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  1. A3-41 is 71" jointer length without any extensions. I keep an extension on the planer table to keep from having to run back and forth.
  2. Those were both really good deals. Wish they’d been around when I was looking.
  3. Jim, I've been very happy with my Hammer A3-41. I got it with the spiral cutterhead. Felder is running a special on them right now. Swichover doesn't have to be a hassle. Here's a short video of the process that Kev shot while he was here last summer. I don't know if you have any travel plans for the holidays but if if you're coming anywhere near Santa Fe give me a heads up. You're welcome to check it out.
  4. Reminds me of a piece from fellow instructor at school, Christoph Neander.
  5. Agreed. Those are nice bits and should keep from chipping out the top or the bottom. A little more, but beefier bits. I have a couple of Whiteside pattern bits. Nice, but very $$!
  6. Growing up I rode standing up in the front seat of my mom's Chevy station wagon that had an unpadded steel dashboard that came to a sharp V along the leading edge. But Mom always threw her arm out in front of me when she had to slam on the brakes, so there was that. I strongly agree with the making it a high priority - not because it keeps you from having to clean up so much or from tracking dust in the house, do it for your lungs as gee-dub said. The cleaner shop is just a bonus. It's best collected at the source before it gets airborne.
  7. Mick S

    Spoke Shaves

    Sorry for the delay. Been one of those days... Here's the link to the video I shot this morning about adjusting the Boggs spokeshave.
  8. Mick S

    Spoke Shaves

    I do the same. The only round bottom spokeshave I have is a Pinnacle and it's really not a very well designed piece, IMO. The mouth is way too large (open) and I get lots of chatter, regardless of how sharp it is or how much I'm trying to take off.
  9. Mick S

    Spoke Shaves

    When I first used the Boggs I didn't understand how to adjust the depth. For that reason I was leaning toward the Veritas also. A friend of mine had a Boggs and showed me how easily it adjusts by tapping the end of the handle on the bench with the blade upright to lower it slightly, or tap it with the blade upside down to raise it. By tapping one end of the handle only you can skew the blade so that one side takes off a little more than the other. Very fast and simple although it does take a little practice, much like adjusting a Krenov style or Japanese plane. We have a few of the Veritas spokeshaves at school and I found them trickier to fine tune. The Boggs is more comfy in my hands. The weight and balance work well for me. I would definitely start with a flat bottom. If it would help, I can make a short video in the morning and post the process.
  10. Mick S

    Spoke Shaves

    Spokeshaves are my favorite hand tools. My fave is the Brian Boggs. I have 5 and use all of them for different operations. I use them to taper legs, smooth curves after the spindle sander, sometimes for beveling edges instead of a block plane. Anywhere I can I use them. Edit: I just reread this. I don't have 5 Boggs spokeshaves. I have 5 spokeshaves that I use regularly and one of them is a Boggs.
  11. Just a word of caution to Sawstop owners. One of my students has a SS in his home shop. While cutting a bunch of polycarbonate sheets this weekend he tripped his saw. I'm thinking it's probably the result of static buildup in his cabinet. We have the same issue with static interfering with CNC controllers when cutting plastics. Really good grounds are necessary for things to work as they should. Fortunately there was no damage to his blade. Cartridge came right off and he's back in business. I'll remember to put the saw in override mode when I cut plastics.
  12. Like Paul, I've owned many different table saws over the years - Rockwell contractors, PM66, Inca 259; Felder 5 function slider combo, Rockwell hybrid, Unisaw, DeWalt jobsite saw, Sawstop PCS 3 HP. Easily the best has been the SS PCS. Worked great right out of the box and has performed flawlessly since. I fully understand other's hesitancy regarding the technology, but have different priorities. I place a very high value on my fingers. Accidents do happen. To me, it's icing on the cake. It's just a good saw all around. We have a total of 8 Sawstop saws at school with some 20 or so classes per week offered each semester, roughly 10 - 12 students per class. The saws get a lot of use. Someone trips a cartridge maybe once a year. We take a picture for the bulletin board when they do. Just about a week ago a woman touched the blade reaching behind it. It tripped and slightly trimmed her fingernail. Blade was not ruined but put back into use within a few minutes.
  13. What's an FLG blade? FTG, maybe?
  14. Beautiful job, Chet. I really like your side slat details. I was happy to give my input and I know you're more than happy with the results! I'm looking forward to seeing it after it comes back from the upholsterer.
  15. Welcome to the forums, Peter. I lived in the Charlotte area for several years before retiring.