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  1. This. I even saw that these were upside down and edited them to correct it and they still came in that way. Oh well. Beautiful little tool.
  2. I almost did that a few days ago. We had a brake trip yesterday at school that we're contacting SS about. One of the students changed to a different blade that's been on several times before. The blade turned freely by hand and there was no blink code error. When she fired it up the brake tripped. Scratching our heads.
  3. Just showed a student in my class this morning how to use an L fence.
  4. That's probably my second most used jig for the table saw, right behind sleds.
  5. FWIW, the west coast office is in Sacramento, so your shipping would be a little less I would think. Felder/Hammer routinely has a sale at the end of the year and again in July or August. It just ended. The K3 (same saw without the shaper) was on sale for $5895 plus accessories and shipping. It’s now north of $8000 for the saw alone.
  6. Yes. They've been making and selling woodworking machines that, until recently, were marketed under different names - Laguna and Jet I believe, to name a couple. After they bought Bridge City Tools they decided to go under their own label.
  7. Thanks, Bill. You kind of took the words out of my mouth. I looked hard at the Hammer. I corresponded with a few people who have K3s and love them. I opted for the SCM for several reasons even though the K3 would physically fit my shop better. I did about 38 variations of shop layouts in CAD to figure out a fit, but it will. The SCM brochure and online info show that they offer a 65" carriage, which would have been fine for me, but they don't sell it in the States. Like you, I have a boatload of rough milled lumber that needs straight line ripping so the 8' carriage will be handy. I
  8. I'm curious to get your impressions on using a slider vs table saw. I'm transitioning that direction. I have a SawStop PCS 3HP. I looked hard at the K3 but ultimately opted for the SCM Minimax SC 4 Elite, due here in December.
  9. The only one I've looked at closely is the smaller of the two that Sawstop offers.* It's had mixed reviews, but I think that most of the downside comments applied to the early versions that did not have positive stops for 90, 45, etc. The current versions do and the reviews seem to be more positive. Not much help, but that's about all I know about them. *Not true - we have a big 50" crosscut Excalibur on one of the SawStops at school. Nobody uses it because it won't hold a setting. Keep in mind though that it's in a school shop.
  10. Not for long. It's the proximity of the carriage to the blade that's the big advantage of the European sliders. The sliding table added to the SS is still 10 - 12" away from the blade even if you remove the left side extension wing. One of the big advantages for me of the slider is straight line ripping ON the carriage. Can't do that with an add-on.
  11. No doubt I'll miss the security of knowing it's there. I've been a hard sell convert to sliding table saws, due mainly to my limited use of them. I viewed them mainly as panel saws. Darrell Peart installed a K3 several months ago and loves using it. Same for Ramon Valdez and others I contacted before deciding to make the jump. The more I studied up on them, the more it became obvious that they are safer by design than a cabinet saw. Sam Blasco of Minimax, Ramon Valdez, Derek Cohen and others have several very good videos of how to set up and use various jigs for taking advantage of the sliding
  12. Me too! It will probably take me until December to get my shop ready for it. I had originally planned to go with a Hammer K3 and keep the Sawstop to put back to back so I could dado on the SS. I laid it out in CAD about 38 different ways, similar to how Ramon Valdez has his set up, but it just wouldn't work. Not enough space. After looking into the K3 a little more I opted to go with the SCM for a number of reasons which I'll go into in another post after I get it. Also ordered a Hammer HS950 oscillating edge sander that should be here in November.
  13. BEAUTIFUL job Derek! Love everything about this. Those Elu routers are very nice. Nice touches throughout. I have the SCM Minimax SC 4E slider on order (December delivery) and plan to mount my SawStop router table in the same manner - in the notch between the outfeed and right side support table. It's like it was made for it.