be destroyed in a couple of years from people, dogs and weather. The plastic chairs will surely outlast it. I used hand cut dovetails as the primary joinery. I haven't done any dovetails in a very long time. I had a Leigh jig but sold it because reading the damn manual took more time than cutting bad joints by hand. And as I said, pretty wasn't the priority. Here's how it turned out. Bench number 2 is slightly different..... This bench is made from figured Cherry and from a different wood supplier. This bench is 42" wide x 18" tall and 14" deep it was made out of one board of 7/4 Cherry. This bench is going at the foot of a bed, as a place to remove shoes and socks or whatever.. The request was for a trestle design, and from a rough sketch it was approved. You all have seen trestle designed tables so there's no reason to add any more info about that. The finish is two coats of Danish oil a week apart. the bench has 3 coats of poly on the underside and the actual seat has 5 coats of satin poly. There are fixed walnut wedges and all that's left is to show it in it's natural state. They were both fun and they both do what they were designed to do. Any comments that are mean spirited will receive a Voodoo spell cast on them.....
  2. Bessey Clamp Question

    It might be worth your while, to look into the American made Dubuque clamps. I have several and they are the first clamps I grab, for almost anything.
  3. Dining room table - COMPLETE

    Ya done good, young man, damn good.
  4. Bed to Match!

    On each side of cathedral grain is straight grain, generally it's called rift grain or quartersawn. But it's straight and just looks better in the visible parts of a build. And won't expand and contract as much.
  5. Gaming Table

    They're like shrimp, but way more better.
  6. Got to get that chain mail underwear in place, right?
  7. Gaming Table

    And back again.
  8. Why I show my work..

    Uh, what kinda wood are you going to use to make the pellet stove?
  9. Keep bringing us that work, we all learn from your labor.
  10. My projects

    Wood moves, never enough clamps, plans re- adapt, there's never enough room and your rulers are never long enough. A day in the life!
  11. Planer replaced

    Thats a good price Collin. Whenever you need new blades, don't buy the DeWalt blades, go to infinity tools and get a much better set of blades.
  12. Morris Chair

    Yeah, ya gotta watch those glue lines, they sneak up on you and show off.
  13. Sycamore

    Tee many martoonies, Coop.
  14. Miter Master