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  1. I wrote that followed by a ? as my best guess. The reason I doubted that is because Rockler doesn't have it listed in their exotics section, but I suppose they may have had some at one point. For the third piece, it does resemble zebra wood, what gave me doubts is the extremely tight grain pattern and bluish color to the grain (but that isn't the greatest photo). I'll take a sliver off one side and get some better shots of them.
  2. And this is the third piece: Thanks to anyone who knows what this is!!
  3. I recently bought a bargain box of exotic hardwood cutoffs from Great deal, thing is they didn't bother labeling anything. Most of what I received wasn't too hard to figure out, and the site was quite helpful, but there's 3 pieces I just cannot place, even limiting the search to only what Rockler lists on their web site. Any help would be much appreciated. First piece is waxed:
  4. Yeah, I had read about the melding of coats and that's one thing I like about working with lacquer. It just surprised me that once I had two solid coats down there was still some color coming up. However, lacquer is going on very thin with each coat and at least using my method seams that it will take many more coats than a urethane would to get a good solid finish.
  5. As far as I know, the lacquer is not water based. The label is Japanese, so I can't read the details to be sure exactly what the liquids are.
  6. Greetings all. I'm somewhat experienced in small projects and traditional types of finishes and such, but am new to using powdered dyes and lacquer. Right now I'm experimenting on a scrap piece of spruce just to see how things behave, and even now putting on the third coat of lacquer, the rag I'm wiping it on with is still picking up some of the color. I don't see any difference on the work, so I'm more curious than concerned about it. So here's what I've done: I've found a line of powdered dye here in Japan where I'm living now that dissolves in denatured alcohol, and I'm quite please