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  1. I use a Bluegrass 5 1/2 with a totally flat blade on my shooting board. It works perfectly.
  2. Brian.... Not a good idea to expose your email to the public. There are lurkers, and they are not all friendly.
  3. What "Nut" said. Wood is gonna move, like it or not. Just plan for it when you build something.
  4. Congrads. Now with a new bench, it'll still be new for a couple of years, while you help raise your new arrival.
  5. Dave, you can purchase humidor gauges including humidity gauges at JR
  6. If you put Coop, Dave and me together our faces will be hidden by a cloud of cigar smoke.
  7. That post is 4 years old. Though you might get lucky getting help from the turners club.
  8. Mick, you never fail to impress. Excellent.
  9. I get my cigars from Nicaragua. Does that mean I'm smoking "Exotic" cigars?
  10. I'm going to try and explain that wood from a local sawmill may not be as good as the big box store. Generally, a sawmill doesn't have a kiln to dry wood. So if you buy wood that isn't dry, it may be a year or two before you can actually use it in making a piece of furniture. You would be better served to look for a lumber yard and ask them where you can find "dry" wood of the species that you want to build with.
  11. As far as I can tell, a power feeder is only useful for production of multiple parts. Meaning it's for commercial use more than a hobby shop. Pushing a board through a saw by hand is still a power feeder in my mind. If someone needs a power feeder to cut one board, that tells me that person should take up checkers as a hobby.
  12. Oops, shoulda held my tongue.
  13. I'm lucky. I have Spanky 25 minutes away on beautiful redneck roads.
  14. The DC unit pulls the air in the room. Therefore, it will be pulling the air from the house. However, your DC doesn't run all the time, so you AC/Heating unit should be able to replace what your unit will remove. The only setback of this is that your AC/Heating bill will increase.
  15. Coop knows what that's like.
  16. Derek, when you get the finish on that, those drawer fronts are going to dazzle. Beautuiful work as usual.
  17. Welcome from middle Tennessee.
  18. Mine goes outside. That's the advantage of living in the boonies. Mine doesn't go into a bin, it just naturally mulches the woodland area around the shop. Sending it into a bin on the outside is a good idea, as long as you can move the bin when it fills up.
  19. In a small home bound hobby shop, it's a very rare thing that two machines will be operating at the same time. Even if you leave one machine running while using another, the one running will not produce dust. Add one person, and you still have at 2HP enough volume of air moving to work properly. I'm not trying to create an arguement, but in a small one person hobby shop, a 2HP DC is enough. If you plan to add people and machines, obviously you need to upgrade.
  20. I can't speak to that machine. I use an HF 2 HP and it picks up everything I need picked up. My shop is 32' x 14' about the same footage as yours. In a small shop, moving machinery is complicated and a pain in the ass. Pipe it and stop losing sleep.
  21. Run piping. How hard is that?
  22. How many machines are going to be in use at one time? My guess it's a small shop like mine. I get good use with 2 HP. It's up to you. I have 5 machines on mine. But I only use one at a time.
  23. Now ya gotta split it. Lose my #