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  1. I'm a big fan of mesquite. Also, the fruit woods, apple, pear, persimmon.
  2. Mick S


    For whatever reason, I think a lot of people enjoy the two hobbies, and I include myself in that category. We're in a dark sky area outside Santa Fe, NM. Maybe it's because of our proximity to Los Alamos National Labs, but I know several woodworkers who are also into astronomy. The DeepSkyWest observatory is just a few miles east of here. If you're interested, you can use their imaging scopes via the internet. And they have some NICE equipment!
  3. Mick S


    Nice, Kev. You'll be a little more cramped tomorrow in my shop! I'll see if I can get a few "before" pics together for you. Looking forward to meeting you!
  4. Congrats on the new tools! There's not much clearance on any of them, but some have slightly more room. Not sure if that's due to shorter handles or the position of the handle.
  5. Really liking this build, Dave!
  6. +1 to the above. Wood moves. You can mitigate the movement, but not prevent it completely. Just factor it into the design.
  7. My buddy, Carl helped me get it inside this afternoon.
  8. I'm heading to Vegas Tue - Thursday for AWFS. Anyone else be there?
  9. Sorry, I just saw this question. No issues with the mobile base, but I rarely need to use it. From what I read here and other places the industrial base may be worth the upcharge if you move it around much. After having used it extensively on a few projects I love it even more. In particular, I love the micro-adjustment with a truly precise indicator with marks to 1/1000".
  10. I live in New Mexico. Does that mean the things I make are New Exotic? Nuevo Exotic?
  11. I did mock ups of the ribbon pulls and the arch pull and both looked too big and bulky (to me) for the stiles on the lower drawers.
  12. Finished up the Fremont File Cabinet this morning. More hours in it than I had anticipated, but I'm happy with the results and I learned a great deal. Thanks to Marc and Darrell for the great video and detailed Guild build!