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  1. I thought I'd like to make an urn for Alison. I picked up a Rikon 70-220VSR midi lathe for the project along with a Rikon slow speed 8" grinder, a Nova G3 chuck and a few turning tools. I'll make the base since the one Rikon sells is a little on the lighter side in my experience. Also, I can wheel it into the garage and out of the way when I'm not using it. So far I've been impressed. Very smooth and alignment was pretty much dead on out of the box. I ordered it from Tool Nut on Saturday and it's here today.
  2. I would also opt for the MR23. Both kits come with plunge bases, but the trigger switch and LED light would steer me toward the MR23. I have the 1617 and use it frequently, but those two features are lacking on it. I have to be very careful to hold on tight when I switch it on because of the torque jump. With a trigger switch it's a non-issue.
  3. Warranty info - https://harveymachinery.com/support/ Harvey has a good reputation. They also own Bridge City Tools.
  4. 2hp Harvey cabinet saw for $989 brand new while they last. https://www.harveywoodworking.com/products/new-ambassador-c200-30-10-table-saw?mc_cid=82222f9ea0&mc_eid=3567208f16
  5. Mick S

    Feet Up Rev 2

    I've been there 3 times now and plan to return soon. Doesn't look like there will be any in-person classes this fall semester, so I'll have some time to do a few trips. It's a beautiful drive from here - through Georgia O'Keefe country and southern CO. I got stuck in construction traffic last time I went up. Not a bad place to get stuck. s I ordered a small lathe today, a Rikon 70-220VSR, mainly to make a couple of urns. One for me and one for Alison's son.
  6. Mick S

    Feet Up Rev 2

    One of my favorite places I've ever been. I picked up Alison's ashes and death certificates this morning, two weeks after doing the paperwork.
  7. Who do you think I am, Tom King?
  8. As if she didn't get those, too! Well, not the rita.
  9. My daughter is in town. We went up to the nearest DQ for my now 13-year-old pup's birthday. Maggie got her own burger and her own ice cream cone! Then we headed home for ribs and margaritas. The weather was perfect.
  10. I have the Incra 1000HD and use it often. I also have 4 or 5 sleds for various operations. I'm seriously thinking of getting a 5000 The BCT looks great, but the 5000 looks like it has the advantages of a sled and the adjustability of a miter gauge.
  11. You should see my sled room! Organized by degree and blade width.
  12. Beautiful, Dave. That red gum is spectacular. Love the pull details.
  13. I'm so sorry. Hospice for Alison was such, such an amazing comfort for me and particularly for her son.