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  1. Like @pkinneb I've owned numerous saws over the years, Rockwell contractors saw, Rockwell Model 10 hybrid saw (Unisaw table, contractor base), Delta Unisaw 3hp, PM 66 3 hp, Inca 259, a DeWalt jobsite saw, SawStop PCS 3hp and a SCM slider now. Excluding the SCM because it's apples and oranges, hands down, the SS was the best of the bunch. If you have 240 go with the 3hp. It's a lifetime saw, for sure.
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    Coop will appreciate this.
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    Now what did I do with my windbreaker?
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    Just drove home from having dinner at my buddy Carl & Karen's. Whiteout. Sweater weather.
  5. I got the platform installed to raise my Sawstop table surface to the height of the slider so that I can feed back to back without interference. The platform, laid flat, looks like a ladder made of 2 x 6s half lapped and glued and screwed together. I used 8 of the leveling mechanisms Marc used on his new outfeed table for fine tuning the height of the saw surfaces. It's a piece of cake for a man my age to solo hoist a ~ 650 lb (PCS + inline router table) up onto a 2 x 6 platform, with leveling hardware that does not slide at all, and position both within 1/32" of parallel to another saw.
  6. Very nice, David. The V-carve technology is pretty great. The first time I used it (in Aspire) I was floored. The amount of detail you can get is a game changer, IMO.
  7. It's not you, Ken. The link is broken.
  8. Yes. The shank should be into the collet at least ⅔ of the length of the collet. That doesn’t usually give you much play, but if you pull it out too far you’ll spring the collet when you tighten it down. Once it’s sprung, it will never hold properly again.
  9. Thanks, Rich. Here in NM they're doing a great job of getting shots into the arms of folks given what they have to work with. I'm probably still two weeks away from the first shot. My brother has used Minwax Wipe as his go-to for years. I do like the lack of coloring it offers.
  10. You didn't clock the screws in your throat plate... Just saying.
  11. Really nice work, Richard. What kind of finish did you use? I'll be glad when I can say I've had my second vaccination! I've thought so many times this year how thankful I am to have my shop. As someone much wiser than me once said, "Wood absorbs angst." Welcome to the forum!
  12. I understand he'll work for Whataburgers.
  13. If I've learned nothing else in this life it's that things rarely turn out as good as i had hoped they would be or as bad as I dreaded they would be. The 3 hour meeting wound up being very enlightening. After being in the industrial woodworking equipment supply chain for 35 or so years, I thought I knew something about wood dust collection. It's come a long way in the past 10 years. Hopefully the technology will trickle down to the consumer level soon. Because of non-disclosure legalities of being on the selection committee I can't go into detail until we've made a decision, but there's
  14. Finally got my dust collection work done for the new saw and sander. A few little odds and ends to clean up, but it works better than ever. I still need to build a platform to raise the SawStop up to the level of the slider and build an insert to bridge them together, but I'm back up and running. Now I get to have 3 HOUR Zoom meeting to discuss the new dust collectors for the college. O!M!G! Shoot me now.
  15. Just to avoid any possible confusion, It's Polyx, not Poly. Poly is short for polyurethane and is a completely different product. As far as I know, Osmo does not offer a polyurethane product. To your question, you can absolutely put Osmo Top Oil over their Polyx hard wax oil. Top Oil is specially formulated to be food safe for countertops and cutting boards.
  16. Welcome to the forum! +1 to Chestnut's recommendations. It sounds to me like the long board was not planed to a uniform thickness before running it through through sander. Make sure your infeed and outfeed tables are set correctly. You're not alone in trying to figure out how to get the most out of your drum sander. I teach woodworking at the local community college and that one machine causes more headaches for our maintenance tech than any other, almost entirely because people don't use it properly. It's a Powermatic with digital readout, etc. but the setup is the same. Here's how
  17. Should work fine as long as the shank of the bit is long enough to cover the whole width. You may get some runout the farther down you go.
  18. Great job, Coop. Great job. I have to make a couple of hinged garage doors to replace an overhead door once I get through with the duct work.
  19. Great job, Derek. As usual, your write up is excellent and the project is chocked full of useful tips and ideas. Thanks for posting!
  20. I thought you were still talking about your coworkers using the woods to pee. I thought, man it must be windy there.
  21. I'm looking forward to seeing what you work up for the new shop! Loving that slider.
  22. Got my pipe and parts to get my DC hookups finished.
  23. This really is not so much a review as a strong recommendation of this vendor. I ordered the pipe and fittings to hook up two new machines I added, a sliding table saw and an oscillating belt sander. I had already invested in clamp together pipe for my system, knowing that I would be adding, rearranging, etc when I set up my shop. The upfront cost is higher but I'm certain it's been less than spiral pipe would have been because of all the changes I've made. That said, I had to order some stuff when I saw a post on another forum for this vendor - Dan McCulla, The Blastgate Co
  24. I got this note this morning from the local coordinator of the Community Desk Project. Wow! That's a bunch of desks. "...I'll be sending out a volunteer list email soon but last week we handed out the 400th desk and with desks and chairs dropped off this weekend, we have completed the entire queue of those who have been waiting. We still have funding to continue for the entire year and we know there are more kids to reach, but for now Sonya and I will take a week or two off and see how to move forward. It could be a more direct approach working with teachers and schools or other community