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  1. On 5/4/2022 at 5:05 PM, BonPacific said:

    This has been my experience with many other forums. Bigger (at least they were last I checked) forums like Lumberjocks and SawmillCreek are filled with way to many guys complaining about their wives or obsessing about which brand of tool is better than which other brand of tool.

    Absolutely none of that on Wood Barter. Just friendly banter, good woodworking advice, and frequent drool-worth pics of wood plus the buying/selling and trading of wood.

    I tried both of the forums you mentioned, quite some time back, and quickly gave up on them both. I like this forum for sure but it's very light in terms of traffic and WB is much more heavily populated so I spend most of my time there.

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  2. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Wood Barter. For me it's a like having a whole crew in the shop with me. WAY more posts than here and the same kind of camaraderie, plus a lot of buying and selling and trading of wood.

    I don't do facebook or twitter or any of the social media crap, but I spend a huge amount of time on Wood Barter (full disclosure, I moderate the wood identification forum). You guys should try it out. Woodtalkonline is a good forum but the traffic is too low to get people's attention.

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  3. On 2/23/2022 at 7:28 PM, Coop said:

    @phinds, can you identify this as Alaskan Yellow Cedar? A friends son gave me a small piece and said that was what it is called. I have never heard of it. He said he trimmed out a whole new house in Austin with it. 



    Coop, it's a pretty common wood and it's actually a cypress but most folks refer to it as a cedar and that's how I have it on my site., alaskan yellow.htm

    but as for IDing a specific piece, no.

    A lot of softwoods all look pretty much the same in the end grain (pine does tend to have larger resin canals). All I can say is that your wood definitely could be Alaskan yellow cedar.




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  4. Avoid plywood like the plague. If you get something that looks decent, it will cost too much AND, as has already been pointed out, the thin top layer will wear through and even if it starts out looking decent, it won't last that way.

    All woods shrink AND swell as the ambient moisture changes (humid days / dry days)

  5. Manzanita growth rings are actually generally very well defined, BUT ... you have to have a very close look at a well-cleaned-up end grain to see that clearly:



    This is why I said it doesn't look like manzanita in the end grain. Even in a poorly cleaned up end grain, you can often see that the rings are distinct:



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  6. Unfortunately, I don't do burls. The end grain COULD be madrone but I definitely would not bet money on that, particularly assuming it's local to you. Doesn't look right for manzanita but I can't see the end grain characteristics clearly enough to be sure.

  7. Coop, I have not forgotten about this, I've just had all my energy focused elsewhere. I get like this sometimes where I just don't want to buckle down and do the hard work of digging through a bunch of my wood anatomy material. I WILL get to it.  Someday. Probably. Maybe. Most likely. It's on my list :P

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