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  1. Hello G S, and thanks for the feedback! The small one is for rapid stock removal, and the big one is for making things flat. That makes perfect sense now that I know, but I'm not sure I would have thought of it myself, thanks. How would I go about treating the wormholes? as you can probably guess, I'm new at this stuff
  2. Yes, I expected as much, but these haven't been touched at all since being stored for 10+ years. I suppose that with a bit of practice with setup and a bit of sharpening they'll do better
  3. I recently inherited a bunch of wooden planes from my granddad, thought this might be a good thread to get some opinions/information/advice on them, full album is here: (inline pictures below are from this album) generally, the planes look to my untrained eyes to be in pretty good shape. The irons and chipbreakers generally have a bit of rust on them, but this is from improper storage since granddad died about ten years ago. The rust seems to be surface only, and should be quite easy to deal with. there's five planes, and if possible, I'd like to know what do I
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome and great feedback everyone! This is both really helpful and quite frustrating at the same time, because everyone is "go for it" but at the same time "but here's something you didn't know that might want you to rethink it." To sum up, it looks like #1 veritas and/or lie nielsen are putting out a new honing guide "soon," so I should consider that. and #2 it won't be up to ALL honing jobs. Fortunately, #2 cancels out #1 to some degree (the mk III won't do everything either), and I don't have a lot of non-standard chisels and plane blades to sharpen anyways, so
  5. Hey folks! I'm new here, so if this has been covered already, well, I hope you can bear with me I'm about to place an order for my very first honing guide, and I'm thinking I might as well do it properly or not do it at all, so I'm looking at the veritas mk II honing guide. Any reason why this is a bad idea? should I be looking at something from another supplier for better bang for my buck? I've read up and watched a ton of videos on sharpening, and so far I'm covered for plate glass and sandpaper, I can raise a burr and chase it all around the shop, but I'm in no way confident in my