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    More DC Systems

    Ken, you've seen mine, it's the HF 1 1/2 DC and as you know it's ducted to the outside. So my set up wouldn't work for you, and I'm using 4" piping at a 9 ft ceiling. However it works well at all 5 stations.
  2. Yeah, that "major " storm that was supposed to hit last night, finally showed up at 1 PM this afternoon, after 8 hours of rain. Middle Tennessee stores were overcrowded, yesterday morning, and the store help was shopping elsewhere.
  3. Beautiful work.... But I hate that you have to do it again. I never want to make another casket for a loved one.. it's to damn painful.
  4. Cut the ballpoint pen holder the same angle as the point of the pen.
  5. Make one. Damn it's nothing more than a piece of plywood and a hacksaw blade....
  6. How did you manage to find your bench?
  7. I've used that thick leather on my vises for 5 or 6 years now. it's worked well, but it's time to replace it, and I've just been to damn lazy.
  8. Ain't it cool to learn that you are capable to do the new things you've learned? Welcome to the endless schooling available to you, and to us. Ya done good! By the way, don't point out what you think are fails. Only you know what and where they are. They are learning tools for you.
  9. Here in Tennessee, it's supposed to be winter to. Today's high was 72*.
  10. And to you and crew as well. Hope the New year is great for you. Merry Christmas!!
  11. There are many place online to buy bandsaw blades. I haven't bought one in a couple of years. There's Rockler, Acme tool, and a dozen more. One of the guys will get you hooked up probably before the evening is up.
  12. It's time you put down the shot glass.
  13. I have a woodstove in the shop. Off cuts, plane shavings, dust, all burn. I have a bunch of Cedar off cut's from a casket project, that I don't even need any starter .
  14. RichardA


    I survived being blown almost into a guardrail this morning. And, at one point I couldn't see 2 feet in front of the hood of the car. But for me, it ended well. I can't say that for those poor folks in Mayfield, Ky, I hope recovery goes fast for them, and I'm sending my thoughts skyward. Hope they're heard.
  15. I haven't had polio in my entire life. I was "Vaccinated" against it, as well as other vaccines that have kept the disease for EVER attacking me. Again, you can spin it any way you like. But, It's not a vaccine, it's nothing more than a medicine, exactly like your every year flu shot. The flu shot is not a vaccine it's a medicine. Before all this woke crap, the dictionary says a vaccine prevents you from allowing the disease from ever harming you. This is not a good disease, agreed, but lying to the public about it being one thing when it's actually another, is lying period. This is my last comment on this post. You believe what you prefer to believe and I'll believe in my way. Have a nice day.
  16. This is a stupid argument.... If you are vaccinated, and you still are able to get the disease, you are not vaccinated. If you are vaccinated, you can still pass this disease to others vaccinated or not. This is not a vaccine, it's a preventive medicine, that doesn't do what it's supposed to do . Every other vaccine has protected people from the disease. This one doesn't prevent crap. By the way, I'm forced to wear a helmet when I ride a motorcycle, but it doesn't protect the rest of me.
  17. So your saying that the vaccination you've received isn't worth anything. Then it's not a vaccination it's merely a medicine, that doesn't seem to have any benefits. How wonderful.
  18. No wonder that women think we're nutz.
  19. I don't want anyone to have a "Happy" thanksgiving.... I want everyone of you to have a wonderful and joyous Thanksgiving.
  20. I have four or five of those spikes if you need them, to make more .
  21. Thank's Tom, You started my Sunday off with a smile.
  22. Yeah, me to. But i wound up with an old Stanley 92, long before that one was introduced .