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  1. Really well done! Elegant simplicity.
  2. Check the solenoid to see if it is operating when the zone is turned on. If so disassemble the valve and check the diaphragm for a tear, and check that there is not sediment(rocks and sand) in the valve.
  3. Yes, I've colored shellac and poly with trans-tint dye. It works well.
  4. It's always good to know when you're on your game, and when you should just go have a beer...
  5. Yes, I steam bent kiln dried walnut, birch, maple, and exotics to make fishing nets. The strips were very thin so I had that going for me. Nonetheless I had to steam it for much longer than what is generally recommended on the internets. Some of my bends failed on the walnut so I steamed the devil out of it and it worked better.
  6. davewyo


    Happy New Year everyone! I wish you all a very safe and prosperous new year, plus I want to thank you all for being here, plugging away at woodworking as usual. It's a great comfort during strange times to have you guys here acting normal. No drama. No strife. Just good people interacting like they always do... It's refreshing.
  7. Merry Christmas everyone. It's been one heck of a year. Cheers to all of you and best wishes for the coming year.
  8. John Prine recently passed away from covid. It's a great loss. He wasn't a tremendously healthy man to begin with. I highly recommend "Angel From Montgomery" performed by John Prine and Bonnie Raitt. It's a classic. You can find it on YouTube.
  9. Yeah, I like mine pretty well too. It's a luxury when you're living on a budget like mine, but it was a gift and I love it.
  10. Look for Shop Fox replacement bags. They are essentially the same.
  11. Make the Wood Whisperer sitting bench. There are a lot of M&Ts there to give you some practice.
  12. I married up too. I think it's the only way to go (if you can manage it). My wife is so much better at so many things than I am that it is a humbling experience and lessons learned every day. She's away for a few days, camping with her son and g-daughter, and it's all I can do to hold the place together until she gets back and takes care of me again.
  13. Happy Independence Day everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderful, healthy, and fulfilling weekend with family, friends, etc. ...enjoying the best of whatever it is you're doing.
  14. Yes, we are all thinking of you....
  15. Yes, I use it for jigs, table saw sleds, stop blocks, and supplemental fences. It is usually flat and stable. It's always good to have some around to bang together a quick jig, or whatever. Pre-drill for screws.
  16. Thanks, yeah I wondered if it was like walnut. The colors are certainly complimentary.
  17. Nicely done. How is it working with butternut?
  18. Well I guess it was the both of us, but I drank the lion's share. Thanks everyone! Now let's see if I can get back to work furniture making on a regular basis. I'm having a hard time these days keeping a steady flow of ideas rolling. I need to have a plan drawn up for a next project before the finish starts going on the current project or I end up having big gaps in my production.
  19. Here it is in all it's glory.
  20. Yes indeed! It is up and running. All the spots for breakers were taken up so we had to add a small sub-panel but otherwise it was no big deal. I had moved with my cross-cut sled and it still cuts true. I made a fold-up out-feed table for it akin to the one Dr. Zaius showed recently. So I'm ready to push some wood across it again... I had been using my DeWalt DWE7490 and it's been a workhorse for me, but it sure is good to have my cabinet saw back.
  21. Until about a week ago my table saw had been disassembled and the pieces wrapped in cardboard for two and one half years. When I moved to Colorado my new digs didn't have 220v power in the garage so it stayed "in storage" for longer than I had foreseen. Of course I didn't know how the cast iron was doing that entire time so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the cast iron "wings" to find that they were as spotless as the day I packed them up. I coated the cast iron with a product called LPS3 Rust Inhibitor. It sprayed on easily, left a waxy coating that was quite thick, was easily removed with denatured alcohol, and it completely protected the cast iron from rust for 2 1/2 years.
  22. I use the glue&tape method when I need more precision than double-stick tape will afford. My carpet tape is way thicker than two pieces of painter's tape and glue. It has a certain micro amount of sponginess/movement to it under the load of a router bit cutting edge or whatever. Tape with CA glue moves less.
  23. G Ragatz has good advise above. Most of my carving tools are Pfeil "Swiss Made" and they are excellent knives/gouges. I have a set of Two Cherries carving knives as well and they are quite nice too. I have a Narex knife which says it's a dual bevel carving/striking/marking knife but it is too stout for what I would think of as a carving knife.
  24. davewyo

    Drill bits

    I'll second the Lee Valley brad point bits. Also look at McMaster Carr under drill bits for wood.