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  1. Mick S

    4 Axis CNC?

    What kind did they get?
  2. Mick S

    Holly & Walnut

    Think of it as a low speed overarm kitchen router with aggregate attachments. You'll use it all the time. Nice job on the bowl!
  3. Mick S

    Solid cherry sideboard

    Really nice job! Beautiful color and figure in the cherry. I'm looking into designs for something similar for my daughter and SIL to go in their new home.
  4. Mick S

    Sawstop Inline Router Table

    I did order the Woodpecker lift and a PC 7512. Router is coming today and lift tomorrow.
  5. Mick S

    Jessem Mast-R-Lift 2?

    I've had the big Triton in my router table for several years and it's been great. No drift issues (just remember to set the height only after raising the bit before you lock it down, as you should with any router) and fine adjustments can either be from above or, as I prefer, just reaching under and turning the micro adjust knob. The switch interlock is a nice safety feature, IMO. It does take a little getting used to. Having said all that, I got a Sawstop cast iron table for my bday with a dust shroud and the Triton is too big for the shroud. I have a PC 7518 with a Woodpeckers 420 V2 lift coming this afternoon. I'll update you once I get them installed tomorrow.
  6. Mick S

    Wall Cabinet - Clark Kellogg Inspired

    I got a notice from LV that mine is on the way!
  7. Mick S

    New jointer season? I think so.

  8. Mick S

    Dust Collector Floor Sweeps.

    I have a two stage. Just hate that clanging around when the odd screw gets trapped in a vortex. It's not so much I don't like them, just that I didn't find it to be that convenient vs a broom and dustpan. It didn't save me any time having to sweep everything in the shop to one spot as opposed to smaller piles I could empty into the nearest trash bucket. When I had the tech center with a big CNC I found it very convenient to have one right next to it. It was also hooked up a 10 Hp DC, which helped.
  9. Mick S

    Intro CNC projects for students?

    I'll be teaching the CNC for Woodworking class again this Spring. One of the things I want to do differently this time is to start out with a choice of maybe 3 simple projects that the students can customize to their needs. For example, I'm thinking of a mortising fixture that I made that's a hybrid of Philip Morley's and the one from FW a few years back (a variation seen here in Derek's post) that could be made to fit the student's router of choice. Maybe a toolbox to transport their hand tools to class. You get the idea. Any thoughts on this, given that the routers at school are ShopBots, 24" x 32" tables? I'm looking for ideas for 2D plywood or MDF projects that would utilize most of the 2D drawing and tooling options for maybe 2 - 3 weeks before moving on to more advanced projects.
  10. Mick S

    Dust Collector Floor Sweeps.

    I had one for a while. I used it. Needed the port for the 16-32, so the floor sweep went away. I really don't miss it. I always made a point to sift through the dust for metal that could clang around or potentially hit the impeller and cause a spark if you have a single stage collector. Magnets around the opening help, but it just wasn't worth it IMO.
  11. Mick S

    Black Friday cometh

    I got a PC 7518 at regular $349 price, but with a $100 gift card which will be used soon at Rockler.
  12. Mick S

    4 Axis CNC?

    One issue you'll run up against with that diameter is the Z axis clearance. If the rotary axis is mounted to the surface of the table you'd have to have a very high Z axis which (especially in this price range) can be pretty unstable for general routing with the unit. The higher the Z clearance, the less stable and more inclination to vertical error. What's the length of the parts? That's why most of the table "lathe" attachments are limited in diameter. It's also the reason for the difference in cost. CAMaster offers a side mounted rotary axis with a cantilevered gantry that extends over the attachment. Not $28k, but probably out of your price range. You might try going to CNCZone.com/CNC Router Parts forum and asking around. There's a guy named Gary Campbell that modifies smallish Chinese routers. He may be able to help.
  13. Mick S

    4 Axis CNC?

    I'm going to assume you're talking about a rotary axis. Many of the machines in your budget can be equipped with a rotary axis as long as the controller is set up for it. We ordered our FineLine Automation router with CNC Router Parts control prewired for a 4th axis. The rotary unit itself can then be installed or removed as necessary. We have not done it yet, but hope to over the holidays when we have a little more time. The rotary indexers usually run ~ $400 - $600 for the setup (Amazon). Vectric, EnRoute and lots of other products support rotary indexers with ease. Programming is usually done just as 3 axis is, then one axis, either X or Y is "wrapped" around the rotary axis which is then output to it's corresponding drive through the 4 axis post processor. In some cases, a 3 axis controller can be used to power the "wrapped" axis.
  14. Mick S

    New Planer - Ripples

    Looks to me like the infeed roller is scoring the edge deeper than what the cutters are removing. Could be that the roller is poorly machined or there's hardened goop in that portion of the infeed roller grooves. The side to side disparity could be table to cutterhead parallelism needs a slight adjustment.
  15. Good opinions here. I agree that both companies make very good to excellent saws. I also agree with Steve that you should "buy once, cry once" when it comes to the 1.75 vs 3 Hp option regardless of which brand you decide to go with. No contest, it's worth the money. I'm in the market for a good rabbet hole, er, lathe. I went about 30 years without turning until this fall. The new variable speed lathes with VFD controls make speed control, which I fine tune about 80 times per piece, a breeze. I'm not afraid of the technology the way I was 15 years ago. It's reliable and pretty cheap to replace. Sawstop is the best selling cabinet saw in the country and will be around for a long time. They are owned by the same folks that own Festool. Accidents are not always the fault of poor habits. I have a SS PCS 3 Hp. My wife watched the hotdog video and ordered me one on the spot. Shortly after I got it, we were having our house painted. It was summer and I had the shop doors open cutting some cabinet door parts. The painter came in the door behind me and, unable to get my attention, yelled my name over the saw, dust collector and stereo. No accident but needless to say, he never came into my shop again. I'll say again that Sawstop's manuals and assembly instructions are an example that should be copied by every other manufacturer I've dealt with. Whichever saw you go with, you will be very happy.