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  1. First there's wood porn, and now we get Jointer porn. My jeans can't take the stress. Helluva purchase Kev.
  2. I spent 32 years OTR. I know how tough it is to have a hobby, especially when home time is not only rare but way short.
  3. The three below that my shop instructor pushed on us.
  4. It's about time you got back to your real work. Well done.
  5. Beautiful shop Mick, I love your total setup. There is however one thing I don't feel good about. It makes me look like a slob.
  6. Led's if you can swing them. In daylight brightness. Oh, and as much white paint as you can stand.
  7. One thing I'd suggest is, get some overhead lighting. Shadows create errors .
  8. No, he's down in Alabama in that heavy rain.
  9. At those prices, they think they're way better than Starrett. However they are good looking tools and I'd pay $100 for a set, but not almost $300.
  10. From left to right: Gary, Cody, Rickey, Me, Coop, and Ross, Cody's dad. What a crew.
  11. If you plan to do this in a portable drill, the chances of errors multiply. You need a way to keep the bit straight, and your depth controlled. I wish you luck.
  12. Do you have a small hose clamp? you can put that around the bar and use it as a stop.
  13. Raise or lower the table to your need. Make a fence from scrap, and drill to your heart's content. You can allway's take a 1/8th brad point to go through the center point of the forstner, to get the grip you need.
  14. Let's see the new hat Rickey! Or was it just a box?