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  1. davewyo

    Dressing Table Build

    Really well done, H3nry. I'm impressed that you got back to it. I know how it is when a project lingers too long.
  2. davewyo

    Cabriole Thing

    The back bottom of the drawer has a small brass plate attached for the lever to engage so as not to chew up the wood. The back of the drawer compartment has two springs. So...the latch mechanism is spring loaded, the drawer itself is spring loaded, and the release button is spring loaded as well. It is situated like this :
  3. davewyo

    Cabriole Thing

    Thanks, Dave! So...In the middle cubbyhole there's the button you push. On the back it looks like this. When you push up on the button on the cubby the drawer pops out the back. A picture and quirky explanation of how the mechanism is assembled is on page 19 of this journal(near the bottom of the page) Here is a link to a 9 second video on Imjur of the drawer in action. https://i.imgur.com/CSHL8Q6.mp4
  4. davewyo

    Cabriole Thing

    That is an excellent question, Chet. I don't have anything specific in mind at the moment, but I'm searching for a piece that would look good with some carving. I really, really enjoy the carving process. It is meditative in nature, requires less precision that I thought it might, and is very rewarding when it's finished. I have a bunch of gouges after this project and I would like to put them to good use over and over again. One of the things I'm thinking about carving is a small wall shelf for cookbooks which could go beside the cabinets in our kitchen. Another is a few of those Kleenex box holders that are carved and pierced. I know that those don't sound all that grandiose but I'm in a position right now where I only should make stuff we truly need. I know, Kleenex box holders are not really a necessity but making stuff sort of is a therapeutic need for me. It keeps me from going nuts!
  5. davewyo

    Cabriole Thing

    Thanks, Richard. No, I haven't. I'm not interested in doing that at all. Thanks, Nut. I'm not sure about their larger versions but the smallest ones (which I used) are complete crap. They have way too much slop in the rivets so that the door doesn't close the same way each time you open and close it. Trying to get a half-way decent reveal on the gaps I designed around each door is impossible. If I open them up I can lift the door 1/8" without the slightest effort. The hinges just don't have any precision to them.
  6. davewyo

    Cabriole Thing

    Some final photos of the Thing: The doors don't close firmly because of the SOSS hinges (I don't recommend them) so I will probably add some magnets, but that shouldn't change the appearance much.
  7. davewyo

    Arts & Crafts Bookcase

    Good point. The beauty of making your own bookcase is that you can customize it to fit the size of the books you own. Thanks, Dave. It's all M&T done with a router and a dado blade on the table saw. I attached the shelves by gluing at the front and I used screws at the back with very sloppy holes for wood movement.
  8. davewyo

    Arts & Crafts Bookcase

    Thank you very much, everyone. I appreciate the kind responses. In the interests of full disclosure the bookcase was inspired by plans that I got from Woodworker's Journal (no affiliation). I The wood choice came from trying to use only wood that I have on hand, which was purchased impulsively or left over from other projects. I have some 3/4, 6/4, and 8/4 Alder which I was going to use to make a Mission Style armoire but decided I didn't need a big, giant armoire to lug around. And I had some "Flame Birch" which I got from Bell Forest to make boxes. I've ended up making two tables, a fishing net, and now a bookcase from that lumber which I bought 4 and 6 years ago. Alder isn't a bad option when you're looking for a medium tone. I'm pretty happy with the Birch/Alder match-up. I've built with Alder together with Walnut as well, and it turned out pretty good as the light wood of the combo. Oh no! There's no need to take yours out. I'm sorry if I seemed to say that yours was a silly question. You're entirely right Richard, many a bookcase have drawers. Quite often at the bottom, and and I frequently see built-in bookcases with a cabinet below, which have drawers and doors. Go right ahead, Chet! I put the rails along the back so I could push the books back and they would all come to a stop in the same place, but if I was to make another (and I think I may be making two out of Walnut for another room), I would be sure to make the sides flush with the rails on the inside of the case. As I made this one the side "slats" are centered on the rails. They would be better if they were flush with the rails on the inside so that the first book put on the shelf can be any size and won't fall into the space left because the slats are centered. I'm not sure if that makes sense. If not, let me know and I'll take a picture of the detail I'm trying to explain.
  9. davewyo

    Arts & Crafts Bookcase

    Thanks, Nut. A little bit of both. We have a fire place with a couple of chairs in front. The bookcase will go up against the wall kind of in the middle and will get some "coffee-table" books plus a few trinkets like interesting pottery or perhaps some rocks and fossils which we've found over the years. I like the backless look too but I left it possible to add a back in case my wife changes her mind. The birch is more figured than the photos suggest. I'll try to get a pic of the top which shows the "flame" but my ability to capture figured chatoyance is limited.
  10. davewyo

    Arts & Crafts Bookcase

    It's all finished, Richard. It's a bookcase, doesn't get any drawers. My wife doesn't want a back put on. She likes the open look of it. BTW, it's Alder and Birch. 33" high, 43" wide, and 12" deep.
  11. davewyo

    Some File Questions

    You might try rubbing some chalk on the file before use. It supposedly stops them from loading up thus making them cut more consistently. A rasp may be the ticket if your file seems to be too fine of a cut. If you're looking to get a really nice file/rasp, Grobet makes some excellent files and rasps that are a little cheaper than the Auriou (which is generally considered top-of-the-line).
  12. davewyo

    Weathered wood finish

    I didn't find it to be very caustic. It only imparts a slight greying effect. Sort of a kick start down the grey weathered pathway which you find on naturally exposed boards.
  13. davewyo

    Weathered wood finish

    I've used hydrogen peroxide with wood ash or mortar mix to give a light weathered look. The more textured the wood is, the better the results.
  14. davewyo

    Cabriole Thing

    No worries, Richard. I see it too! It makes me want to go out and get a cone....