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  1. Mick S

    Hammer A3-31(planer) feed problem

    Sounds too simple to be the issue, but from experience, if you have not already done so, wax the table. Wax it again.
  2. Mick S

    Hepplewhite Sideboard

    Spectacular piece, Joe. In addition to having to master about 24 new skills, I would have to study meditation for years to acquire the patience necessary for such a project. Kudos!
  3. Mick S

    Looking for my first router need advice

    Here are the links the OP posted. 1. Bosch 1617 EVSPK 2. Porter Cable 895PK Both are good packages, and I agree that you should opt for a plunge base/fixed base option. Another thing to consider is the accessories that you'll eventually need for this and other routers. Things like guide bushings are not necessarily standardized, though Porter Cables bushing size is used on many brands - Bosch being one exception. You'll have to either use their bushings or get an adapter to use PC size bushings. Guide fences are another thing to consider, ease of table mounting, etc. As important as anything is how the router feels in your hands - the grips, switch location, balance, etc. Some plunge routers allow you to plunge after pushing down on a lever, some when you pull up on a lever. Some lock with a spring, others don't. Try to get your hands on several and get a feel for them.
  4. Mick S

    How could i flatten my table top?

    Good advice here, but I have to say - not too fond of your moniker. Probably just being sensitive.
  5. Mick S

    Do you need your tools to "match"?

    I think I've been guilty of all three at one point or another in my woodworking life. I've known people who fell firmly into one camp or another, particularly the latter. Sometimes when I'm introduced to a really nice maker line I'll find myself coveting the whole line. I did that when Bridge City first came out. Today, it doesn't matter to me much. Quality, feel and performance are most important now. One of the finest craftsmen I know is a fellow instructor at SFCC - Ivan Dimitrov. If you could see his collection of carving tools you would understand why SeventyFix hit the nail on the head. Swiss Made? Check. 3 Cherries? Check. Auriou, Hirsch, Flexcut? Check, check, check. Ground down screwdrivers and files? Check. Anything that gets the job done.
  6. Mick S

    Router table fate after CNC purchase

    Yep. One piece raised panel MDF doors were the rage 15 - 20 years ago and CNC routers were game changers for making them. 5 piece doors - not so much. Too much fixturing and material handling, size changes....
  7. Mick S

    Router table fate after CNC purchase

    It's like comparing a snow shovel to a snowplow, a circular saw to a tablesaw. For some jobs it just doesn't make sense to use a CNC. I would never give up my router table for the quick roundovers, chamfers, etc. I had lots of customers over the years ask me if they could do 5 piece doors on a CNC router. Of course you can, but you'd only do it once! I made a solid cherry rocking horse entirely on a CNC router because, at the time, I didn't have a shop set up for woodworking. It was a pain in the keester!
  8. Mick S

    Morris Chair Cushion option

    Nice job on the chair, Tom! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished piece. Did they give you a lead time?
  9. First, welcome to becoming an active member of the forum. Sounds like you're ready to tackle a real project. It's good that you have not only an end result, but a sense of direction for how you want to get there. I also like to mix contrasting, but complementary woods. In central Illinois you should not have any trouble finding walnut (darker wood), cherry (medium toned) and maple (lighter wood). These combine and complement each other really well. I personally don't like to use stains, dyes or other coloring agents, but prefer to rely on the natural wood tones. Keep in mind that the type of finish you choose can darken or otherwise alter whichever woods you choose to use. Not knowing the type of inlays you're thinking about - figures, string, accents - it's hard to make a recommendation. West Systems makes a very popular epoxy that many of us use regularly. It can be toned or colored easily and finishes nicely. Hope you get lots of good feedback and good luck on the project!
  10. Mick S

    Making a corner desk - first major project.

    Maybe it's your style preference, but what appear to be 4 x 4 vertical supports are certainly not necessary for rigidity - serious overkill. Reliance on strong joinery is much more important to good design. Suggested reading - Fine Woodworking Garrett Hack #248–July/Aug 2015 Issue Build Lighter, Stronger Furniture.
  11. We have a mirror that's about that size - 98' x 42". Heavy as you know what. Ours has turned feet that keep the back about 1 1/2" off the wall. I found some aluminum C channel that width and drilled some holes through one side for screw access for mounting it to the wall. Then I cut keyholes into the front face running vertically with the large end up. The opening was about 3/4" higher than the screws I ran into the back of the mirror frame rail. I had a buddy help me lift it and put the screw heads into the keyholes and let gravity do the rest. It took a couple of tries and a few beers after, but the mount is hidden and it holds really well.
  12. Mick S

    A Roubo from beams?

    They won't work at all for that application. Let me PM you my address and I'll take them off your hands! I'll even split the shipping costs with you.
  13. Mick S

    Recommendations for planer

    Costco - https://www.costco.com/kirkland-signature-hearing-aid.html I've had really bad tinnitus since college. Sounds like a high frequency alarm all the time. Probably from seeing how loud my old Koss headphones could get.
  14. Mick S

    Three Sided Bowl

    That really is a great project - lots of techniques to learn, lots of setups to consider and really, really well executed! Thanks for the lesson!
  15. Mick S

    I love this book

    I have been a MP fan for a while. No doubt his style and approach have influenced my own pieces heavily for the last few years. I really enjoyed sitting down with this book. Nice approach, nice execution, beautifully photographed. For anyone interested in veneer work, Craig Thibodeau's new book is very well done, also.