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  1. RichardA

    Hello from Middle GA

    Kenny, you can't go wrong with wood from Spanky, it's all furniture grade, all Tennessee hardwood and we're not that far away from you. Welcome to a great forum. Lots of info here with all the help you could ever need.
  2. RichardA

    Shop Tour

    I'm space jealous. Well done young'un.
  3. RichardA

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    It's the first sign this year of a winter in Tennessee. With luck, summer will show up tomorrow.
  4. RichardA

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    You gonna invest with Spanky? Your wood price would drop considerably.
  5. RichardA

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Tom... My response to that video is that it's scary impressive. Were I 30 years younger, I'd be looking into that as soon as I sold my two trucks.
  6. Welcome, good folks and good info here. I do want to add that you do have a router table available to you, All you need is some plywood for the top, a piece of straight wood for the fence, two saw horses, a drill and time to practice. That will solve some early problems you might run into.
  7. RichardA

    Built a saw vise

    Welcome. Have you used a file on the saw yet? I'm betting you'll have a lot of vibration with the jaws so high above the vise.
  8. RichardA

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I'm over here near Spanky, and I've traded my car for a boat. It just don't seem to ever stop raining this year. We should be well below freezing, but we're in the 40's and some 50's. In January ? This ain't winter for us.
  9. RichardA

    Roubo Questions

    Brendon, I'm 6'2".. My bench is at 37" and the mini bench brings that small work space to my lower to middle chest. The only bending is my neck.
  10. RichardA

    Roubo Questions

    For those who might be interested. Here's the mini bench I built for doing detail work.
  11. RichardA

    Roubo Questions

    Found'em, gonna send in a PM... I added a piece to the foot, so I could hook in in my shoulder vise.
  12. RichardA

    Roubo Questions

    I'll look. If not you'll have them tomorrow.
  13. RichardA

    Roubo Questions

    I use a knock off of the moxon vise for a lot of stuff. But to raise things to a height for detail work, I built a smaller bench that locks in my shoulder vise and mounts on the big bench, and I can clamp anything I need to that.
  14. RichardA

    sketching a simple woodworking bench

    It's not really the main purpose. though that is a side effect. and in most cases a welcome one. The main purpose of the shoulder is esthetic. It gives the eye a different line to see. The tenon if cut properly doesn't require a shoulder. But the shoulder does in fact cover any error in the chopping of the mortise.