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  1. Hey guy's I am making glass panel doors that are made using CMT rail and stile coping bits for glass panel doors. My question is how much gap would you suggest around the glass. It will be held in place using sommerfeld slotted glass retainer. I was thinking about 3/32 on each side. The rails & stiles are 2-7/16 wide, so I figure the wood movement will be minimal.
  2. Liked last night's episode, Tim did some nice work with the table, even after giving his first choice of slab away. I can't believe that it would sell for $30K.
  3. JBM


    Thx Wdwerker. With wood working you have things like cutting and assembly that is instant gratification , but gluing, sanding and finishing are always the slow processes.
  4. JBM


    Hey Guys thanks for the well wishes, all went good. I finally got the entertainment center done, except for the doors and some shelves. It was in the shop for 1 week and now it will be in here for another week to let the wipe on varnish harden. Hopefully this picture will post. It's not a great picture as the room doesn't have a lot of light on that side of the room. But I'm pleased and can't wait to get the TV off the floor. This is just the center section. Once I get the doors on I'll start construction on the two bookcases that will be on each end and then an overhead bridge that co
  5. I agree with Rog on the assembly time and yes they have added drama. I was glad to see the lady who lost the 2nd week. I think she should have been gone the first week. I wish they would even do an online extras showing the building of the projects for all the woodworking community.
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    Thanks Ace, I am having a outpatient procedure that prevents lifting more than 20 pounds for 2 weeks. Also was hoping to have it done for Super bowl. I've put too much work into this to mess it up now. I'll just wait. Thought maybe there was another solution. One of my greatest downfalls in woodwoorking is that I always want to hurry a project along when I get near the end. Not that I haven't been burning the midnight oil trying to get this done. It's just a juggle when you try to balance work, family and woodworking.
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    I am working on an entertainment center that will be supporting my 60 inch plasma TV. I have already stained it to the desired color using a water based dye, and then a 1lb cut shellac as Marc showed to prevent blotches, followed by a Java gel stain for the appropriate color. My Goal was to apply about 5 coats of a wiping Varnish allowing 24 hours between coats and the last coat to dry 72 hours before setting a 100+lb TV on it. We'll I'm behind on my schedule and will only be able to apply 3 coats with the last coat allowed to dry 36 hours. Do you think that would be enough time for the
  8. Just an update. I finally finished my table saw sled and using Marc's 5 cut method. I am now able to make square crosscuts to within .0035. That's good enough for me. Maybe someday when I get a sawstop professional table saw I'll try to make a sled that is more accurate.
  9. Wdwerker that is why I invested in the TS55, it was expensive but worth it.
  10. Thanks Wdwerker all my crosscuts are still oversized. I just want to make sure when my final cuts are made it's as square as it can be.
  11. Thanks PB, but it is a contractor Table saw although I have it tuned in very well not sure I trust my miter gage. I'll just build a sled and get a better square.
  12. Thanks beechwood for the compass tip, looks like my square is off.
  13. Yes, but I haven't built a sled yet. That maybe my only solution is to build a sled.
  14. I'm trying to cut some plywood panels and I want to make sure that they are square. I am using a TS55. I first cut a straight edge, then from that edge I measured 22 inches and made a parallel cut then I cut another line using my best square(not 100% sure it is accurate; like an engineer square) 90 degrees. Then when measure 24 inches to make another cut, I find I'm 1/16 off when I check using the 3-4-5 rule. What am I doing wrong? These panels are vertical panels for an entertainment center and will ride inside dados. Any suggestions on how to fix my problem would be appreciated. Thank