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  1. Hey dead spud, I have the same HF bench, I hate the damn thing The vise is like gravity, [it sucks] the dog holes are undersize, and the 2 top drawers fill with whatever waste I'm working on. But the good side is, that it's better than 3/4 ply over saw horses... but not by much! I'd build something larger cause I need longer and wider and dog holes that accept real dogs and hold downs. But I've got 108 sq ft and to many machines, and wood storage.... Sometimes my bench could drive me crazy, if it could get a license!
  2. Setting the frog is simple, it just requires that you do it several times, till you get the curl you need.
  3. Hope you get the keys! As for the trees, follow kiki/eric/latisha's advise. Shade will give you a cooler summer and a warmer winter, after the leaves fall! And woodbutcher has a point, about sawyers and uninformed city dwellers and nails!
  4. I sorta solved the snipe problem with my 735, by going to HF and getting a couple of cheap rollers and building an adjustable stand for the outfeed side, and setting them a tad higher than the actual planer outfeed! A "tad" is a very precise measurement actualized with perfect 40/40 eyesight.
  5. All that technical talk gives me goose bumps all over more than anyplace else!
  6. I use the hypo's that you use for injecting herbs and spice in deep fried turkey's . Of course, after the turkey get's his/her shot!
  7. Could you be just a bit more specific? Looks like the corner, showing the worm work and cracked knot!
  8. A buddy of mine asked me to make a coffee table to fit around a piece of glass that he would supply, when he comes to visit in July! He's a hell of a great guy, but he's not the best with a measuring tape. I talked with him 4 or 5 times before I began the project, and asked him to measure the glass each time. 3 out of the 5 times we spoke, the size was different. We finally had a neighbor of his come over and check the numbers. We finally settled on 33&2/8's by 18 & 10/16's. Ya just gotta love old country boys! This is what was built, Cherry and Walnut, 4 coats of Watco Danish rubbed out with 4/0 steel wool, and protected with Matte Poly. I hope I got those 2/8's and 10/16's right!
  9. There are no moated castles left where I live.
  10. Thanks Slack, I hope so! Alan, I've never tried electrolysis, I've heard it does a good job on removing unwanted hair, but as bad as that plane is, it's not very hairy! And that's quite a clean up on yours, and yours looked almost as bad as mine. Did you repaint yours? Hang in there Sam, it'll happen.
  11. Measure twice, cut once...... Test twice, finish once!
  12. By the way Sam, how's the house? Haven't heard how your doing there... Got your shop figured out yet?
  13. Very nice, very nice... Great idea... thanks for it, I'm pretty sure I know several someone's that would like a Christmas gift like that! Thank's again!
  14. Well, I wouldn't exactly call it gold, but it's sure less cruddy! After a few hours of research, [it was to hot to get in 112 degree shop today], I found that the plane is a Fulton model 7c Made by union, for fulton. Gonna get on it this evening when the temp drops to a decent 90.
  15. I just got an old one today and spent some time on it.... Corrugated, "supposedly" cuts down on the friction. Who knows? It might be a tad lighter, but not enough that you'd notice. Here's a pic of the one I got today. I'll post a pic tomorrow showing how it cleaned up. Update..After 3 hours working on it, I put it back together and this is the result! Just another step on the way to a decent plane. With a rough sharpening, it cut very nice curls on rough cherry!
  16. Okay guys, I spent about 3 hours on this thing today. Rosewood is the correct answer, and it cleaned up a little bit, more to come! As for "got", the seller was in a good mood, and I paid 1 very empty goose egg for it. Boat anchor? I kinda thought so too, man was that thing cruddy, and some of the Oxygen Enrichment had more Oxygen enrichment on top of it! And I mean a lot.... Wire brushes, 150 paper. Some Paul Sellers grinding on the blade, The sole is damn near 0 flat the whole length, that was a surprise. Used some light machine oil and carburator cleaner, and everything seems to work the way it should. Put a rough edge on the blade, hooked it all back up, eyeballed the setting, threw a chunk of rough Cherry on the table, locked it down, and took a run at it........ Lovely curls, a little thick....adjust and a beautiful thin curl that made me smile. Next is , break it down again and really attack the cleaning, and spend some time getting a real edge on the blade. I'll take a couple of pics after all this sweat dries, and you can see the improvement, and there will be more, I assure you. I like this "Boat Anchor" so far... But I really don't like all that grease and Oxygen Enrichment, but I'll get it right! I just wish I knew it's name, and where it's from. Nameless boat anchors confuse me!
  17. I think I made a decent deal today! But, I could use some information, if you have any to spare! I managed to get this plane, and it has just 2 markings anywhere on it! Under the cap iron it has 2 numbers 418 & 422! On the blade which may or may not be original to the plane it says Fulton tool Co. warranted! Can anyone tell me about this plane? I stripped it down and with a wire brush and some 150 sandpaper cleaned it up a bit. The blade needs serious regrinding and you wouldn't believe how high the rust stood on this thing. Is this going to be worth my time and effort to bring back to life? I haven't checked the flatness of the sole yet, I needed get in the A/C or add more rust to this monster. Man, it's hot today! And I still have to pick peas and mow the yard. An old man's work never ends! Well, I guess it will end someday! But not today! [i hope]....... Richard
  18. Nice, something any shooter would love!
  19. Now, that's a beautiful gift, extremely well done!
  20. Nice job! Teak eats metal, and hates glue! Love your assistant!
  21. True, but you only have to get up once for every three or four going down!
  22. How many hands does Pat have? I thought we all came with just 2!
  23. I used in 2 beds I made,[one for sale and one for me] Rockler's heavy duty bed rail fasteners. They're designed for end grain and come in 2 sizes and they're not expensive! They also make the bed able to be broken down if it needs to be moved!
  24. Me too! But truth be told, I do some work for money, or trade, and to purchase or trade for more wood.