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  1. Well known, but I was just pointing out the ugliest.
  2. RichardA


    My puppy thought bees were fascinating, until one nailed him on the nose, now he bails from them. Butterflies are his new go after.
  3. I use it when I'm sharpening mower blades. I have an aversion to pain.
  4. Not a problem and thank you young'un.
  5. You embarrass me, what did you say your name was? When I'm done with them they'll be headed back your way. Or you could look in some of the shop drawers, you know when. You choose. Thanks my friend. Did not expect that at all.
  6. I'm just thinking that for a one time project, spending a bunch of money , is sort of a waste of resources. I'll use it once, and it'll be tossed in the back of a drawer, and rust away before it gets thought about again. The other problem I'm seeing is that the arbor on my grinder is 3/4" and there doesn't seem to be to many cutters with that size arbor hole., The Galahad does have a 3/4" hole.
  7. I looked at Arbortech. I can't see paying $150 for something I will only use once. I noticed on Amazon there are tons of others with some being in the $30 range. I'll look at that one to Chet. Thanks.
  8. it's getting nuts in my life. I'm gonna be 80 at the end of next year, and already I have to check my driver license to remember who the hell I am. Sometimes I'll be in a conversation with a friend, and we'll get to a point where I'm asked a question, and I know I've answered questions like this millions of times before, but there will be one damn word that brings my answer to a complete stop, because I can't remember that word. It's happening way to often. Any how, I have a small project I'd like to do for a friend, and it requires some shaping, and damn if I can remember the name of
  9. Try
  10. Here's another one that works for me. On Youtube look up "Alex Snodgrass bandsaw clinic".
  11. Ya done good young'un. Keep up the good work, we're proud that you're one of us.
  12. I do to, but I think I would have come up from the bottom, rather than leave them visible.
  13. Hitchhiking not permitted until healed.