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  1. I agree with this. with the exception that I think (I am not 100% sure anymore) that Brian, the editor from woodsmith was a test engineer. (And I am not claiming that it matters.)
  2. Not to say it doesn't happen, but In 20 years in medicine, I have never seen a patient who can trace their diarrhea or anything else for that matter, to their cutting boards.
  3. I just looked up sinker mahogany expensive stuff
  4. very nice table very nice shop helper there also
  5. I added this to the old thread because it kind of demonstrates a little evolution in overall ability. The edged middle and ends are redwood. The rails/stretchers were from unused cedar fence board and all the rest was 4x4 cedar post. Was gonna finish it with sikkens but remembered I had Thompson sealer and tried it
  6. so from bush to box in one day
  7. Number of countries that use imperial that have put a man on the moon: 1 Number of countries that use metric that put a man on the moon: 0
  8. welcome to the forum what are you letting your four year old have a torch for? (just kidding, I understand the lingo in the UK)
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    In Dillon, Mt is the Taco Bus. it is an old school bus in an empty lot. only open part of the year but it is my go to whenever I am out there.
  10. Janello that table looks great. I have a cedar table on my deck that is finished with a combo of tung oil mineral spirits and spar varnish. basically just some stuff i through together. I am making another one and I think I will try that Silkkens. I am not so sure I would limit that to only outdoor cedar either. I think it would look great on a cedar dart board cabinet I have planned
  11. get a can or two of spray paint. spray out a boundary of what you think you want. then start walking around in it and see if it works. (or stake out a long laundry cord...) then modify it. years ago when I built my first office in to an empty space, I layed out all the rooms with tape on the floor until I had what I wanted. then i had an engineer draw up plans for the city. I said put a wall whereever you see tape...
  12. when i have had a good foam brush i liked them. i didn't realize there was such variety in quality. i bought some cheap ones out of the ace hardware cheap bin once and they fell apart. went back to using rags. now i gotsta go on amazon and order some jen
  13. I am sorry, but some rustic stuff is nice as is some stuff with reclaimed wood. I am not saying I like junk made out of pallet wood, but my cedar table for the back deck made out of an unused cedar post (so not really reclaimed) is appropriate. I have a large farm house table and a beautiful kitchen side board and hutch made out of barn wood. (though these damn things were purchased before I had a chance to make something)
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    It might cooperate if you weren't flipping it off. I would try the floor sander
  15. not a lot of functional difference on plywood. i have made a guide for my circular saw which i have used to cut the bottoms of doors a few times and works fine
  16. your pictures don't show up, I coulda made a quick road trip
  17. I think shop fox and grizzly are owned by brothers at least so i have been led to believe. many of their products appear identical
  18. i have the skil drill press. sits on a bench and is fine. I would agree with a 14 inch bandsaw also. if you had more floor space then I would entertain a bigger drill press. mine is fine and was inexpensive. but it would be nice to have one that is stand a lone just to work around it easier
  19. when I was in residency, one of the attendings signed his scripts with a fountain pen. He claimed it was a very sensual experience. uhhh, okay
  20. i got a set on sale from grizzly and they have been fine
  21. i have a few car jacks that work okay i have some toggle clamps that are fine i am restoring my old 1984 cj-7 (i am the original owner) and bough some impact sockets and air wrench. seem to be okay
  22. i have made a few of my own, actually repaired as i have hacked a few in places. cut at the bad spot and then make new ones from there. otherwise kind of a hassle
  23. i love my skil router 90ish bucks, combo unit. great for light use.
  24. but you can let your friends play with the saw stop