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  1. I just went to Tractor Supply's website. They have a few. Any specific mat that you recommend?
  2. Welcome to the forum! Is it Paul who has a Ross? If so, he'll chime in. Someone on here has one.
  3. I'd like to follow this also. Any chance of moving it to a separate thread so we could find it more easily?
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    Got this text from a good friend this morning. Says it all in my book. May the year 2021 be filled with compassion and humanity for all of us.May Covid 19 become a controlled ailment that stops killing and maiming humanity. May the political climate meld itself back into a harmonic and polite climate that closes the divides that have caused such hatred and disdain for one another.May 2020 be a once in a lifetime event that never occurs again. God bless us all and happy new year to you and your families, friends. Listen to music that lets you heal and brings a warm melody to your heart
  5. I'm so glad I have CAD to model my shop layout. This could have not ended so well. I'll have to move the router table to the left side of the SS and raise the SS to the same level as the slider Forward stroke limit Rear stroke limit
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    No HEB stores within 200 miles, but our little community grocery store carries them also. No shortage of Texans in these parts. Spicy ketchup is my favorite! We even have Bluebell!
  7. I got the new slider dialed in to "Starrett square". I'll do a full write up in a couple of weeks, but I'm really happy with it so far. I still have a LOT of work to do reorganizing the shop around it, rerouting dust collection and electrical, etc. The school won't reopen until March at the soonest, so I have some time. The large carriage is not installed here - the old outfeed table for my SS has to be moved before I can fit it on.
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    You da man! I'm a huge WB fan and have been since my very first bite at the very first A-frame Whataburger on Andrews Highway in Odessa in 1960. We'd gone over to Monahans State Park for a day of sand surfing and stopped at WB after hearing the buzz about how great they were. One of my students (from TX) brought me this - And no well-dressed woodworker should be without a proper facemask -
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    Happy New Year Ken! Is that cup available from WB? Got to have one!
  10. We all thought the potato recipe was out of this world. Not mine, but here’s a link to it. https://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/scallop-potatoes?
  11. Cooked a brisket and a pork shoulder on the Traeger, taught my SIL how to make Russian Olive cookies inlaid with turquoise, and tried a new recipe for potatoes.
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    One of the TAAS members took this shot.
  13. My plan is to put them back to back so that I can slide the carriage back to access the router table on the right end of the SS. My plan is to put them back to back so that I can slide the carriage back to access the router table on the right end of the SS.
  14. No electronics. It does have an analog digital readout for blade angle and micro adjuster for the rip fence. My daughter and SIL came in just after we got it in the shop, so it’ll be a week or so before I get it together.
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    Nope. I just used my travel scope last night. I don't have photographic capabilities. I'm sure there will be plenty of photos of it online, though, and much better ones than I could have taken.
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    Nice clear evening here outside Santa Fe. I pulled out my quick setup scope with a Televue Panoptic 35. Duly impressed! Lots of moons visible and Saturn was at a perfect inclination. Very, very cool.
  17. Thanks, Ken. One of my students made a few of these in a Projects class I taught this past semester. He gave me the bending form once he'd finished with it. I used up some offcuts and various scraps. The center of the panel is mesquite, of course, with white oak on either side. The banding is sapele, bent laminations, and the saddles are ebony I stippled with a Dremmel tool. I used Osmo polyx for the finish and signed it with my new little laser on the bottom. My student used a #4 Domino to join the banding to the tray where it meets on either side. It was a tricky setup. I opted to
  18. Made a couple of serving trays for Alison's brother and sister and their fams. Then i watched the sunset.
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    Outdoor Kitchens

    Interesting thread. I'm also looking into doing something like this in the next year or so. You may have already done so, but the grill companies have teams dedicated to helping you design and plan outdoor kitchens. BBQ Guys - Design is one. All Things Barbecue is another.
  20. Ditto what Paul said, Drew. Congrats and best wishes for a long and fruitful union. And just remember, when the going gets rocky, head out to the shop!
  21. We had a small garden with about 15 tomato plants when I was a kid. Every year we'd go out the morning of the first freeze and pick all that was left to make relish. Loved that stuff! I took flying lessons in the early 90s outside Roanoke, TX. We'd fly up across the TX/OK state line north of Gainesville to a little catfish restaurant with a grass landing strip. Catfish and tomato relish! Yumm.
  22. Time for some tomato relish! Catfish anyone?