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  1. Mick S

    Darrell Peart is in the House!!

    Agreed. He’s a bit like the Energizer Bunny - just keeps going as long as you want! We had a great time.
  2. Mick S

    Darrell Peart is in the House!!

    What a great weekend with Darrell and his wife, Terry. The workshop could not have gone any better! One of the reasons I wanted to have Darrell do this seminar was because of his extensive use of CNC as a tool in his everyday workflow. Here's his Tercet table with custom CNC cut clamping cauls. He went into great detail about how much easier it is now for him to clamp up a piece with very odd angles by making these custom cauls to fit the angles, with detents in the cauls for precisely placing the clamp jaws in alignment. Everything lines up perfectly with very few to no gaps requiring adjustment. Great use of the technology! And this is how deep the sawdust was in his shop when he forgot to empty his collector. We had a few more people than the class is designed to hold, but we managed. It was a full house. My buddy Carl eyeing some of the ebony plugs Darrell is cutting. He won't notice them missing, right? Meanwhile, back in Denver is my brother (who was supposed to attend the Darrell Peart seminar!) waiting patiently for his signed copy by some guy hawking his book. But that's okay. I got my own signed copy! I'll get some of the video processed and posted a little later. Darrell is a great instructor. If you ever have the opportunity to take one of his classes or attend a workshop, do it. Very personable, completely unpretentious and happy to answer any questions you have.
  3. Mick S

    Darrell Peart is in the House!!

    If Darrell gives his okay, then sure!
  4. Mick S

    Darrell Peart is in the House!!

    I plan to - and video, too!
  5. After several months of planning and prepping the day has arrived. We're very excited to be able to welcome Darrell Peart for the weekend workshop to the Santa Fe Community College Fine Woodworking Program!
  6. Mick S

    Curved front vanity ??s

    I've used this method in the past on a few pieces. Definitely try it on a few test pieces first. Depending on the tannin level of the individual pieces, the method can vary from piece to piece. Pre-treating the wood with a strong black tea solution will raise the tannin level resulting in a blacker black. I don't know that it has a shelf life - it's vinegar. I agree with Ronn, though. I get more consistent results from other methods. Depending on the species, India ink, aniline dye, shoe dye, etc.
  7. Mick S

    OSMO Oil/Wax Finish

    Andy - I'm happy to hear that you like the Osmo PolyX as much as I do. It's hard to describe the look and feel of the finish and what it does to the figure. As i mentioned in the other thread you referenced, I was unhappy with the look of the ARS on my office desk - very dry in spots - and went over it with the Osmo. LOVE IT! A while back I spilled some red wine on the desktop (I choked and coughed) - splatters everywhere, BEFORE I had applied the Osmo. Very hard to remove/minimize the stains it left, and I wiped it immediately. Before I hit it with Osmo I took some gray Scotch Brite to the stains with mineral spirits. It helped. Yesterday I noticed I had a small spill of the same red wine from the night before (after Osmo application). It wiped right off with no visible staining. So far it's showing fewer signs of wear than the ARS did. My go-to also for anything that doesn't require a varnish. BTW - beautiful job on the chairs!
  8. Mick S

    Reaction to wood dust - extreme fatigue -unique?

    I have similar allergy-related symptoms, just not to wood dust. Pollen can make me feel like I have the flu. You might consider an air filtration helmet, like the Trend or similar. Pricey, but so is going to the doctor.
  9. Mick S

    Oil + wax mix: finish and maintenance question

    Great info. That's pretty much what I thought and what my experience has been. And I do use white abrasive pads for applying it.
  10. Mick S

    Oil + wax mix: finish and maintenance question

    It’s amber. About like ARS, maybe slightly more.
  11. Mick S

    Oil + wax mix: finish and maintenance question

    I had the same concerns, mainly due to the fact that I ASSumed that it had polyurethane in it because of the name Polyx. After using it as I would use a poly/oil/wax blend I read that it did not contain any varnish, just various oils and wax. I contacted Marc. He and I discussed the potential issues with using it as a topcoat, as well as the benefits (ease of touch up, etc). In the end, I've used it for two years on just about everything I've made. I've had zero issues with wear, scratching, etc. Super easy to touch up. It's my go-to finish until I find something better.
  12. Mick S

    Oil + wax mix: finish and maintenance question

    Since I posted above I've gone back and tried Osmo on a desk I made a few years back that I had finished with Arm-R-Seal. I was never happy with the original finish because much of the walnut was highly figured crotch grain which soaked up the ARS like a sponge. Over time, it just looked flat and dry. I wiped the top down with mineral spirits and hit it with 3 coats of Osmo PolyX. Wow. Wow. So much richer look and feel. And as has been mentioned above, touch ups are a breeze.
  13. Mick S

    Curved front vanity ??s

    These samples were done by our dept head, Doug Jones. He has the technique down to an art. He uses a propane torch with MAPP gas. It takes practice. He goes over it with liming wax then hits that with several very light coats of either Deft or Danish oil. Not sure if this will post correctly but I'll try -
  14. Mick S

    Curved front vanity ??s

    It's just what it sounds like - plywood that bends to a form. It comes in various thicknesses and you can get it with the bend direction running the 8' length or across the width. It speeds up the build time considerably. In Garrett Hack's FW curved door article he uses stave construction to build up the core. With bending ply, that whole series of steps is eliminated. In the build I linked to above , I needed the doors to be 1/2" overall thickness and in order to do so I had to thickness sand the bending ply down to the final thickness minus the thickness of the 4 veneer layers. Worked like a charm. There are several manufacturers, but here's what I used.
  15. Mick S

    Curved front vanity ??s

    It's really a cool effect. This is shou sugi ban (burning) on oak and ash with white Liberon wax applied and buffed off.