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  1. DaveT

    Happy New Year

    Currently 04:26 on 2nd Jan here so I suppose it is late Roughly translated it means may your home fire burn for a long time - in other words a long life to you my friend.
  2. DaveT

    Happy New Year

    Not sure - I'll let you know when I can remember it Och aye, and lang may yer lum reek!
  3. DaveT

    Happy New Year

    May 2015 bring everything that you need, everything that you want, and a bit extra just in case
  4. DaveT


    Truly 'hand made' one from Shannon. Somehow I don't think he's going for the speed record
  5. I've had pretty good results on saws using a ceramic hob cleaner and a kitchen scourer. Quick rinse after and spray with wd40.
  6. I would pass on this. As Gilgaron said, that is a 78 that Bill circled. Over in the UK you can pick a complete one up for about £10 if you are willing to do a bit of work. Tom is spot on about the moulding planes - they go for about £1 each here if they have a blade that is not to rusty (ie can be rescued) and a wedge.
  7. Did you read my 2nd post? Try 465 miles not 65. I think you'll need that co-pilot to get it in and out of the van As Terry said, keep us updated on how you get on with it.
  8. Newbury, Berkshire is 465 miles from St Andrews. Not sure where goole found the one it gave you When I moved from there to here it took about 7 hours in a van loaded with everything I owned.
  9. America seems a lot bigger as well because you drive so slow Went from DC down to Orlando once - seemed to take forever. Newbury to St Andrews in comparison was a trip around the corner. Was the lathe an ebay find Mr Kirby?
  10. Power tools the day after a party? I'll be interested to see if it works as a hangover cure
  11. It's looking good Bill. A bit late for you but I've just watched a video from David Charlesworth on how he did his Roubo Bench. Check out those M&T joints on the top - pure class
  12. That is an elegant bit of turning Stress relief is one of the main reasons for my doing things by hand. Just pick up a lump of firewood and start planing. By the time it's become a pile of shavings I've calmed down again. Added bonus is I've got a nice big pile of firestarting kit
  13. If they are the same as the ones sold in the UK then the brackets have two holes for screws in the bottom.
  14. Both look fine to me. I can see some friendly rivalry developing here