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    So now you've got me started on a new target date for getting mine built. Good summer project for me. Thanks for posting this!
  2. One thing to keep in mind when "trying" to use the tension gauge on your saw is that it's relative to the thickness of the blade. My big bandsaw has a note on the bottom of the gauge that says .019". That means that the gauge is set for blade stock .019" thick. Since I use it almost exclusively for resawing, I keep a 1" blade on it that's .035" thick. That means the gauge is way off for what I normally do with the saw. I have an Iturra blade tension gauge and properly tensioned, the gauge reads almost twice as high as the marks indicate.
  3. Wow, that's wonderful and very well deserved! Congrats!
  4. Beauty. I'd love to see a review once you've had for a while. Michael Fortune seems to use his extensively.
  5. As others have correctly said, cherry definitely darkens over time. Walnut lightens. Mesquite darkens ate the same rate as cherry. Don't ask me how I know. If you want the freshly surfaced color of cherry without the darkening, consider using alder as an alternative. It does not darken, but may get a little lighter.
  6. That is some knockout figure in the panels! Very nice.
  7. We're pushing to get a couple of PantoRouters for the school. When we were working on the student desk project I took mine up to use for doing the chairs. It was pretty much unanimous that we need to ditch the hybrid Davis & Wells / Robland slot mortisers and replace them with P'Routers. That said, last week we replaced the clunky cam clamp table on one with a MatchFit clamp system. It made a huge difference in their usability, so we'll probably hang on to them for at least another year after replacing the table on the other two.
  8. That's exactly what I use. Auto on and off when you're using the router. I strongly suggest getting an auxiliary switch like this. It makes it much more convenient. https://www.rockler.com/safety-power-tool-switch
  9. You're going to love it. It's a brilliant machine.
  10. Just beautiful, as are all your projects!
  11. Here's a photo showing both the Inca and SCM bandsaws - left and right.
  12. The 10" Inca bandsaw is in the background in the corner.
  13. I went back and looked at the video Collin was referring to. It's clearly an Inca - made after they sold the company and moved the manufacturing from Switzerland to France. You can tell by the turquoise color of the cover panel. The Swiss made were green with a light gray/tan cover. They're no longer in business, but have something of a cult following, especially for their bandsaws. I wouldn't trade mine for anything. People look at me like I'm crazy when I tell this, but it's true. The Inca 20" bandsaw came standard with 8" of resaw capacity. They sold a riser block kit that raised
  14. It may or may not be the exact same motor. SCM switched manufacturers when they went from the Sx00P to the Sx40P models from Centauro to ACM. Either way, I'm sure it's close enough. I also have a SCM SC 4E with a 4.8HP motor with the same rating. Both are on 10/3 AWG cables rated at 300V.
  15. Welcome, WH! May we call you WH or the more formal W_H? @wtnhighlander offered good advice, pick a project and go for it. I would suggest the guild Shaker Table as a great starter project that will teach you several of the fundamentals of making a piece of furniture. It has very solid mortise & tenon joinery that can be cut in a variety of ways. It doesn't require a big investment in materials or tools. You can make it with or without a drawer, depending on how involved you want to get with it. Whatever you choose, there are lots of folks here willing to help where we can.
  16. That's a 10" Inca bandsaw. It is reversed. I have the 20" Inca and a 20" SCM bandsaw. The Inca is so much more comfortable to use for a right handed person because you're feeding/guiding with your right hand rather than with your left as on most bandsaws.
  17. I ordered some round over router bits on Amazon recently. The first time I used it the dust shroud on the bearing flew off. Yes, it was half the price. Now I have to return them, order new ones from Freud... The brands listed by the OP are the ones he should consider. IMO Chinese sliders are not worth the risk.
  18. Unless you point it out, not one person outside of this forum will ever know. Zero. But I understand. It's your dad.
  19. Whiteside, Onsrud Cutter, Freud, Tools Today (Amana). I've also had good luck with Infinity. For small diameter CNC bits (1/16" and under) I've started buying Yonico from Amazon. They last as long as the brand name cutters at ~ 1/10 the price.
  20. Very, very nice, Paul! Love the sunburst behind the cross. Making Alison's urn was a very cathartic experience for me. I know I've never made anything that was more appreciated.
  21. What a great day for both of you, Ross! Good on you!
  22. Mick S

    Dear Hunter

    Or you could just do what I did - order miscellaneous stuff from Amazon and they include it in the shipment for free!
  23. The land down to about 100' of the horse stables you see is mine. Between the stables and the mountains is a small residential community (Eldorado) that's hidden from my view by the ridge between us. No Ted or Jane. My view won't change as long as I'm here.