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  1. What finish?

    I don't think a green shrink would be very helpful. I could be wrong.
  2. What finish?

    You have room to offer advise!
  3. ECE planes... worth picking up?

    I'd buy them in a minute at a decent price. They are excellent planes once you get used to them .
  4. With a crosscut sled or along the rip fence , It just seems not that difficult.
  5. I would think trying a Grizzly G0690 3 HP 220 volt Table Saw. Since you have one.
  6. Supermax conveyor stopped

    Before you go to taking things apart, isn't there some warranty? I know you haven't had it very long, and it is a new product from SuperMax. I'd try the phone as the first move.
  7. Coffee Table build

    See, see, I was right. If I could, I'd pat myself on the back. But, I'll just pat you on the back, I told you it was going to be beautiful. I'm right again. I love it.
  8. Coffee Table build

    But on it's side or back, it's only 1 1/2 ft tall.
  9. Or , get the necessary tools, and take up woodworking. I hope you can take a joke.
  10. Endless oak

    Ross.... Narex does make some paring chisels. But I found that the Narex 1/2" skew chisels work real well for paring. I have them in both left and right hand skew. Oh bye the way, you can get them at Infinity tools or better yet check out Taylor tools, they have a better selection and much faster shipping than Infinity. And the prices are a tad less. Just a tad.
  11. I don't know how I get along without a professional hole maker!
  12. What to finish...

    Only you know the answer to that. Only you know how far along you are on any one of them, Only you know how much of which material you have on hand to complete any one project. Only you know if you're even interested in really finishing either one of them.
  13. What to finish...

    The easiest.
  14. Endless oak

    It looks like something that King Arthur's crew would sit on, while hollering for another pint. Well done young'un.
  15. Probably The Longest Roubo Build EVER

    The material you make the bench from,is your choice. It really doesn't matter though, It's a tool, it's gonna get beat up over time one way or another.