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    I like to build coffee tables,end tables,rocking chairs,beds/head boards,cedar chests, and chest of drawers. And just build furniture..........

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  1. I know this is a little off topic but could you give me some advice on making cabinet doors. I have a home made router table with a regular router screwed to the bottom of it. I find it kind of complicated to set up. And get the rails and stiles to line up. And I don't have one of them sliders that ride along the router table.
  2. Right now we are doing a little contract work for a customer and I said that what the material cost that's how much the labor is. Well I needed to hire a some help with the project. As we are about half way through, I am beggining to question weather I should have priced my labor a little higher or not. You know auto mechanics have a set price for the work that they do. All they have to do is go into the computer and the auto program that a lot of them have and find the work that needs to be done and it gives an estimated time it should take and how much it should cost. I think that some if no
  3. I've heard, How much your material cost that should be how much your labor is. Is this right?
  4. Ha,ha.... Yea I used to have a Dewalt 735 and to be honest I think they're over rated. You plane with it for a while and you find that the whole inside cavity gets full of saw dust. And you can't hook up the dewalt735 to a normal roll around shop vac. cause it will burn it up. Dewalt 735 to me is more trouble than it's worth. Sure it's in a lot of ways user friendly but in a lot of ways it's not. I got in a bind a number of months ago and I end up having to pawn my planer. Well I got to a place were I couldn't get it out and I lost it. We this last summer I had big cabinet job. I needed to buy
  5. ronnie


    This is an album of pictures of furniture that I have done over the years. Rocking chairs, coffee tables,end tables,bed frames/head boards, chester drawers, and cedar chests.
  6. Man you all are cool here. I really enjoy talking with you all about tools and wood projects. Thanks for the encouragement.
  7. No offence, but I was just looking into buying a scroll saw and went to HD. and Lowes, and they didn't have any in stock so I just about forgot about it cause I didn't want to spend a whole lot of money on one so My wife to my surprise bought one from HF for me. I built a home made stand for it out of wood. and it works pretty well for 69.00 which was on sale at the time. I normally work in big projects such as furniture, cabinets and things of this nature. but I was wanting one to just learn on. One thing about it they are very fun.
  8. Thats funny........then my wife would kill me. But just to let every one know. I tried to take it off with a puddy knife and I ended up putting a crack in the top left corner. So i just stopped for now till I can figure out what next to do. I will probably end up breaking it and buying a new one and putting it on the new medicine cabinet I will be building. But when I go to break it and take off the mirror i may end up peeling off some of the wall when im at it. thats just how stuck it really is. I didnt have no guitar string I checked in the back of my amp where I have been known to keep old
  9. Thanks for all the advice. Its very appreciated. I dont know yet. I think I do have a piece of old guitar string. So I might try that. But not sure if I want to even try to tacle this honeydo. But when I do I will tape the mirror up just in case something happens. Thanks again though.....
  10. My wife has been wanting me to build her a medicine cabinet for our bathroom. My wife already took off the little screws and plastic clips that you screw in the wall to hold the mirror in place. But when she did the mirror still just stck there. So I am wandering how to get this mirror off without breaking it. Any suggestions will be very helpfull. Thanks....
  11. Just wanted to get a feel of what the wood working community thinks about the Ryobi 18v lithium drill and driver set. I found it on sale for $99.00 at H.D.
  12. I think i might try it one day when i get some new blades for my planner. I will just make sure that I put a backer board. Then again its still up in the air. I would hate to put all that work into a piece and then see it tear all out like that.
  13. Yea that dust collection system will litterally blow you away. Dont stand in front of it....
  14. Dewalt 735 is one of the best plainers on the market hands down. You will not be disappoiunted...