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  1. It's coming right along. Are you following a plan of some sort?
  2. May the both of you have 47 more years of bliss!
  3. We don't have it bad yet. Only two cases in the county and one in a neighboring county so far. I'm still going to work hanging cabinets. Until the Gov. shuts down non-critical businesses I have to go in and risk my life to earn $100 per day, or go bankrupt. Ain't life grand? Hang in there everyone. If you need something, ask a neighbor. They'll probably help you out. I think you'll be surprised at how much people come together when things get tough. As long as you're not asking for toilet paper...of course.
  4. I'm in! It is amazing how quickly SUPaddleboards have exploded onto the boating scene. It is similar to the sport of pack-rafting. In just a decade it has gone from seeing them occasionally to today where they are ubiquitous. I have seen groups running rapids on the San Juan River, three days from civilization, with a raft for a support boat. There will be your normal inflatable raft with all the comforts of home on board, and a half dozen people on SUPs.
  5. Coming along nicely, Ross. It'll probably go quicker than you imagine.
  6. I didn't know there was a commercially made Potica. I didn't know the stuff existed until I settled down with my wife. These days it doesn't feel like the holiday is complete without that smell of baking cinnamon.
  7. My wife makes Potica Bread. It's hard to explain but it's cinnamon and ground walnuts on thin dough rolled up into loaves so that you have flaky pastry between the cinnamon/nuts layers. Very laborious to make and very delicious. It originates in Slovenia and her family picked it up when they lived in the Pueblo, CO area when she was a child. Apparently there is a population of Slovenians in the Pueblo area. Who knew?
  8. That looks very nice, Kev.
  9. To reduce the cost I opted for a non sliding CMS. It won't cut wide stock, but that isn't as much of a drawback as might be imagined.
  10. I hang cabinets for a living. We routinely put some brad nails in the dovetails at the back of the drawers we assemble. It doesn't show and it gives more strength while the glue is drying. On a couple of the lines we install the backs and sides are secured with hot glue and staples. It's not uncommon.
  11. I've been watching since I made those cabriole legs a while back. He certainly is a great source of nifty techniques. Well worth watching.
  12. Richard, everyone knows you have a heart of gold.
  13. You may have to use an inset door hinge in order for your doors to open as far as possible.
  14. For solid wood you could make it as if it's a frame and panel which would require a gap around the panel to allow movement of the maple. This gap can be rather decorative.
  15. It's my understanding that Brendon is going to spin up a batch when he drops by to borrow the bench. Thanks everyone for playing along. I'll try to remember to post a follow-up photo when I refinish the bench in (hopefully) a year.