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  1. It's what Spanky uses for home heat and kiln heat.
  2. Wear some ear protection, Beside being a damn good tool. it's one loud Mofo.
  3. See there's genius all through this forum.
  4. That's one way, you could use a pillow, a 55 gal drum on castors, you could even get a Harbor Freight DC for a couple hundred , it comes with castors, and you can move it from machine to machine as needed. There are dozens of ways to deal with it. You saw my pickup truck when I didn't have space for any of those options. But the roads I drove were well mulched.
  5. Then build a cabinet with casters and mount it near your Duct Collection. You only have to lift it a couple of times. You can research this site and find quite a few builds for the planer.
  6. Ken, I'm not trying to be a smart a$$, but the DeWalt 745 is a lunchbox table saw., and the 735 spits chips at least 16 feet.
  7. Maybe I'm missing something here. Chip extraction from a 735... See pic.
  8. RichardA


    I wonder how long it took to get to Tennessee from Virginia!
  9. If this a repeat attempt. He's not really necessary here. I'm pretty sure there is a way to stop his posts, entirely.
  10. If he doesn't, isn't that called plagiarism? Where have I heard that word used lately?
  11. RichardA


    A quick follow up to the vine question. No clouds, high sunshine and a brighter contrast. Ross may be correct about the vine, I really don't know. But I do know that, the burl on that branch is what kills apple trees. In the spring rains, that burl opens and shows an orange fungus, that flies in a breeze. When it lands on any leaf of an Apple tree, it begins killing the tree. It may take a couple years, but it does kill it. It's called Cedar/Apple rust.
  12. RichardA


    The leaf pattern is totally different than poison ivy. We have that here to, and there's some at the other end of the property.
  13. RichardA


    This isn't about "photography", it's more about an observation. We've had rain for two and a half days, and this morning I saw a vine winding through some Cedars at the back of my property. There wasn't any contrast like this before the rain, but there sure is now. I thought it was interesting.
  14. You have to allow the first finish to dry completely. Not cure, that will take a long time, but generally 5 to 7 days is the correct "drying" time.
  15. One other thing I noticed in your post is that you're applying a coat every day. When you add Danish on top of uncured or not dry danish, the layer below the new application rewets and drying takes much longer. I use Danish regularly and I give 5 to 7 days between each coat, and as. @wtnhighlander has said, sand with 600 grit to fill pores and wipe dry and wait 5 to 7 days to redo.
  16. It's evident, my input is no longer needed. Conventional joinery for a dresser is Mortise and Tenon. Enjoy.
  17. I've used a couple pieces of Amrock hardware , but only in shop furniture. They work, but they don't make me smile.
  18. Well, not exactly "everybody". I rarely sharpen higher than 1200 grit. But here's the catch, everybody is different, and we should be. If I'm happy with the edge I get, then that's fine........for me. I'm a little larger with a little more bodyweight than some others, so pusing a plane or a chisel is a tad easier for me than some. But I do use a few things I've learned over the years, that make my work less cumbersome than what you're going through. Sharpness is paramount, but the feel of the tool in use is just as important. There's an old saying when it comes to working wood with sharp t
  19. That's using stickers. Off the flat floor by at least 3/4" and the same spacers between the two boards. Please don't think I'm picking on you. I'm trying to get you to do something in your woodworking future that is the right way to do it. If you're happy with your work that may turn out to be Ikea then do it however you want. But, I'd like to see you advance beyond a businessman building a bench from big box store wood, that's going to twist and cup and split. I'd like to see you point at your dresser and say it's done right and it looks good. I don't want you to go through this and
  20. I hate it for him and you, don't let him falter and do what you do best. Help.
  21. Here's another piece of advise. If you want those panels on the floor to be straight. Sticker them. Or they will become useless when you try to put together your dresser. You appear to be in a rush to build this. It seems that may be the reason you don't want to attempt M/T. But if you don't do it right now, when will you take the time to do it right. @Chet.....
  22. Good, at my age I couldn't jog very far.