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  1. RichardA


    Ya done good my friend, but I feel so sad for that model you rented for this pic., I'm gonna call your wife.
  2. I like those connectors, I've used them several times . What I liked most about them, is if you cut your mortise a 32nd deeper for both male and female parts, you get a really tight joint that's solid, and it's still able to come apart if you have to break it down to move it.
  3. Take a look at Gee-dub's build presently underway! It's well thought out, and will answer some of your questions.
  4. So far nicely done. The only complaint you'll get will be from the new tenant. And then for 18 more years.
  5. Yeah, but if you stash the exceptional ones for a few years, you'll have a collection, worth more than money.
  6. I hate wood porn, it makes me drool.
  7. You'll shine. Not to worry! We know.
  8. How many groomsmen are going to use them as an attitude adjuster at a wedding?
  9. Who makes the determination?