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  1. There is another book called WoodWorking Wisdom and Know-How Everything you need to know to design, build, and create. This will help you along your journey.
  2. Here is a great resource to help with the construction of this project and many others you might attempt to build in the future. The book is called (Cabinetmaking How to Design and Construct Furniture That Works) By Bill Hylton
  3. Took a little time off to go camping with the kids. Just what I needed to get out of the city for a while. Got a little hectic trying to get as much done as possible to be able to go and relax and not think about the clients waiting for me to get back to them. So here is the progress. First thing was to cut the mortises fort the legs. I used the template that I made earlier and attached them with screws. I used the router to cut out the mortis with a guide and a 1/4 upcut bit. The mortis's are 3/4 deep. Then I cut a block to fit the mortises. Making sure that they
  4. This is looking great so far! I guess I didn't notice the back pieces from the design because the sides caught my attention. Thanks for the update on the router. I have wondered if they would have enough power for something like that.
  5. Now for the top. I started by making the curved piece that will hold the glass. To do this, the first thing I did was to make a template with my cnc. Because my cnc is small, I made it in two parts and glued it together. Once I had that made, I was ready to start making the form. I glued some mdf together. I couldn't glue all of it together at once because my flush trim bit wan't tall enough. I traced the shape and took it over to the band saw and rough cut the shape. Once that was done I took it over to the router and flush trimmed it. Once that
  6. Here is an example of using pocket door slides to flip up. They are the three in the center.
  7. FLIPPER DOOR SLIDES Accuride offers slides for cabinet-level pocket (vertical) and flipper (horizontal) doors. These doors either retract into the cabinet or (as in the 1145 and 1155) above it. A pocket door is taller than it is wide, and opens outward. A flipper door is wider than it is tall, and lifts ("flips") open like a garage door. These retractable openings allow for easy access to contents and keep doors from being in the way. Some models of Accuride slides support both pocket and flipper doors. (See product descriptions for more information.)
  8. I think they go by two names in US. 1st flipper door slides and 2nd pocket door slides.
  9. Not sure if you guys are interested but I usually get my under mount slides from Their prices are pretty reasonable especially if you are buying a bunch. They have different manufacturers as well.
  10. Got everything glued up. This was the part that I was dreading. Because the inside of the cabinet was a light wood and the outside a contrasting wood, I only had the thickness of the veneer to be off or the lighter wood would show through. This meant I had a tolerance of 1/64. Unlike solid wood projects where you can just sand the two to blend the wood together, I can't because I would burn through the veneer. I used epoxy to give me some extra time to clamp everything together. This helped a lot with getting everything aligned. I also tried to get as little glue everywhere as possible so I do
  11. ha ha it is definitely heavy. A two person move.
  12. Looks good! You will probably be the only person to ever criticize them. That’s what makes building things for yourself hard. I like the shelf over the laundry.