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  1. Hammer HS 950 coming soon. Yes, I put the same Bora Portamate 3500 model on my SCM bandsaw. Works much, much better than the mobility kit that I got from SCM. I'm happy with it.
  2. I also have the medium. It's done all that I've asked of it so far. I move the knob depending on whether I'm using it vertically or horizontally. Nicely made plane!
  3. I spent the day at school coordinating the Community Desk Project workshop. We got a lot done. Locally they still need 50 kid's desk and chair sets and 70 student desks. Looks like we'll be running the workshop for a few weeks at least. The list just gets longer.
  4. Mick S

    Sapele Wood

    It's nice wood to work with. IMO the quarter sawn is worth the additional $. The flat sawn really soaks up the finish. I don't remember what I paid for it, but it was reasonable - in the $4.50 - 5.50 range.
  5. I love the stuff. Just finished using up the 3 liters I bought 3 years ago. More on the way!
  6. No words. Ken. Just be there for him, and I know you will be.
  7. Mule deer. And they're really not that common. We lived here maybe 3 years before I ever saw one. I think maybe he was asleep and Maggie just spooked it. I've found shed antlers in the yard lately and heard them run off when I opened the door, so I guess they're becoming more common.
  8. Well this day has undoubtedly started in the most bizarre manner in recent memory. Maggie woke me up needing to go outside at 3:15, not unusual at her age. I let her out and am standing on the porch looking at the stars when I hear her get into it with something, growling and yelping. My worst fear living out here because she likes to go out in the field behind the house. She doesn't see very well and has lost her hearing. But I could tell she was still on the path and I ran as fast as I could to her. Maggie was on the ground and there was a huge buck standing over her threateningly. I tried y
  9. I believe we got bumped for coverage of RBG's personal trainer doing pushups beside her casket. Oh well, maybe next week. Nicole posted on the WWG Facebook page that this project will be the WFC project this year.
  10. ABC News did a piece on the need for students desks and chairs (Marc's design) for use at home during the Covid school closures. A woodworker here in Santa Fe , David Gunter saw it and took on himself to start making them. The local media got hold of it and it's mushrooming. The Fine Woodworking program at Santa Fe Community College where I teach has become involved and will be contributing dozens if not more desks and chairs. ABC News will be doing a human interest spotlight on it tonight. This is a terrific cause if anyone else wants to get involved on a local basis. Here's a link
  11. Totally missed this thread until just now. Wow, what a great build. Kudos to your hand tool skills! When I first saw the plans for this I assumed they were in inches. What a relief to see that they were in cm. Big difference! Put a slab door on top of it and start using it until you can get back to it!
  12. I called my turning instructor, Laura Yeats, from several semesters ago to see if she knew where I could find some blanks around here. She gave me that chunk.
  13. Yes. That piece of jarrah was probably cut 80 - 100 years ago. They used it to shore up mine shafts here in NM in the early 1900s.
  14. Hard to believe that in a couple of days it will be 3 months. I promised Alison's son that I would make him a cremation urn. He'll be up here the first of October. By then the Osmo should be cured and ready to buff out. Jarrah, mesquite, ebony, jelutong, black palm, turquoise. She always loved David Marks' Sensei, so I used it for a concept to make this.