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  1. RichardA

    Fit is it

    Why would anyone want a number 2? Only two fingers and a thumb can hold it.
  2. RichardA

    1/2 quilt rack

    Or, make a copy and sell the pair to a quilting club.
  3. RichardA

    a utility project

    For a little heat with good flavor added, try Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning. Available in most big grocery stores. Add it to anything and it just gets better. I've an old friend that use to add it to a bowl of cereal. But then he was a touch crazy anyhow.
  4. RichardA

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Well, make a better toilet paper holder.
  5. RichardA

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    The ditch that runs next to my shop looks like that but smaller.
  6. RichardA

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    You guys up north get all that snow, this year all we seem to be getting is rain, rain and more rain. It just won't stop. It's pretty difficult to do anything outside, logging included.
  7. RichardA

    8 Drawer Dresser In Walnut

    Yup, you did good. Real good.
  8. RichardA

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Since Noon.
  9. RichardA

    Sun porch accessories

    I think I remember hearing once that it was called a 'Boot' or "Shoe". I'm probably wrong, but that's what my old mind remembers.
  10. RichardA

    Sun porch accessories

    You know it's coming Ross... wait for it............................................................Ya done good young'un.
  11. It's burnt toast. Toss it, it ain't salvagable.
  12. RichardA

    Dewalt DW735

    I'm not the grammar police, but my planet is still turning.
  13. RichardA

    A Roubo from beams?

    I have one finger that points around the corner, I use that for the slash/angle.
  14. RichardA

    A Roubo from beams?

    I was sure you didn't miss that detail considering your daily profession. Details matter. I can't speak to the bench sizing, my lifetime bench is two sawhorses and a piece of ply. But I do know numbers.
  15. RichardA

    A Roubo from beams?

    Uh, don't you need 5/16 to make it 13/16? Or are my fingers lying to me?