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  1. All private individual(s) up to the mountains. Much of it is Santa Fe national Forest beyond that.
  2. 60 degrees and a nasty dust storm this morning. 34 now and...
  3. Outstanding! Loving this.
  4. I should probably change mine. I've had the same filter bag on my CT since I added the Oneida separator 5?? years ago. Still works fine and I've never had to empty it. A new one will probably work even better!
  5. I'm going to go against the grain here. Not trying to step on anyone's toes, but this "full speed ahead" idea is a very common misconception. Anytime you see smoke from a router bit (or any chip cutting tool) you need to do one of two things, or both. Slow down the rotation speed or increase your forward feed rate. The burning is caused by the chip load being too small. The chip load is the actual thickness of each chip as it's cut and is a function of the rotation speed, feed rate and the numbers of flutes or cutting edges. The formula is Chip Load = Feed Rate (inches per minute) / (RPM
  6. So.... You JUST had your second daughter (congrats!) and you JUST now figured out that macs sync your photos? Either you're the oldest new father on record or you're really Rip Van Winkle.
  7. This has a lot to do with it. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/06/business/global-shipping.html My brother said he uses about 1000 sheets of BB a year and has had some on order for over a month and can't get it (Denver). Freight charges on a container from China has gone up from $2500 to $7000 in the past year.
  8. I think I could, but I don't know if I could get it when it's due. Anyway, Alison's sister and her family are all in Amarillo, so I'll go over and spend a night with them, have some good Tex-Mex, maybe a Whataburger for breakfast the next day before heading back.
  9. I have that issue with both my PC 7518 in the Woodpeckers lift and the Bosch router in my PantoRouter. The offset wrenches from Rockler make it easy. https://www.rockler.com/rockler-offset-router-collet-wrenches
  10. I haven't found a lift with a better one. The tradeoff is it's harder to get close with the gross adjustment before the final micro-adjust. Takes a bit of getting used to. The micro-adjust is spot on - you can really dial in to 1/1000" before locking.
  11. I have the Woodpeckers PRL 2 also. Recognizing up front that it's not for everyone, what I love about it is its ability to make very precise adjustments and hold them. When I say not for everyone, it is slower to adjust and set, requiring a special wrench, but that doesn't bother me much. It's a fair tradeoff for the micro-adjust precision.
  12. That's hot, I mean smokin', I mean brilliant! Okay, I'll quit. I collect antique razors. I've been wanting to make a display cabinet for them for years. Thanks for the inspiration.
  13. Hahaha! I believe the vaccination was on my mind when I wrote that. I drove to Amarillo this morning to get my first shot. 4 hours each way, but relieved. Halfway back I got the text from the state of NM with my code to make a vaccination appointment that I've waited 2 months to get before in person classes start back up. Always works that way. Always.
  14. Really nice work, Ronn. I'm sure your dog's agility trainer was beyond pleased!
  15. One of our sisters is a good artist, as is Jim. That gene stopped there. I'm the youngest. Jim & I are at least 4th generation woodworkers, either pro or hobbyist. Our dad was a hobbyist, as was his dad, and we caught the bug from him. Our great-grandad was a carpenter. I have his Stanley 45.
  16. He excels at jigging up for repeated tasks. He started a company some years ago called koostik making fine wooden acoustic amplifiers for iPhones. Sold a gazillion of them. They were in Restoration Hardware, Rockler (in kit form) and others, but mainly sold direct. I went up to Denver to visit and went by his shop. He had hundreds of the things stacked up ready to ship, all made with tools most of us have in our shops and simple jigs.
  17. I thought the same thing at first. The name comes from it being counterTOP oil. I use 3043 Satin almost exclusively now. PolyX is food safe after it cures. Just takes a little longer than Top Oil.
  18. If anyone is curious, here's a link to his company - https://fremontmakers.com/
  19. Only about an inch or so, maybe 1 ½". You're limited by the cutter length and also the unsupported end would start to whip, I imagine. It's great for making dowels for pinning since you can use any species you choose. It's how I make ebony pins. Great way to use up scrap, too!
  20. Man, I hate those wooden handles. Just don't have the grip anymore.
  21. $80/box I got a very nice bottle of wine from my neighbor for it. Hell of a deal from my perspective!
  22. Strange day for me. Not the least of which was my UPS delivery. Earlier than usual. Sunday I ordered some Krill oil, coffee and Nasacort. Today I got Krill oil, coffee, Nasacort and 150 rounds of 45 caliber ammo. I don't own a gun. Amazon Customer Service told me to dispose of them or donate them.
  23. But, but, did you allow for the new continuous slot cutting template? Oh, I see it goes in the front. Nice!
  24. I made the cherry dowel pins I'll use for the draw-bores. Then I swore for a couple of hours (03:24:27) while putting together the Grizzly (emphasis on the grrrrr) overarm guard for the slider. After 30+? years can't they hire someone to translate and make a decent set of instructions? PISS poor instructions! Anyway, the Pantorouter (great instructions!) has a circular template for making dowels. The inherent design of it allows for fine-tuning the fit. Given the problem with out of round commercially available dowels, these are a COPD's dream.