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  1. Pwk5017

    ZCIs for the PM2000B

    Yeah, a blank SCI for my PM72 is over $100, i believe. Do you have a bit of flex in yours? My ply flexes a bit over the length of the opening if i push on it. The opening on the 72 is longer than the 2000 or 66, and it might be a non-issue for you.
  2. Pwk5017

    Morris Chair Cushion option

    Sounds like a great deal. I went with leather for my seats and ottomans, and the cost will surprise you! I think i was in for $1900-2100 when it was all said and done for 2 chairs and ottomans. That said, they look like a million bucks and are very comfortable. After having them for 6 months, i think the ottomans should be taller. Might just be my personal preference, but aesthetically they look nice in front of the chairs, but they are way too low for my liking. I might end up popping out the leather cushion and remaking the two ottomans another 6"+/- taller.
  3. Pwk5017

    Track saw kickback

    Not suggesting you stand on the saw as it makes a cut, but how firm are you handling the tool? There is a moment with just about all kickbacks--table saw, router, plunge saw, whatever--where you have a second to recognize what is coming and overcome it. Im not saying there arent 10% of cases where things happen suddenly and almost unavoidably, but for the 2 table saw kickback incidents ive had, i have overcome another 20. When im plunging the TS75 into the workpiece, im anticipating an upward kickback. Riving knife or no, that is just the opposite and equal reaction of the cutting force.
  4. Pwk5017

    8 Drawer Dresser In Walnut

    I would have enjoyed the first coat on those drawer fronts. the whole time i worked on my bed frame with similar walnut crotch panels, i kept thinking how good the panels would ultimately look. First coat of finish exceeded those expectations. Looking at the unsanded pics, i knew the fronts would be awesome. They didnt disappoint.
  5. Pwk5017

    G&G Bed Frame

    Great execution. Cant say i care for the lumber choice though. Maybe you cant source sapele or mahogany where you are, which is understandable, but i would have done cherry in lieu of oak. The more and more GG work i see, i think it almost has to be sapele/honduran mahogany with ebony plugs and splines for it to be "right". Its similar to owning a Blue Ferrari. Still a beautiful car, but id forever look at it thinking it ought to be red. . If you were doing it over again, would you stray from the plans on the height of the headboard? Is the darrel peart plug jig an article in FWW or similar? Heck, i own the guild build with him, and im not sure if i remember a plug jig... Making dozens and dozens of those suckers is incredibly annoying.
  6. Pwk5017

    Switching teams

    Between Marc and everyone else the last 4-5 years, i feel like ive been slowly brainwashed into thinking japanese chisels are unequivocally the greatest thing in the world. I cant stomach $100+ a chisel and a 6 month lead time, so i kept my eye on the used circuits for awhile. Ended up buying a smorgasbord of used chisels over the weekend. I also just bought a set of PMV11s 3 weeks ago, and these eastern chisels will need to be pretty good to sway me from my western roots.
  7. Pwk5017

    12" Jointer

    Rule of thumb, you can get a 12" machine in good condition and single phase for under $2,000. 16" machine you will be hard pressed to find one in single phase electric, and the good euro 3 phase machines are typically in the $3,000+. 20"+ is just a rare bird. I see the occasional machine for sale here or there, but they arent common in north america. Ive watched a few martin T54s sell for 11-18k, there was a very nice Kolle(german) 20" machine in california for $7500 over the summer. Casolin 20" machine near chicago for $5500ish a few months ago. There was a 24" northfield that sold for a pretty pennty at an IRS auction within the last 6 months. I paid $3k for my machine and it was misrepesented as a 16", and the guy knew it was green and thats about it. I went back and checked on that northfield jointer. $8400 PLUS buyers premiums. Easily at or over $10k.
  8. Pwk5017

    12" Jointer

    Those are typically $1000 or less. I think another woodtalk forum member bought one months ago for $500. Maybe close to his price if its been restored, contemporary cutterhead, and it comes with a VFD etc.
  9. Pwk5017

    '93 Powermatic 66 parts needed

    Is it just the splitter? Sharkguard makes a splitter to fit the Biesemeyer quick release bracket. I had one on my Delta Unisaw.
  10. Pwk5017

    8 Drawer Dresser In Walnut

    I like that you kept the sap at the top of the crotch. That always looks like a setting/rising sun on the horizon to me. The color vibrancy can be awesome in person, because the curl and crotch continues into the sap. Atleast in the crotches i collect and use. I always keep an eye out of yard trees etc. and buy short walnut logs for this very reason. Yard trees and otherwise unusable short logs can be fantastic drawerfronts. A+ on the drawerfronts' grain and overall arrangement. I will have to go back through the rest of the thread to see what the case structure looks like, but forgive me for saying the rest of the build is a little blah. The drawerfronts were always going to be the star of the show, and im not suggesting more figure in the legs or rails, but i think they do need more nuance to them. Frankly, im guilty of the same critiques leveled against my own designs. My idea usually has one or two things that command all my attention and creative focus and the rest just goes together to make the original happen. Great piece, looking forward to final finish. Gotta oil that crotch despite the rest of your finishing schedule.
  11. Pwk5017

    Tool ID help?

