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  1. I have a set also and love 'em! They're flat and easy to change paper. Such a huge improvement over the old rubber block pads with the 3 spikes to hold the paper.
  2. In the Guild build of Darell's Fremont Night Stand he shows how to build his drawer clamp. Very clever, IMO. Makes squaring the drawer nearly idiot-proof. In a nutshell, it's a horizontal platform fixed to a base that raises it up and provides clamping on 4 sides. The platform has a vertical riser that's dead-on 90 degrees. One drawer side clamps to that vertical riser, the drawer front is fitted to that, forming an L shape, then the other side is fitted forming a U shape. He then uses wedge inside the second side to push into perfect 90 degree alignment. Allows for horizontal and vertical clamping of the components. My drawer sides were within less than 1/64" front to back using it.
  3. I'm fortunate to have both an adjacent garage and a separate storage room that I can use for the occasionally used jigs and fixtures. I keep a Sharpie in my shop apron for just that. On the outfeed table are my hybrid mortising jig (so named because it has elements of the Philip Morley jig and the FW/Derek Cohen jig), my dado sled, small sled, and the white melamine protrusion to the left is my vacuum press platen that's stored under the outfeed table top. The small sled is stored under the table, the dado sled hangs above my clamp rack in the corner and the mortising fixture gets moved around so it's out of the way, usually on the opposite corner of the table from where it is now. On the wall above my sander is my veneer clamp. Above the clamp rack is a Darrell Peart drawer clamp (excellent!), my large sled, Kreg pocket screw jig, my table saw dovetail fixtures, below the sawblades is the FW Incredible Fence system (used frequently), and various odds and ends. I need to put up some panelling under the mini split so that space will be usable.
  4. I hang a lot of them on the walls, but I'm running out of space. Looking forward to hearing other solutions.
  5. I use old colored t-shirts for finishing and I've never had a run problem. When I say old I mean at the point that my wife refuses to let me sleep in them. They work great and are always more comfortable than the brand new ones.
  6. You can send it to me!
  7. I'll be looking for it. One question, how long (deep) do they need to be?
  8. Happy to do it. Why don't you mark the areas where the grain matches up best and I'll shoot for cutting them close to it. I'll cut multiple areas so you can pick the best match.
  9. Had to replace my hard drive which put me way behind on updating this project. I'll get to it soon. In the meantime - I'm really happy that I talked myself into the 16" jointer over the 12". Pretty much at capacity! And the surface finish is really nice - no tearout (cutters are still on the original edge after 1 1/2 years of use) and lots of chatoyance! Love this machine!
  10. Ken, If you have an exact diameter, the plugs could easily be cut on a CNC router to a fixed depth and bandsawed off. I do this with Domino plugs I use to hide magnets. I'm happy to do it for you if you don't know anyone around there that can.
  11. Yep, and the woodworking machinery industry is 20 years behind the metalworking industry.
  12. This was the arena I spent most of my career in prior to retirement. It always puzzled me why US companies were so reluctant to compete, You go to the US wood industry trade shows and it's all European and Asian equipment.
  13. Wow! No surprise (for decades) but the European technology for wood shops is blowing us away. Felder at Ligna
  14. +1 on the 3HP SS PCS. 5HP is overkill for all but commercial shops. PM makes great stuff and I have no doubt that you'd be happy with it for years to come. I've owned several PM saws over the years. I have a SawStop 3HP PCS in my shop and have no plans to change.
  15. I don't know anything else about it. I just saw this on IG. SS was purchased by the company that owns Festool. Festool itself is coming out with a TS with the technology. Maybe they struck a deal with Felder to share some patent info. The inventor of the technology did a similar type of video several years back. Actually touched the blade with his thumb while it was running.