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  1. Excellent cover. Only we will know.
  2. It was John Wayne week awhile back, see what you could have learned.
  3. Ya done good. It's gotta make you want to fluff out those feathers a bit.
  4. For just the fun of it, a 12 ga. shotgun. Seriously, though, how big a hole? And welcome to the forum. For the most part , and for holes under 1" I'd use a brad point bit, and stop when the center point breaks through the back side, then flip it over and come through from the back side. Avoiding all the chip out particle board is known for.
  5. I generally find it safe to apply finish to Danish oil in around 7 days to 10 days, depending on the humidity in my shop. It's most often a controlled area, with the necessary heat and air.
  6. That's better than the curls at Hawaii surfing beaches.
  7. Another option would be Danish oil first. That will bring out any figure, as well as warm up the color. Then add your finish.
  8. Why? For dog holes? Just glue extra oak beneath where the dog holes are going to be., you can secure the extra with glue and screws.
  9. I'm kinda interested to know, how your commercial, fits with the OP's interest in Gouges from Canada?
  10. Looking forward to it.
  11. RichardA

    FB is stupid

    Uh, they are to some wood.!
  12. It'll also help with potential sag in the middle of the table lengthwise.
  13. The guys are right. I'd go 320 by my hand, not a block. It's the feel that's going to make or "break" that edge.
  14. Would a recomendation be in order? Make the aprons shorter in order to get the splayed legs a little more under the table. Not much worse than tripping over a leg and complaining that I shoulda done it different.
  15. To bad about the templates, ya just never know when you might make a buck or two from doing them for money.
  16. Is Albert going to be the shop's house mouse? Nice job on the bench. You're goona love beating it up.
  17. It happens now and then, especially figured wood. The simple fix, is, take smaller cuts. It may take a bit more time, but the work will turn out better.
  18. Yeah, goat is one fine Bar B Que.
  19. Thanks, I needed that. Been weedeatin, and was feeling grumpy.
  20. Look, the knees are working! Yee haw.
  21. You still going to be in Virginia, John? I used to live in Culpepper. Nice country, but some of the laws had me going a tad nuts.
  22. Be careful advertising it. Trump will send a task force to get it for some health care provider.
  23. RichardA

    pure joy

    I see two ugly rug rats.
  24. Most are going to tell you the Forrest woodworker 2, thaere are several others that are as good. Carbide processers makes one equal to the fore mentioned . Just wait a bit and you'll be flooded with opinions.