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  1. What Barron said. You're going to have some setup time with any of the methods you originally mentioned. The centering fixture that comes in the kit will take maybe two minutes to set up, but amortize that over the production run and it's nothing. Every slot mortiser I've ever used took a good bit of trial and error to dial in the width, stops, etc. With the Domino, it's a breeze.
  2. I agree with Mike - Domino. My second option would be the slot mortiser. I've owned or used all the options mentioned and was seriously shopping for a slot mortiser when I got the chance to use a Domino. I've never looked back.
  3. Mark - I've had good luck finding 2mm leads at Amazon. I've ordered carbon as well as red & white from them and always received then within a few days.
  4. It's hard to tell from the photo, but if you zoom in on the end of the footboard, on my monitor it looks like face grain, not end grain. If so, it's mitered on all edges. Like TIODS said, it would be hard to do on rough lumber, but if it's a commercially made piece, there are plenty of techniques being used to "age" rough lumber that could easily cover imperfections. Not as easy to do in a small shop.
  5. I've been really happy with a 2mm mechanical pencil I got at Woodcraft. It comes with the sharpener. I ordered red and white leads from Amazon. At the time I thought the white leads were pricy, but that was two years ago and I've used about half of them.
  6. +1 more for the 8". The difference in price is pretty easily justified over the long run.
  7. If you can get the serial number, this page might help. Scroll down to Drill Presses.
  8. The problem with that, and I believe Marc has pointed this out also, is that you run the risk of inhaling any dust that gets airborne and is being pulled towards a blower of any type because it's flying right past your nose. That's why I run the filter when I leave. Having been in the woodworking machinery business for over 30 years, I've been in hundreds, if not thousands of shops, from hobbyist to cabinet door manufacturers producing 25,000+ doors per day. I've sold dust collectors that would literally suck your hat off if you got too close. To this day I've never been in a white glove
  9. Beautiful, Eric! Very nice job, indeed!
  10. You might look into a book called By Hand & Eye by George Walker and Jim Toplin. Pretty dry reading, but a good bit of useable info in it.
  11. That's exactly why I turn mine on when I leave the shop and let it run for two hours. I wear a respirator much of the time when I'm in the shop, realizing that no dust collection system is perfect AND that there are operations that generate ambient dust that I can't control. Hopefully, it won't still be there tomorrow morning.
  12. The unit has a timer on it with settings for either 2 or 4 hours and one for continuous. I set it for two hours when I leave the shop.
  13. I have a CT26 with the UDD. I first used it with a Shop-Vac commercial unit, knowing I would add the CT26 later. I don't do any outside work - only in my shop, so portability is not an issue. That said, I recommend the UDD. It's much faster and easier to empty than the CT26 and does what it's designed to do really well. I get almost no dust at all in the CT26 filter bag, so in the long run you'll break even on the cost of the UDD from not replacing bags. I know this sounds crazy and I have no way to measure it, but it seems to make the CT26 more efficient. If I hook up the CT26 to my ban
  14. I've read quite a bit about Festool being used in place of conventional machines, e.g. table saw. I have both and find myself still going to the table saw for the vast majority of operations. I prefer using my TS55 and MFTC for large panel work, but most everything else still runs across my table saw. I don't do any work outside my shop, so I tend to go with what works best for me rather than having to consider portability.
  15. I've had customers do the same thing with multiple vacuum pumps hooked up to CNC routers. I'd recommend putting blast gates between each pump and the common Y. If one pump is started before the second, it pulls the impeller of the second pump in reverse making it harder to start. Closing (or partially closing) the blast gate to the second pump and then opening it after it starts helps. Also prevents the first from sucking all the dust already collected by the second back into the system.
  16. I think many people look at these filters almost like an overhead downdraft table - an updraft table? That's not really what they're for. I turn mine on to run for a couple of hours when I leave the shop to clear the fine particles from the ambient air. They'll pick up much of the really dangerous stuff that most dust collectors miss.
  17. I had the DeWalt before I got my cabinet saw. I bought it on the recommendation of my brother - he swore by its accuracy and ease of use. I loved the saw, particularly the fence. The rack and pinion adjustment was on the mark and I never had to adjust it.
  18. I'm curious, too. The OF1400 will probably be my next router.
  19. Nice! Hard to tell what's in the Systainer - TS?
  20. Very nice! How will you finish it out?
  21. I got the same one a while back. It may just be a teaser to "get you in the door", but it seems pretty well done and thorough. Popular Woodworking has something similar, though by subscription, through Highland Woodworking.
  22. Plate 11 was at WIA last fall. Very nice looking benches.
  23. I've owned a 66 and I own a SawStop. Both are terrific saws. I know I can't and don't speak for all SS owners, but I can assure you that I approach both saws with an equal amount of caution and respect. It has never crossed my mind that I have to be any less careful because I'm using a SS.