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  1. It comes with a 5/8-4 blade installed. I have only made two cuts so far. I'm trying to get a hold of Rikon. The table appears to be out of flat about .012. Bob
  2. I want to thank all of you for the quick replys to my post. They were helpful. I abandon my thoughts about the Delta saw, and bought the Rikon. A Model 10-324TG is not a 10-326 I know. But it's all I can afford. Once again Thank you all. Bob
  3. noshopbob


    I'm about to buy a Delta 14" Band saw that is listed on Craigs list for $400. It's a Delta model 28-245, that is about 10yrs. old. It comes with a slew of add ons, riser block, ceramic guides, tires, sealed bearings, Jet fence ect. Am I OK ? Bob
  4. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong site. Feel free to move it. I'm looking for someone in Sacramento area that has a Band Saw and can resaw a board for me. The board is 6" wide x 50" long x 7/8 thick. I just need it resawn to 7/16 thick minus the blade thickness. Can anyone help?
  5. noshopbob


    It's a little late, but thanks for the reply guys.
  6. noshopbob


    I'm thinking about getting a Woodriver 4-way clamping system for panels. However I have never seen anything pro/con about these on this site. Are they worth the investment of $33? I struggle with keeping everything flat and square, thinking this may help.