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  1. I would like to attend the BBQ. I live down in NKY and could pick up a few people if needed. I am not sure where you are but I would basically go right by the convention center on the way to OH.
  2. I do not use thin kerf blades on my PM2000. You will not be able to use them without having a thin riving knife. I am not sure if the factory knive/blade guard will work either. I hate to admit it, but I use the low profile riving knife all the time and no guards. The only time it gets removed is when I put in a dado stack.
  3. Yep, got sick of this crap last year and moved my shop from the garage back down to the basement. Now I wonder why the heck I ever moved it out in the first place.
  4. Very good to hear, I need a few things like holdfast's and I will give them a shout. I love to hear the good stories about good people.
  5. sw1

    Roubo Update

    Well it has been awhile, but I am close to completion. It is usable as is, but I am still considering what to do about a tail vise and the accompanying dog holes. This has also left me undecided on the end treatments as well. Front view and close up of the Benchcrafted leg vise. Here is a close up of the shelf I installed. The shelf is all mixed scraps and is tongue and groove. I made some wedges out of Walnut to keep the shelf tight, but not permanently installed. I figure this way I can lose some weight if I move it one day, and I can manage the contraction/expansion. Close
  6. Congrats on the new saw. I was saving for the Delta about a year ago, and made several visits to Rockler to spend time with it. I love that saw and was dead set on it. Then craigs-list intervened and a gently used PM2000 came up for sale for $750 with several blades. I brought it home and have been happy ever since. I honestly would have preferred the Delta had I paid full price, just a gut thing like you. But less than 1/3 the cost of new, and I have no complaints. This saw is a dream over the 1950's craftsman contractor saw I had.
  7. Ahh the wonderful Domino. I love that thing! Shawn
  8. Here is the first of four chairs.
  9. Here is the start of a table set for my little sister. Here it is on it's own 4 legs. And a place to sit. The table is all red Cedar and it is 40" x 68" finished with GF exterior 450. The set will have 4 chairs with arm's and the bench shown.
  10. sw1


    Listen to whatever Ace says, he has helped me and others very much. I love the General Finish high performance satin. I also agree with Paul-Marcel on the idiot proof part. I have a cheap hvlp system (rockler) and ADDHDDD ??what something shiny? Squirrel? Where was I? Oh yeah it is very forgiving stuff.
  11. I am partial to airbrushed scenes of howling wolves. In all seriousness the only jigs I put any finish on are ones that get near glue. I follow that up with wax periodically. As far as what finish it is usually whatever I am using at the time. I have some that have arm r seal, and some have outdoor oil on them. Shawn
  12. I am re doing my clamp rack to fit more clamps, and I have the Jet's also. How many can you fit sideways like that? I did the math and at 4 I did not save any space, but it looks like you have 6. If that is the case then I can max my space out better. Oh and buy more clamps!!!! Shawn
  13. I actually have both. I got the Rockler ones and I really liked them. I was at Lowe's one day and saw the bench dog ones and orange is my favorite color so in the cart they went. I am not sure why but they do not grip as well. I have used the rockler ones with my big 6" rigid sander and a 60 grit disc to flatten a cutting board. I must say I was impressed, they did move a bit but not as much as I expected. I previously used non slip mats, and they worked ok but left marks on the wood. I do use the bench dog ones for finishing now, as I dont give a crap if they get stuff on them. Shawn
  14. I made this from scraps from another project and it is small. It turned out at 5" wide and 3" deep.
  15. I decided to try a more integrated approach to wooden hinges. Instead of making a hinge and tacking it on, I just made a big box joint. I then clamped it together and drilled a hole in each side. Before gluing everything in place, I used a belt sander to radius the edges for clearance. It is important to not to take off too much. I like to take off just enough to move easily without leaving a large gap you can see into the box through. You also just want to radius the edges, and leave the back flat. This lets the lid open to about 95°, eliminating the need for any additional stops. Next I took