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  1. 59 minutes ago, wtnhighlander said:

    I miss working in the garage with 12 ft. ceilings. I set this sheet up to rabbet on edge for a locked rabbet drawer joint.


    I never thought about the saw table being at an angle. Imagine my chagrin when the piece wedged against the ceiling, half way through the cut.

    Doh!  :blink:

    Had to shut down, un-wedge the piece, and remove the leveling feet from the saw to finish the cut...

    That'll draw your cohones into a knot.  Yikes!

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  2. 7 minutes ago, Chip Sawdust said:

    Unrelated to Covid, but last year our local Woodcraft closed, owners retired. Just got notice last week they've now re-opened, so I'm hoping to get out there and see what's new/different. Wearing a mask in the store will be different... (see how I  tied that into Covid! :) )

    Slicker than a Christmas ribbon.

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  3. On 5/25/2020 at 11:48 AM, Chip Sawdust said:

    Yesterday I went to the sporting goods store and got to see my new rifle. Since it's a semi-auto they won't let me take it home without a 10 day waiting period. That's after two weeks of waiting for it to be shipped (late because of COVID they said) and taking a safety class online (I've been shooting for 50 years and been through tons of courses but no dice). So now I've seen it, felt it, threw it up to my cheek, and now I wait. Just thinking, for the price I coulda got a SawStop hmmm....

    I believe that your fingers will be further away from the business end with the rifle.  Added safety.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Dave S said:

    I was trying to avoid an apron because the cabinet is so narrow, and it's not the look I was after. A few pieces of mid-century modern furniture just have independent legs and my daughter like that. But if that's the soundest way okay.Here's a pic.


    Sometimes a "Look" isn't the solution that makes the project function. Occasionally you have to toss the look aside, for a more pragmatic result. Keep checking in here, there really are other solutions, and they will solve your problem.  Eventually!

  5. 40 minutes ago, Woodenskye said:

    This picture helps a lot.  You mentioned the bottom is 7/8" thick, I would think a threaded insert in each corner 1/2-5/8" deep, would be fine.  This would allow you to not see the fastener.  Drill a hole in the top of each leg, epoxy in threaded rod and then thread into the inserts.

    Kreg screws might work from the legs up into the bottom shelf, along with epoxy.  But legs standing alone without side to side support are one day going to create problems.

  6. On 1/27/2020 at 11:20 AM, Mick S said:

    Of course it depends on the layout of the location, but if there's a way, a good rigger will figure it out.

    As for the noise, maybe it's a personal sensitivity to certain frequencies but I quickly got in the habit of using foam plugs in my ears with my 3M earmuffs over that when I used my 735.


    On 1/27/2020 at 11:38 AM, Chet said:

    I think there is something to this.  I bought a pair on "better" ear muffs just because of my 735 and to a degree it still bothers me.  I am comfortable now but its still an ear tickler.


    On 1/27/2020 at 12:05 PM, Minnesota Steve said:

    I have a DW735 in my basement shop.   It is really loud...   It's the one tool that generates complaints from the family.

    There's really no way to soundproof the shop either because it's the same room as the furnace, and I think that's how the sound is traveling.

    Duh, I just turn off my hearing aids and they become plugs.:P

  7. 41 minutes ago, Chip Sawdust said:

    I don't use any router daily, or weekly. I have a Bosch 1617 in my table that does everything I need it to do. The 3+ HP routers are monsters though; you won't overload them. Then again, come to think of it, I've never overloaded my 1617.

    Nor have I. I to have the 1617 in my router table. I have 3 or 4 others as well.