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  1. Impressive rig! Did you go by any sort of plans for this, or cobble it together for yourself based on what you needed to store on it? I think I'm leaning a little more towards the cart route if for no other reason than this is my first shop and I'm sure I'm going to have a few round of reorganization before I get it semi-"correct".
  2. I'm slowly getting my garage shop set up & better organized, so I'm trying to get everything off the floor (and often on wheels for flexibility). The clamps just keep getting moved & leaned against the various tools, and they need a better home than that. So I'm trying to decide between wall storage for the clamps or a cart to carry them around. I believe I can sacrifice the floor space, though it would be good to know what else I might use the cart for besides the clamps if I went with that solution. What have you done in your shop & why?