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  1. DIY cheap CNC - Test cut successful!

    Well I'm impressed! Can't wait to see it cutting once you get it tuned re accelerations and velocities. Great idea on the torsion boxes. Curious what the 'popcorn' noise is in the videos.
  2. Woodworking shops at rv parks

    You might look into community colleges in the areas you're interested in visiting. I'm in the Santa Fe NM area and am involved with SFCC's Fine Woodworking program. We have a number of "just passing through" students that take courses. I would imagine other schools do, as well.
  3. Wanna see some purple heart?

    Can't imagine working on my knees like that.
  4. Cutting board with inlay

    Great project, David! I sent a link to one of my students that builds guitars and loves to cook. Thought he'd appreciate it. It's pretty obvious to me that your comfort level with the router has increased a great deal from a year ago. Feedrates and processes look great!
  5. Baby Boat

    Great project, Isaac! She's gonna love it even more when she's about 25. Very impressive. I didn't realize they made TB II Dark. Guess I need to make a run up to Denver to the Rockler store to see what else I've been missing living amongst the tumbleweeds.
  6. Morris Chair Pair

    I like the logic of it!
  7. Back around 2002, 2003 the CNC manufacturer I worked for had to redesign the frames of our machines from using tubular steel to welded plate steel because China was sucking up all the tubular steel on the world market. Blessing in disguise for us, the plate frame base was more rigid and contributed to much better cut quality.
  8. I see it fairly often (not in my work). Even some seasoned woodworkers don't understand the relationship between rpm, diameter, number of flutes and feedrate. I have heard instructors tell students to crank up the rpm's and leave it there because they'll get more torque from a handheld router at high speed. What needs to be remembered is that it's the chips themselves that carry the heat from the cut, so bit design, number of flutes and rpm all come into play as well as feedrate. If you're moving too slow at high rpm, you're not making thick chips. Thick chips carry more heat away. Skinny chips carry less heat so it stays in the cut. No chips (stopped) carry no heat and the friction can start a fire. On the CNC side, I've had to replace several tables and a few machines because the operators kept slowing down the feedrate in the file without slowing the rpm also. "Well it was jus' cuttin' so fast we was working our butts off!"
  9. Beautiful piece, excellent execution, Wade! Your attention to figure in the mahogany is obvious. I agree, the Brusso hinges can be a pain, but I sure love the action. I used them on a curved front cabinet a while back and they challenged me. I'm sure your great grandchildren will appreciate it!
  10. Rotating Equipment Stand

    This was a few years and a couple of machines ago, but I put a DeWalt 735 on one side of a flip top table and a Ridgid oscillating belt/spindle on the other, kind of hidden behind the SS in the picture. I put a 1/4" dado down the middle of two pieces of 3/4 MDF, then glued them together so that a 1/2" steel tube with a 3/8" piece of all-thread could be placed through it. That was my pivot point that extended through the vertical uprights and were anchored in place.
  11. MikeM's CNC Build

    Any updates/progress on your build., Mike?
  12. New machine build - FLA Saturn 2 4 x 4

    Yes, it did. It may be in the specific Mach3 post I'm using, but I suspect it's a CV setting issue. The parameters of the Constant Velocity mode can be adjusted from not slowing at all around corners (likely overshooting the corners) to stopping prior to cornering. It's probably set closer to the latter.
  13. New machine build - FLA Saturn 2 4 x 4

    Thanks, David. We ran it 225 ipm, 18000 rpm at .5" DOC per pass using a 3/8" compression bit, followed by a 3/8" low helix 3-flute finisher to remove the last .008" for a cleaner edge. I'm not sure what's causing the stutter. I've looked at the G-code and don't see anything, and checked that we're running in CV mode. I didn't have time to look at the specific CV setup, but I suspect I need to adjust the parameters. Programmed in VCarve Pro.
  14. New machine build - FLA Saturn 2 4 x 4

    Very dusty video, but Carl's first CNC project, a walnut cutting board. Two-sided machining, finger pulls on the bottom and drip groove on the top.
  15. Videos vs Projects

    Thanks, Chestnut.