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  1. Mick S

    Loving having a big jointer!

    After much research, I've determined that this slab is Slothwood. Very rare!
  2. Mick S

    Sanding Procedures

    I start with 120 on the drum sander and move to 100 or 120 on the ROS, depending on the species of wood. The drum sander scratches are harder to remove than ROS scratches, probably because of the hard drum backing up the paper. Then I move through 150, 180 and 220 ROS followed by 220 hand sanding.
  3. Mick S

    Loving having a big jointer!

    I got spoiled using the 16" Northfield with spiral head at school. A beast for sure.
  4. Mick S

    Which Clamp to use?

    You will need more than one clamp for a one meter length of would. As a rule of thumb, draw a 45 degree line on either side of the clamp across the face of the wood. Where it intersects with the other side you need another clamp.
  5. Mick S

    Router Table vs Spindle Moulder

    Some spindle moulders, or shapers, are capable of inserting an adaptor for router bits. The drawback is the spindle speed. They don't turn as fast as routers. They're really two different machines and both can be very useful. If I were starting out, I'd go with a router table first. That said, if someone gave me a shaper I'd take it in a heartbeat.
  6. Mick S

    CNC router Recommendations?

    There are a few unanswered questions before anyone can recommend a router to you. 1. You're cutting wood and plastic. How much? For what purpose? One of a kind furniture? Production parts? 2. What table size do you need? Are you cutting sheet goods? 3. How adept are you with maintaining, tweaking machinery? 4. What is your available voltage? 5. Do you have a budget in mind? The hobbyist CNC market is still pretty much in its infancy. If I were you, I'd subscribe to CNCZone. They have links to every known CNC router including shop built machines. There are some really good "affordable" machines out there for hobbyists, but one size does not fit all.
  7. Mick S

    Morris Chair Pair

    Absolutely beautiful, Drew. Great choice on the leather, at whatever cost.
  8. Mick S

    Loving having a big jointer!

    Wood porn. What can I say?
  9. Mick S

    Loving having a big jointer!

    Yes. It raises and lowers up to about 3". Anything over that it can fold back out of the way.
  10. Mick S

    Loving having a big jointer!

    I'm not sure what wood it is. I got it down in Albuquerque from an exotic wood dealer. I know it's not mesquite - doesn't have that telltale mesquite scent. Quite hard, so it may be in the eucalyptus family. They used eucalyptus in the mines around here for beams. Should finish up nicely, though. Steve - I do plan on filling the voids.
  11. My wife's niece asked for a large charcuterie board. Picked this small slab up a while back and decided to try flattening the back so I could put some dovetailed cleats on it for a base. Can't say enough about the 16" capacity of this A3-41. Smooth sailing.
  12. Mick S

    Frames for the Family

    As always, your work is exceptional. Glad to hear you're getting back to what keeps us happy and sane. I use the wide mouth jars for finish also. Easy to mix the right match for different areas that need shading, etc. Then ,depending on the type of finish, I like pouring a little into the little ketchup cups from Wendy's so as not to contaminate the jar.
  13. Mick S

    Love that first coat of finish!

    They're crushed stone inlaid with CA glue, then routed.
  14. Always enjoy watching. Nice technical build!