    While this tool is interesting, i think he needs to score a shoulder prior to using that machine to cut the cheeks. Why do 2-3 steps when you can do one? If you are interested in efficient tenoning, then you should pick up a big shaper with sliding table and clamps, or wait around for an auction with a tenoning machine. The powermatic 2A models are usually kinda cheap at auction. Something like that machine will take up a bit of real estate and be a one or two trick pony. On the other hand, a 5-9hp shaper can do many things for you. A lighter machine can do half the tenon at once, and cost you a lot less. Also, give you the opportunity to have a single phase machine. Whitehill will counterbore their rebate head to allow the spindle nut to sit below the top of the cutterhead. This means even lightish machines like my felder 700 can cut pretty large tenons using the shaper. Just takes me two passes versus doing it in one go with stacked 8" diameter tenon discs. If you routinely make tenons less than 3" in length, you can probably get away with stacked tooling on a machine like mine.
  12. Pwk5017

    Walnut Vanity

    Id say that turned out pretty well. No need to apologize for biscuits or screws. At a certain point, things need to be value engineered to a practical sense. You can choose to not answer this, but did you keep track of your hours and costs? How did you do overall? Ive done hundreds of commissions of the years, but never a piece of furniture more complex than a bench. I keep a clipboard with each project as i work on it for knowing who ordered it, how much, dimensions, and then i also track materials and time. I clock in and out on the margin as i move along with the project. At the end i tally up my material costs, add $100ish for glue, sharpening, electricity, sandpaper,and finish, and see what i netted per hour. I ask because ive turned away more complex builds wary of hosing myself. For example, people have asked me to build a king bed frame. Overall my own king bed went smoothly except for adding drawers for my wife. Getting the web frame structure in place to disassemble along with the rest of the bed, but still hit tolerances and have a proper looking/operating set of big drawers was such a pain. I think back on that project, and i would have had to be around $5000 for me to make my typical shop rate plus materials. I can almost guarantee before the onset of the project i would not have thrown out a $5k bid. Sounds like you got to enjoy working with solid materials on someone else's dime, but hopefully you walked away with enough to buy a tool or two as well.
  13. Pwk5017

    Delta Cabinet Saw Dust Collection

    Nah, not specifically at your saw, just in general. I don’t think much dust is going through the cabinet bevel hole etc. Your saw is kinda what mine looked like only my port was on the saw. Same, I paid $150ish for my saw along with two others for the same price. 3 phase though.
  14. Pwk5017

    Delta Cabinet Saw Dust Collection

    I ran a 6” line to the bottom of my unisaw under the motor and it did a great job. Does your unisaw have the sloped interior cabinet? That combined with the chip deflector in front of the blade direct all the dust to the dust port. It’s not as effective as being right under the blade, but those old saws don’t have the room for a shroud. I dont know if ow if I agree with plugging up every single hole and opening. Where does your makeup air come from? If I’m sucking 1000+cfm at my port and I only have the ZCI open, how does that work? In this situation if you truly want Pentz level collection you need to move more air. If you are 18” from the source of the dust you need more cfm than if you are 1”. I had a 3hp cyclone that was rated around 1500-1600cfm. 6” on the bottom of the unisaw and 4” down to 2.5-3” for an over arm guard. Things stayed pretty clean on that saw.
  15. Pwk5017

    Delta Cabinet Saw Dust Collection

    I’m confused what you are asking for. Are you saying you don’t have a dust port on the saw and your only opening is 3.5” by 13.75”? On my old unisaw I had enough room for a 6” port there. I ended up fabing a port with a hose coupler and plywood. I need a photo of your saw, but some models of the unisaw had a custom dust port to fit that opening. I briefly owned a few unisaws with that very adapter I’m talking about. Does your saw have a biesemeyer fence or unifence? My recommendation would be to go look for hvac registers. You should be able to get something close to the size of your opening. Combine that with plywood, sheet metal screws, and some hvac tape and you will be there. Unfortunately, most dust collection mods to vintage tools are rarely beautiful.