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  1. It was a case of tee many martoonies. And I don't use smell check, that's what Boo does.
  2. Love it, this is the kind of engineering that I can't use the politically incorrect term for. Bravo.
  3. I should have warned you @tomy josif, That everyone has their own way to get to the sharpness that they use and need. You'll get a dozen or more ways to sharpen your tools. What it boils down to, is simple. Start with one set of stones any brand you want. get a guide and practice, practice and then practice. If after doing all that you're not satisfied, try adding a stone or a different guide. There is no one way to reach sharp. There are many. You can get sharp on a concrete block, but you'll be much older when you get it sharp. Listen to all the choices posed here then settle on one and work at it. You'll find what works for you. And I agree with @wtnhighlander, , a strop is probably the best way once you reach sharp, to add that little touch that takes it over the top., That to takes practice. Go to Peter Sellers youtube sites and he'll head you in the right direction. he's a frehander, but you don't have to be, you can use a guide.
  4. There is a bad side to natural or man made stones. As you sharpen, they wear in places. That means you have to keep a diamond stone or a flattening stone to maintain them. For a begginer, I'd suggest Diamond stones, the upkeep is much less and they never go out of flat.
  5. It's to late for me. I'd love a dog that doesn't shed. Mine is a Lab/Newfie and sheds twice a year. Jan to july, then a day break then July to Jan. I've cleaned out 6 dogs worth of hair since Jan.
  6. Copy away, I got it more or less from @treeslayer.
  7. You just continue to speak ill of your elders. Rude.
  8. That's why this forum exists. To get people inspired, to help them improve their woodworking and their lives. There's not much more satisfying than going from a tree to lumber, to the saw, with your mind focused and making something that makes your heart smile. Welcome from another sleepy town, in middle Tennessee.
  9. That was part of the plan. Less cutting to make it work.
  10. Hey wait a minute...... I resemble that remark. Hmmmpf!
  11. Here's the one that worked for 5 years, and kept me scared every time I used it.
  12. As I get older, I find my hands seem to disagree with what I want to do. They shake! Not a lot, but enough to, in some cases be nerve racking, and even at times a tad dangerous to my fingers. I have been using a chunk of scrap plywood with two pieces screwed at 45* to the table to cut splines for picture frames, boxes and any joint that brings end grain to end grain. Shaky hands do not offer a good solution to a quick made jig that by itself is shaky to begin with. No, my shaky hands and the shaky jig don't counter each other and make the movement solid. It exacerbates it, and makes it twice or more worse. You can guess that it was driving me to drink, and scaring the hell out of me from time to time. For those of you that don't know me, driving me to drink is a really short drive, closer to a walk, than a drive. I remembered, Dave, aka: treeslayer having made a jig for accurately cutting splines, but I couldn't find it in my search here. I did however remember a little about it. He had T-tracks to hold stops to control the placement of the piece to be splined, and it kept hands away from the saw blade. Which I definitively approve of, having lost a knuckle to a saw blade during a kick back. So, since I couldn't find Dave's, I proceeded to conjure up my own version. When mine was completed, I PM'ed Dave, and asked him about his. And I showed him mine. Great minds must really think alike, because when I saw his, they were so close in construction to each other, that my jaw dropped. Time for some Jack to toast great minds. Here's my version. Say what you will, I'm a big boy.
  13. Towards a rude neighbor.
  14. I'm not concerned with the "Green" folks, but that is one hulluva good idea for carpenters and some woodworkers.
  15. RichardA


    We had robins all 20 days of winter.
  16. So, you've become the new UPS? Say Hi to Kev for me.
  17. You're correct, my house is not totally empty, there is my buddy Boo. However, I'm not getting any advise from him on how to deal with the loss of my wife. He shows me a ton of love, but he never says a thing. There's a certain conversation missing that I had for those years, that I can only retrieve in my mind. Without Boo, I'd be at a total loss, so there is that.
  18. Nicely done, and you can't beat not having to finish it.
  19. My old mind says, that we stayed at a hotel in North Liberty. I could very well be wrong, since it is an old mind.
  20. Hang in there my friend, it gets tougher and the stress will pile up. But, there is a point where you'll find yourself dealing with it better. Closure hasn't come for me yet, and I'm not sure it ever will. I don't think I want closure, because that will fade the memory of the most beautiful human I've ever known. An empty house sucks, trust me. If there's anything we can do, please don't be unsure about asking us for some assistance. Just ask.
  21. Understood. But wait til you get my age and want to start woodworking, who, ya gonna call?
  22. Splain yourself. Why?