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  1. Cool. Thanks for posting
  2. Thanks for the effort, but no, they don't. Look at my site to see what I mean by good end grain pics. I don't expect the kind of results I get but something a lot closer than what you have. EDIT: I should also add that what you DO show is at least consistent with walnut.
  3. in the top pic, the one on the left and the one on the right definitely look like walnut. The one in the middle less so but in the 3rd pic down, showing its bark, that looks exactly like some butternut bark I've seen and butternut is a very close relative to walnut. Need good end grain pics to tell more.
  4. @gee-dub I like your avatar. Enjoyed the series
  5. Since this thread is 5 years old, he either knows that by now or has lost interest in the wood or both
  6. Looks like it could be Eastern red cedar but you need to post better pics. These are too far away and the last one is not focused. It also seems possible that this is something with stain or dye on it. Can you tell?
  7. From what I can see, I'd say there is zero chance that this is wenge.
  8. This is a pic of the floor taken at the National Portrait Gallery in Wash. DC. The building was built over 150 years ago and I believe this is the original wood and is magnificent old growth white oak. I had to work to keep from laughing out loud while I was taking the pics because here I was in the premier American portrait gallery, with everyone going "ohh" and "ahh" over portraits by Gilbert Stuart and Whistler and others and some of them were looking at me like I was insane because there I was going around taking pics of the FLOOR. The orange color is accurate and is no doubt due to 150+ y
  9. As Tpt life said, it's a characteristic of oak and most people WANT it, which is why they buy quartersawn oak, especially white oak. A stain will likely emphasize the flakes.
  10. I agree w/ drzaius but would need to see the end grain to really say anything. I certainly doubt it is walnut and I agree w/ others that walnut is NOT heavy as concrete. The high end of the walnut range is about 45 lbs/cuft. I know that statement about concrete was not meant literally since concrete, at about 150 lbs/cuft is about twice as heavy as the heaviest wood, and three times as heavy as walnut, but even so ...
  11. by the way, the whole Janka table is at
  12. The green stain on the lower part of this piece strongly suggests that it is tulip poplar / Liriodendron tulipifera
  13. phinds

    pure joy

    Uh ... it's just a happy picture. Has nothing to do with me specifically.