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    Just get mineral oil from any drug store or grocery store.
  2. RichardA

    Walrus Oil

    My only concern is since it's mad with so many vegetable oils, the chance for turning rancid is higher than say Danish oil.
  3. Build the step stool yourself. The Shakers have a simple but beautiful design. Ask Google, it'll take you there.
  4. It's orange. I need an AK47.
  5. Your best bet would be a plywood carcass. You can get plywood with any hardwood exterior you would like, Oak, Cherry, even walnut, then use solid wood for your face and doors. In this case, it's not about saving money, it's about construction. Solid wood will move no matter what you do to prevent it. Plywood is 10 or more times stable, and as far as appearance goes, just how much of the carcass in reality will be seen? Going all out with solid wood will eventually give you a small pile of expensive firewood.
  6. Welcome bud, I live close to you as well, and in answer to your question, Spanky does pick out the best logs he can find, saws them his self, and has his own kiln. 90% of what he sells is all furniture grade local hardwoods. And, he's a hell of a nice guy to deal with.
  7. Consider powered milk, your travel time will be cut way back.
  8. Every review of the pantorouter has been a good one. I wish you luck, and looking forward to your thoughts on it. I have a better feeling getting a review from someone I respect.
  9. I'm just taking a guess here, but isn't that better than almost dead or even dead?
  10. Damn young'un. I've met you, and it's no surprise that you're so talented. Absolutely beautiful.
  11. Yeah, I lost an Apple tree, and the wind destroyed a chinese rose bush. I spent most of the day cutting and hauling it all to my burn pile. Other than that, garbage cans and chairs all over the place. The worst part was no electric from 2 AM til 10 AM. a camp stove made coffee and breakfast for Boo and I. The phones and internet were out til 1:30 this afternoon. You doing alright young'un?
  12. Have you checked "
  13. From every one of us here.
  14. Welcome, great ideas, glad to have your input.
  15. I use aspirin, I'd bleed out way to fast.
  16. Yeah, A Blonde, 36 24 34, cheaper by the dozen.
  17. He'd need a rope for that, and he's old. Not sure he could handle that up and down trip to often. Besides, his wife knows where to look for him.
  18. You're gonna have to sell some pallet wood first.
  19. I've met her... You have good reason to hide. Spanky doesn't.
  20. Just add a link to and you should be good to go.
  21. So is the run on toilet paper. But humans are known for being odd.
  22. You guys get the chairs. I'll get the table.
  23. Looks to me like some trapped sapwood.
  24. I went to a Dollar General yesterday for some garbage bags. Their TP shelves were full. I didn't look close as I have enough for a couple of months, that I bought before all this corona stuff got started.
  25. I know the feeling. My first shop here was 9 X 16 with 4' used for storage, that left me with a 9 X 12 interior. Tight as all hell, but I managed to make a bunch of stuff in and outside that little hell hole. I feel your pain..