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  1. Must be modeled after Bigfoot. Only 4 toes.
  2. Yeah, but, there's no good looking dumb sales woman to ogle while you're shopping. The bad side of the net.
  3. Know the feeling well.
  4. Yup, Eastern cedar. Recently built two caskets out of it and they looked exactly that way.
  5. One other point. Should you require a lot of pressure for some reason. It's simple to cut a piece of wood that will slip inside the tube to strengthen it to keep it from flexing. Then slide it out when you're done. So far I haven't needed that much force, and really can't think of using that much force. But there's the simple remedy should you need it.
  6. I have no disagreement with his plans. His router plane seems to function the way he wants and expect's it to. I even like the design. I have no further need to be a part of this silliness. Anyone can make one if they want to Period.
  7. Look, there's a video of Paul Sellers shoving a chisel blade through a chunk of wood and using it as a router plane. It's not that his plans are bad, it's just that anyone can make one with 5 minutes of thinking.
  8. You will not regret that purchase.
  9. I'm not trying to bust your bubble. But router planes have been around for years and years. Also, there are ton's of videos showing how to make one. They are actually a simple tool to make. You did a nice job with yours.
  10. Nice to see you still have the touch. Well done.
  11. Oop's, but I'd bet Lucy would like something made by Granpa just as much as the 11 year old. Still a damn nice job.
  12. Lucy is gonna love it. Especially since it came from granpa.
  13. Excellent play on words.
  14. And you should be. Without you and their mother, there would never been good guidance. And your help in leading them, made them what they are today. They stand tall for their parents, who could ask for more? Bless them and you for raising good young'un's.
  15. Begging at one time in history, was a professionally respected trade.
  16. Welcome, we always need like minded folks. Everyone here shares knowledge, and at the same time, learns something new almost daily. Looking forward to your contributions.
  17. Even at your old age, you should remember what a "cat house" is. Jeez! And that ain't it.
  18. Welcome back. Where the hell have you been?
  19. At 6:45 this morning, our member Freedhardwoods, lost his wife. Exactly one day after their 38th wedding anniversary. She had been ill for quite some time, and was in a hospital bed in their living room. He was holding her hand as she passed to the next adventure. If it's in your heart, reach out to this guy, he needs support for his loss.
  20. Love to have you join us. Here's the group from 2017. We did have one bum sneak in.
  21. Lewis, is this the table with the splayed legs? How big is big? For the most part, if the table isn't going to be getting rough treatment, for example Wrestling matches. M/T joints or loose tenons should keep it solid. With splayed legs, that simple corner brace should be sufficent to maintain the leg angle unless the wrestling match's continue.