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  1. Proud to see the company I retired from pitching in. For some reason the link would not import, so here's a screenshot.
  2. When we first moved to the Santa Fe area I asked a neighbor for a recommendation for someone to help with yard work. He obliged and the guy and his crew did indeed do nice work. I noticed that he kept digging up this plant, which looked like the lamb's ear that are in a few of our flower beds and asked him why. He pointed out the differences to me side by side. He said this was an invasive weed. I asked him what it was and he said that he didn't know what it was really called, but that he'd always heard it called Indian toilet paper - very velvety. Before anyone starts hollering, he is a member of the San Felipe tribe about 20 miles from here.
  3. I'm struggling to figure out how to teach (complete the semester) a CNC for Woodworking course and a hands-on Artful Box course online. I can shoot video of me doing it, but how does that benefit the students who have no shop, no CAD/CAM software, etc.? I thought early on that I could meet students at my buddy Carl's to use "our" CNC router, but his in-laws (90 and 91) just moved in and are terrified of infection. Directing my students to existing YouTube videos feels like phoning it in. In the meantime, I'm starting a long-delayed coffee table for us. Shop-cut mesquite veneer top with ebony inlays and a suspended (by leather straps courtesy of Texas Heritage) cabinet below. The upside is I have plenty of time to work on it. At last count there were only 8 cases in this county, but many more just south of here, and if (once) it takes hold, all hell will break loose. We have a very "mature" demographic here. On the upside, people are coming out of the woodwork to lend a hand where needed. I've volunteered to deliver prescriptions, food, etc. for our HOA. Any guidance as to how many teeth per inch, blade width, etc are optimum for this operation?
  4. How was he killed, officer? My best guess is a card scraper, but they tried to remove the evidence with a power sander.
  5. Got new 1000, 4000, 8000 and 16,000 Shapton glass stones and a LN honing guide. I put fresh bevels and honed edges on all my LN chisels, plane irons and a spokeshave. I had my 60 ½ at school last week and one of my students had one there just like, but his was freshly honed to 30,000. He looked at mine (sorely needing sharpening) and said he was taking it home and would bring it back next class. What a pleasure to use. I just couldn't justify the price of a 30,000 grit stone. Also did a quick V Carve inlay for a small box I'm making for the CNC class. And another one of these for one of the electricians who so graciously felt sorry for the old man trying to unload and set the bandsaw I got last summer and gave me a hand.
  6. Mick S


    I saw a post the other day about this topic and the misinformation campaign about COVID-19 being spread through Chinese TP. Someone said to just not share TP. Simple.
  7. I moved to Kindle several years ago for that same reason. My hands cramped from holding books open for long periods. Great idea, Rick!
  8. Once again I'm very impressed with your skills, Dave, not to mention your design sense! Beautiful job!
  9. This is a good question. I wouldn't normally consider making a cut parallel to the grain. HOWEVER, many years ago we did demos on Inca bandsaws in 8/4 x 10" x 10" mahogany blocks with a 1/16" blade running parallel to the grain (into the end grain) through the 10" length/width. We made 10" long sliding dovetails in a single cut from edge to edge.
  10. Nice, David! Just curious. Are you a subscriber to Carveco or did you buy it outright? Also, which package did you opt for? I've never used Carveco, but did use ArtCAM for a couple of years about 20 years back before EnRoute developed their 3D modeling capabilities. Now I use Aspire with the Saturn II and we have an educational license at school.
  11. Nice project, David. I think you may get the hang of this CNC thing, yet!
  12. Wow, Paul. This whole project is humbling me. Maybe if I were 20 years younger I might have undertaken it, but no way now. Suffice it to say that I'm really, really impressed! I hope you enjoy the fruits of your labor for many years to come, and that you're patted on the back, toasted and deservedly recognized for the effort!
  13. "Wood varnish for kids enduring boiling water" Every time I read this header I get a very disturbing image. Any food safe finish (and most everything is food safe after it cures fully) should be fine. I would go with the recommendation of Osmo or Livos Kunos. Just let it cure fully before giving it to the kids.
  14. This place is just a few miles east of our house. https://deepskywest.com/ Now that's a roll-off roof observatory!
  15. I'm kind of at a loss also. I don't see that it's a problem at all. That's how ZCIs work.