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  1. I guess I need to establish more ventilation across the router and periodically blow the whole case out with compressed air. I have a 1.5 Hp dust collector hooked up and it is excellent at dust collection. Do the $300 routers typically have a lot better life?
  2. I have had a Incra router table and lift with an enclosed dust collection box around the router. I had this setup with a brand new Bosch 1617 for over a year and then suddenly the router max speed was limited to a very low speed. I replaced the Bosch with a dewalt 618 that was already a few years old and within 2 months it is experiencing the same symptoms. I am still in the process of troubleshooting this but has anyone experienced this type of "failure" before. Also what routers are you using in your tables?
  3. I am very interested in the responses as well. The lathe is the one major tool I don't own but I increasingly want to incorporate turned items in my furniture projects.
  4. I haven't had any issues with warping of plywood from the big bog store. My issue with their plywood is de-lamination. Even the domestic stuff is low quality and overpriced. I have started using baltic birch for everything. My nearest supplier in San Antonio, TX has 3/4" 5'x5' sheets for under $30 a sheet so its very economical as well.
  5. I bought the Incra Miter Express sled that accepts an Incra miter gauge. It has two t tracks in the sled that allow clamping of the work. I tried and tried to make an accurate cross cut sled and could never get the results that I expected.
  6. My wife designed a custom branding iron for me a few Christmases back. I really like it.
  7. Just like Robby I built a cart large enough to store full 4x8 sheets. In use it was too heavy and large to move. I tore it down and built a vertical storage area and I am much happier.
  8. I have the Incra Mast-R-Lift II and love it. Even if you don't have any other Incra stuff it is worth a look because of the magnetic rings.
  9. I have an Incra I-Box that I don't use anymore due to having an Incra Router table and fence system. I am thinking $120 shipping in the US but am open to offers.
  10. I agree. I love my incra fence. It is such a great design.
  11. I use a Logitech MX Master. It is the best of both worlds because you can configure all of the buttons to function in a similar way to the magic mouse as well as adding the buttons to make CAD drawing and navigating a 3D environment easy.
  12. I am working through my shop but I have a few areas organized.
  13. I thought I would update everyone. This method worked flawlessly for me. I was able to adjust my tables to be within 1 thousandth out of co-planer with a cutting depth of .035 inches.
  14. What would necessitate modifying the cutting depth? I went a year with a consistent 1/32 in cut and never wanted to change it.
  15. My only argument is that the jointer is a very simple machine. I know that my tables are flat and that the cutter head runs true. Forget the brand of the tool, is my setup strategy valid?
  16. I am still struggling to setup my 6" harbor freight dovetail jointer. I posed about edge jointing issues and decided to completely redo the initial setup. My main concern is determining if the jointer is flawed in some way or if I am just struggling with setup. It seems that the conventional wisdom is to raise the indeed table and shim the outfeed to be co-planer with it. This assumes that after moving the infeed table down to the desired cutting depth that it remains co-planer. To alleviate any concerns would it be a bad approach to get the outfeed in approximately the right spot and lock it down. Then shim the infeed to be co-planer with the outfeed with a 25-30 thou offset. Finally I would set the knives level to the outfeed. Any issues with this approach?
  17. I am in love with this software. I have been using it to create perfect dados.
  18. That is entirely possible, i will check that this evening.
  19. So after a little noodling with the jointer i have a few more things to report. My jointing process was to apply pressure to the infeed until the wood passes the cutter head by a few inches. Then all of the downward pressure is applied to the outfeed table. When focusing on this the results are acceptable but still not where I want them to be. For grins I moved the fence toward the other edge of the cutter head and ran another board. This time the results were almost perfect. This leads me to believe that the either the in or out feed table is closer to coplaner on the near side of the cutter head as compared to the far side.
  20. Initially yes. Once about 10-12" are past the cutter head i apply pressure on the out feed side
  21. I didn't intend this question to focus on the blade height because that didn't seem to be my issue. Wouldn't blades being too high cause a concave board?
  22. I have a 6 in'" harbor freight jointer that has been setup with a veritas straight edge to within 3-4 thou co-planer, the fence is at 90o to the table, the tables are flat, the knives are even-2 thou proud of the out feed table, and the knives are brand new. I am milling 40" long 5-6" wide poplar for a project and the face comes out great. Edge jointing results in a convex edge every time. To get this project done i made a table saw sled to edge joint the boards but I want to fix my issue. Even though the jointer is "setup correctly" it seems that lowering the out feed slightly should help but i am so frustrated that I have lost confidence that I know what to do. Help.
  23. I am building a new router table attached to the right side of my table saw. I bought a pre-made Incra top and plan on building a cabinet underneath it for storage and to support the top. I obviously need to level the router table with the table saw and cant decide the best approach. I can build the cabinet and place it directly on the floor and then level the router top in respect to the cabinet. I can also mount the cabinet directly to the top and level the base of the cabinet. I know both will work but don't see any huge advantages either way. Thoughts?
  24. So now the real question is. Bosch Glide for a large range an accuracy or a non sliding dewalt. its about a $330 difference. My main hang up with the cheap non slider is accuracy. I feel that the capacity isn't as important as i think it might be.
  25. I'll add some photographs as soon as I get home. Here is a link to the incra product page in the meantime.