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  1. RichardA

    Craftsman Planes???

    Most vintage hand planes, require a lot more work and tuning than the newer hand planes. However there are good hand planes of every brand, but you'll be hard pressed to find them. However saying that, the real "Stanley" planes are easier to tune, and can be retrofitted with better blades should you need a better blade. The Stanley planes have a heavier weight, giving them a better chance of doing what you ask of them. There is one caveat. Even Stanley planes can be tough to get functioning properly. You have to be prepared to do all that makes a plane workable. Flattening the sole, super care of the frog, Have a very good sharpening system, and with patience you can get a top notch hand tool. But it does require attention to detail, patience, and a lot of practice. I have no newer planes, all mine are Stanley and Miller Falls, I even use a few wooden planes, but those are for specific functions.
  2. Are you going to order one size? Since they are best for scrapers, Length isn't all that important, in fact 6" is probably all anyone needs for scrapers. Do you have a diameter in mind?
  3. RichardA

    Newbie from Washington State

    Isn't it difficult to extract anything out of that top drawer?
  4. For some reason that I don't understand, You're making a scarf cut to be difficult. It's a simple connection, and not at all difficult. Whatever degree you determine to use to make it, making the matching piece is as simple as the piece your having difficulty with. Mark your line. Make the cut leaving room for clean up, then clean up with a plane, chisel, or a pocket knife. It's not a hard problem .
  5. +1 on the pic's. The Japanese make a flush cut saw with set on only one side of the blade, but I still don't get your problem.
  6. RichardA

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Every hour.
  7. Better air flow if you can use two 45* elbows rather than a 90*
  8. RichardA

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I need a piece of that when you get it dry. Just One piece.
  9. RichardA

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Why not? You scared of needles? I called my Dr. two minutes after it happened, and was home in an hour. to finish what I was doing. Jeez! With the right hand.
  10. RichardA

    Gray splotches on Ash mantle

    It's always nice to have someone give us the results of your effort using info you managed to pry out of us.
  11. RichardA

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Hey Rickey.. Since you showed off your injury, I felt it only proper to expose mine. This came about from a push stick that got caught by the splitter and drove it downward into the blade. Not a major problem, the hand is still functional, but tightly gripping anything is kinda a no-no. Nine stitches
  12. RichardA

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Doo, doo happens.
  13. You can always drop a brick in the bottom of the bag.
  14. RichardA

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Rickey, I had a push stick drop down and into the blade this morning, and I now have 9 stitches in the palm of my hand. Gravity sucks.
  15. RichardA

    Darrell Peart is in the House!!

    That ought to be a fun weekend. Take plenty of notes.