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  1. I don't know if you've ever heard this before, but what the hell......"Ya Done Good".
  2. RichardA

    Cape Cod?

    I never saw an ugly sunrise in New England!
  3. Roll your blade all the way down below the table top. Insert your blank ZCI. Move your fence to the edge of the new plate. have a piece of longer wood in your other hand to hold the side of the plate your fence isn't touching and slowly raise your blade as high as you can get it to go, at whatever angle you set it at. Then lower the blade, and since it's rare that you would use your blade at it's full height, you now have air space around your blade to help your DC pull your waste away
  4. I've done those, as well as three different plates for 45* 22 1/2* and 33*
  5. Yeah, Ken is like that. Be sure to thank him for his concern.
  6. I've got three #4's, a 4 1/2 a 5 and a 5 1/2, and they all get used. it depends on the piece of wood that needs smoothing and it's size. But without sharp blades it's not much help.
  7. The last time I was in Bar Harbor, you wern't born yet. However here's a tip. There are a lot of small coves facing East that have small cafe's for those that anchor their boats in those coves. If you find one, go there before sunrise, sit at the window, with a few cups of good fresh coffee, and a cinnamon roll bigger than your hand, and watch the mist lift and the sunrise. If you're in the right frame of mind, it's an experience that will stay with you for years.
  8. RichardA


    Ya done good my friend, but I feel so sad for that model you rented for this pic., I'm gonna call your wife.
  9. I like those connectors, I've used them several times . What I liked most about them, is if you cut your mortise a 32nd deeper for both male and female parts, you get a really tight joint that's solid, and it's still able to come apart if you have to break it down to move it.
  10. Take a look at Gee-dub's build presently underway! It's well thought out, and will answer some of your questions.
  11. So far nicely done. The only complaint you'll get will be from the new tenant. And then for 18 more years.
  12. Yeah, but if you stash the exceptional ones for a few years, you'll have a collection, worth more than money.
  13. I hate wood porn, it makes me drool.
  14. You'll shine. Not to worry! We know.
  15. How many groomsmen are going to use them as an attitude adjuster at a wedding?
  16. Who makes the determination?
  17. Nicely done my friend, ya done good. Subservience is considered survival knowledge. Well done.
  18. RichardA


    You just ruined my visuals for the day.
  19. Learning dovetails is practice, and more practice. There is nothing wrong with using box joints for the same purpose, and the learning curve is considerably shorter, especially since you can make them quite easy with just a jig and a table saw, or router table. Do a search here for box joints.