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  1. And it looks like keeping a coffee cup on the table might be a challenge as well.
  2. Aw, he's just wondering why I'm taking a picture, when the real thing is there to play with.
  3. 110 Pounds of unbridled love.
  4. Are you rounding the corner, or are you rounding the edges? Two different things.
  5. You have to much spare time on your hands.
  6. All those chairs, and mostly standing. Conundrum?
  7. I mark how round I want it. Cut most off with a jig saw, then rough to the mark with 80 grit sandpaper on an ROS, then slowly bring the grits up until i reach the mark.
  8. I just turn off my hearing aids.
  9. My other question about this "piece" is: What is it? Besides a chunk of wood?
  10. I think bowties are meant to hold the opposite sides of a crack or break in the wood form further movement. If you're going to just drop them in the epoxy, then what's the point? Design? Hardly! If they aren't for function, then they're of no value.
  11. Nut, you're stuttering again.
  12. Duh, Without questions, there are no answers. There's not one of us here that isn't still learning something from someone on this forum. This place is different than most. It's here to provide "real" help for those that ask for it. Not here to pick apart anyone's project, unless they are asked to. This is a "learning" forum. you learn from us, and we learn from you. As far as I know there is only one rule that's true. "Without pictures, it didn't really happen" Welcome, and jump right in we're friendly!
  13. If your still using the DeWalt blades. Give "Infinity Tools" a look, they have better replacement blades that can take multiple honings and will last a hell of a lot longer.