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  1. It sounds like it won't be over soon enough. Happy wife, happy life.
  2. RichardA


    How did anyone ever think of calling it that ?
  3. Yeah, one or two. No matter how I try to avoid it, I can never really get the wood exactly the way I want it with machines alone. I can't think of one project, that I would consider "furniture" that doesn't wind up with a hand plane of some sort being part of the construction.
  4. Walnut as the base wood, and the Maple as the accent.
  5. What did you expect from a "Wood Porn" salesman?
  6. I picked up 4 of those clamps from Dubuque in 2017 at the Handworks show, thanks to @treeslayer. And truthfully, they are my go to clamps for almost everything I clamp up. Great tools.
  7. Now, that's a very cool chunk of wood. That deserves to be seen in something beautiful.
  8. What Billy Jack said, plus go to a lumber yard ask the manager, or an employee. Look up sawyers in your area, ask them.
  9. I have these saws for dovetailing, and a couple carcase saws for somewhat larger cuts
  10. For inexpensive clamps, look into Harbor Freight's F-style clamps. But test everyone, before you check out. Some are twisted and cause the cast iron to fracture. Just take a two inch square of 1" wood and try each one.
  11. The 735 has a blower that pushes the chips out of the planer into your DC or in my case.
  12. Of course, it's about time. It's a clock young'un.
  13. A new tool, excessive? By who?
  14. Nice sounds for sleeping. My wolves use to seranade us most nights, to keep the coyotes at bay, It seemed to work and their singing was a joy to hear.
  15. As I recall, didn't you also do those faux doors? Excellent work young'un.
  16. Terry, we are an oil exporting country now instead of an oil importer, makes it cheaper when you refine your own. We can buy 48 1/2 liters of water for less than $4. cost wise we seem to be doing better than other countries.
  17. Ya done damn good my friend. Damn good. You sure do have a lot of pine trees to cut around.
  18. You knocked that one straight out North La. into Mississilly.
  19. There used to be a store called "Shells". I don't know if they're still in business now. I left Hollywood, Fl about 35 years ago, and they were new in the area then.
  20. I wouldn't bother with stain. Sand to 220 grit, add your finish, it'll mellow out over time and if you use a drafting mat as @wtnhighlander said, you'll only see the outside edges.
  21. 320 by hand on that edge? Sure looks like a damn good result. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  22. As for a drum sander, there's only one choice that makes sense. depending on your size needs, a Supermax 16/32 or the bigger 19/38 is the most reccomended drum sander.