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  1. davewyo

    Cabriole Thing

    Thanks, Steve! I certainly hope to get it done this year. I plan on spraying it with shellac. I already sprayed the doors and pre-finished the interior of the case, drawer blades etc. The shellac should be plenty of protection but if it doesn't appeal to me it will make a nice base coat. Thanks, Chet! The "carving" of the finial is pretty easy. There are a few different variations on the shape of the flutes. I think of the variation I chose as the corkscrew style, and it is probably one of the easier to pull off. My difficulty has mostly been with not having a lathe in the first place and work holding and such.
  2. davewyo

    Cabriole Thing

    Marked out some lines, did some cutting with a hand saw. http:// Then some rasp. http:// Got it where I wanted. http:// Cut it off. http:// And cleaned up the tip. http:// http://
  3. davewyo

    Researching Scroll Saws...

    Check out Delta scroll saws too. I have one and I'm very happy with it. It's about 100 beans cheaper than the DeWilt, so it may not be the same quality or burliness, but it gets the job done quite nicely. One thing I would highly recommend is getting a foot pedal.
  4. davewyo

    Cabriole Thing

    I guess I should say that the work-piece is upside down, and that I still have to carve the "flame" into the "bowling pin", but yeah, this one could easily be a reject.
  5. davewyo

    Cabriole Thing

    Or... "I know the finial is in there. I just need to take away everything that isn't finial and Hey Presto!"
  6. davewyo

    Cabriole Thing

    Yeah, no kidding! I need to make stuff or learn something new, or I go a little crazy. Even my cats were jonesing for a workbench. http://
  7. davewyo

    Cabriole Thing

    I roughed out a finial before I left Wyoming. I haven't gotten too much done since, besides a little rasping and filing.
  8. davewyo

    Cabriole Thing

    http:// http://
  9. davewyo

    QSWO Media Cabinet

    Nice upgrade. Chet! That finishing process is a lot of work, but it's worth the effort. I did a Jeff Jewitt finish on a recipe box and it came out well.
  10. davewyo

    Dividers for Dove Tail Layout

    I have this divider, which works well.
  11. davewyo

    A special woodworking visit

    First thought I had was "I hope John didn't sell his woodworking tools cuz, if so, he's gonna have to buy them all over again" This is the kind of work which can result in a massive burst of inspiration, and that often takes the game to a different level. Ummm...on a whole 'nother subject...that one piece in his gallery was somewhat Georgia O'Keeffe-ish, if ya know what I mean....
  12. I got nothing for you D, but I just wanted to say it's good to see you back.
  13. davewyo

    Cabriole Thing

    Thanks guys...I'm humbled. Oh yeah...Coop has commissioned a full size highboy. He told me; "Take your time. Price isn't a consideration." I gotta tell ya...That's the best kind of client.
  14. davewyo

    Cabriole Thing

    The back is in. Ship lap. http://