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  1. 3D topo map of northern NM - Student project

    Steve, the caldera gets a good bit of snowfall every year - this one being an exception. I've never heard of any flooding issues up there. There are plenty of streams and other outlets for the water to drain off. The caldera is about 14 miles in diameter and sits at about 11,000 feet. Walt Longmire being no mere mortal sheriff, he could hear a prairie dog popping up from two miles away. Drew, years ago we did a topo of the Grand Canyon in urethane foam (cutting about 5 x faster than wood with excellent detail) that was almost 4 x 8. Still took a long time but was very impressive. One of the issues you run into with exaggerating the elevations is the tool length. We did the finish pass on the one in the photo with a 1/8" bit and came so close to bottoming it out in a few places.
  2. Three legged stool seat with Maloof joints

    Never thought of it that way, but you're right!
  3. Three legged stool seat with Maloof joints

    I made a very similar one some years ago for a CNC training session with an ambrosia maple seat and Peruvian walnut legs, using the Texture tool to create a carved surface on the legs.
  4. One of the Advanced Furnituremaking classes is going to sit in on our CNC class this morning. I'll be cutting a stool seat out of 1-3/4" maple with Maloof joints as a demo for them. I did a test cut in MDF yesterday using Aspire. Worked out really well.
  5. One of my CNC students finished this 22" x 19" 3D topographical map of northern NM today. Runtime was 13 hours. If you zoom into the upper right corner of the project, there's a caldera featured in the Jemez mountains. For any Longmire fans out there, his cabin (for filming) sits on the large flat area of the caldera.
  6. New Tool Day!

    Love the smell of that fresh table grease after pulling off the protective paper. Enjoy the new setup!
  7. CNC Offload

    I worked with an excellent company in Hickory, NC - Joulin Vacuum Handling.
  8. router bit

    What was your rotation speed?
  9. fanuc parameter

    Doubtful that you'll find answers to your Fanuc questions here. Have you tried the Fanuc forum on CNCZone.com?
  10. Mahogany King Bed inspired by D & W

    Another "Knock it out of the park" project, Wade. Well done. Very well done.
  11. New host for Rough Cuts.....

    I may have misheard him, but I'm pretty sure he said NOT to flip the board for that very reason.
  12. Rikon 10-326 Review

    Maybe leveling bolts, since the casters haven't arrived yet?
  13. One of my students cutting her first CNC project, a simple 2D sign for her earring business. I love the grin on her face near the end.
  14. Nakashima inspired coffee table

    Nice job! What finish did you use?
  15. New host for Rough Cuts.....

    The first episode is online here for anyone inerested: http://www.finewoodworking.com/rough-cut/episode/shaker-inspired-hall-table-801