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  1. Well guys I really appreciate all the advice, opinions and input. I ran over to the lumber yard this weekend and their price on soft maple was lower than originally quoted to me so I went ahead and made the decision to buy enough wood for the bench top. Again thank you all for your input.
  2. I'm a little concerned about the hardness of the pine but my biggest concern with it is the stability. SYP seems to bow, twist and cup pretty easily if the framing lumber I see made with it is any indication.
  3. That's a beautiful bench SawDust and thanks for sharing. Gonna really ingest your entire thread over a few beers
  4. SawDust, do you have a pic of your bench you could share so I can see what the bench looks like with those measurements/proportions?
  5. After looking at the drawings it appears to me that if I change the overall bench length to 78" (9" less than plans) all I need to do is make the long stretchers for the base 32-5/8" (9" less than plan) and everything else stays the same except the dog hole strip and gap stop. That is unless I'm missing something. Thanks for all the input so far.
  6. So I purchased this Guild project over about a year ago and I'm finally getting my gears ready to start building my bench. Due to the size of my shop I'm probably going to have to reduce the length of it some and was wondering if those of you that have built this bench already could let me know if I need to be concerned about anything if I shorten the bench to approximately 78" but keep the overhangs at the tail and leg vices the same as on the drawings. I'm not very verse at using sketchup so don't know how to go in and make these changes to the file. I've been reading the other threads about this build and it appears that most everyone seems to think this build is better suite with lumber that is in the general hardness scale as soft maple or higher. Soft maple at my local supplier here in Georgia is at $4.34/bf so that would put my lumber purchase at a little over $800 which really stings. Was seriously considering southern yellow pine, which they sell for $1.93/bf but they can't tell me if it's long leaf or short leaf yellow pine because it gets mixed together down here in the south. There is a big difference in the hardness of these two species so now I'm shying away from the yellow pine route. May just have to suck it up and pony up for the soft maple. They have 8/4 and 4/4 boards that are 8' long so that should work well for the length bench I'm planning to build. Only problem is they don't have many boards that are close to 5" wide or 10" wide like Marc suggested in the build videos so looks like I would have to plan on more waste than I was hoping for. This will be my first build using big lumber like this with extensive glue up/laminations. Is it a problem to just start slowly acquiring the lumber by hand selecting boards from what they have now and hand picking the rest as it becomes available. This way it will help on the wallet and I can buy with less waste. I wouldn't think on a project like this it would matter buying the boards from different suppliers and/or shipments of the wood to the same supplier. Any input you experienced Roubo builders can give me would be greatly welcomed. Thanks
  7. Nice job Chet. I'm wanting to do this with mine as well. Did you just slide a face frame into the front channels where the doors and drawers are?
  8. +1 on the 8". Just got done face jointing some 7-3/4" boards and thought to myself how glad I was to have he 8
  9. Can't remember if they were or not but seems like they should be
  10. I went Friday and Saturday as well. I was surprised at the number of people there. I haven't been to one of these since it was held at the convention center near the airport and while this seemed like a decent show it doesn't seem like it was like I remember it being back then. I was wondering why Rockler and Woodcraft don't have a booth at this show.
  11. Funny you say that because I did just that and got to thinking things might get gummed up if I didn't get all the grease off before running to many boards over it
  12. Just got my new Grizzly 0490X assembled and ready to crank up. Took the paper off the spiral cutter head and noticed a fair amount of grease on it. Tried cleaning it the best I could with just some degreaser and a rag but it's vey hard with all the individual knives that have four faces per. Seems really hard to get. All the grease off. Anyone have a good method of doing this or should I just not worry about what I can't get off using this method?
  13. TSparger


    I'm fairly new to the green tools also. My first purchase was the tracksaw and CT26 and they are my favorite tools in the shop right now. Makes breaking down sheet goods a dream.
  14. After deliberating the same thing for a while I ended up buying the Bosch ROS65VC and I am very pleased with it so far. The vibration level is very low, love the ergonomics of it and the dust control on it seems to be very good. Not the least expensive but it's about $120 less than the ETS 150/3.