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  1. Man, I hate those wooden handles. Just don't have the grip anymore.
  2. $80/box I got a very nice bottle of wine from my neighbor for it. Hell of a deal from my perspective!
  3. Strange day for me. Not the least of which was my UPS delivery. Earlier than usual. Sunday I ordered some Krill oil, coffee and Nasacort. Today I got Krill oil, coffee, Nasacort and 150 rounds of 45 caliber ammo. I don't own a gun. Amazon Customer Service told me to dispose of them or donate them.
  4. But, but, did you allow for the new continuous slot cutting template? Oh, I see it goes in the front. Nice!
  5. I made the cherry dowel pins I'll use for the draw-bores. Then I swore for a couple of hours (03:24:27) while putting together the Grizzly (emphasis on the grrrrr) overarm guard for the slider. After 30+? years can't they hire someone to translate and make a decent set of instructions? PISS poor instructions! Anyway, the Pantorouter (great instructions!) has a circular template for making dowels. The inherent design of it allows for fine-tuning the fit. Given the problem with out of round commercially available dowels, these are a COPD's dream.
  6. Like many of us, I take pride in many of the things I make. I take pride in the positive comments I get from students who have taken my classes. It makes me feel like I'm contributing. Then I talk to a real woodworker. I'm going to brag about my brother, a professional woodworker just a bit. I talked to him earlier today - he had asked me to call him after seeing an Instagram post I put up using my Pantorouter. He was thinking about getting one. When he answered the phone, he sounded out of breath. He explained that he was swamped with work. Like many woodworkers who actually m
  7. That's how I've done it in the past. What I found, also, is that it's not uncommon for bradpoint tips to be a little off center, moving the start point in a direction you don't want it to go. The center punches are easier to align.
  8. I'm charging them the going rate for 4/4 and 8/4 cherry here in Santa Fe, which is 10 times what I paid for it. Here's the link to the members only Becksvoort article - https://www.finewoodworking.com/2002/12/01/harvest-table The changes I made based on Alison's table were mainly dimensional and per the client. The Becksvoort table is too wide for their space. I'm also doing pull out supports for the drop leaves and they wanted a simple square edge rather than a rule joint.
  9. Next I did the draw bore pins a la Mike Pekovich. It's really handy to have multiple squares - one for the edge standoff, one for the top hole and one for the bottom. You may wonder why I have two Starrett 4" combo squares. I "lost" one last fall and after weeks of looking for it and finally buying a new one, found it in my apron - in the wrong pocket. I learned this little trick from a FW podcast a couple of years ago. I got a set of center punches from HF for ?? $12. The pin holes are ¼". With the boards clamped together, insert the 1/32" smaller size punch into the hole w
  10. I've posted a few photos in the What Did You Do Today topic, but I'm now far enough into it to start a simple journal. This is a "commission" for a neighbor - we're trading labor, he's going to do some stone work for me. The design is a merger of a sofa table Alison bought in the early '80s and a Christian Becksvoort design that was in Fine Woodworking Nov/Dec 2002. Because it's narrow, I had to veer away from Becksvoort's spinner supports for the leaves - just not room for the width of the leaves. I'm using some air dried cherry that I got from a Franciscan monastery that was
  11. I've been on my feet too long today. I read the header as Removing DUST from jointer infeed outfeed tables. I thought, "What kind of moron...?" I'd better not offer any advice.
  12. I had a student last semester who had the same hesitation about the price, never having used it before, and wondering if the trial size would be enough for the ash coffee table she was making. I convinced her to try by telling her I'd buy it from her if she didn't like it. She put two coats on her coffee table and had ⅔ of the trial size 4.22 oz can left. Everyone, and I mean everyone asked her what she used on it.
  13. Air-dried cherry - from 1982!
  14. Feels great to be working on a project instead of working on my shop. First one in a while - a simple harvest table for a neighbor. I can't wait until the overarm dust shroud (Grizzly) gets here. This saw makes some dust. Cutting mortises. Tapering the legs