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  1. I'm not sure what ever happened to the records. I'm sure someone stored them somewhere. It would be interesting to go through them.
  2. I guess it would also depend on how it is used. If you are going to use it as a shelf, I would go with a hard finish like bar top epoxy. Chestnut is right that maintenance with hard wax oils like Rubio or Osmo is much easier. However it seems like maintenance is usually maintained after you notice that it needed maintenance.
  3. Well after I had everything together I didn't like some aspects like small gaps and such. So I spent some time fixing up the errors and making a jig so hopefully the next go around goes a little smoother. You probably can't tell from the pictures but it is a lot better.
  4. Today I got one of the fronts for the shelving done. It was very fussy and took a lot of patience. But, all is well that ends well. Two more to go. I was off about 3/4" over the whole 6' length. This might seem like a lot but turned out to be about 1/128 every inch. Compounding error really catches up to you on spans this long. That is why you build the cabinet around the intricate parts. So now the cabinets final length is 71 1/4.
  5. My mom has a lot of records. She never played them when I was growing up because the record player was broken. She just recently got a new one now that they have come back into style. She listens occasionally. My grandad although long passed has hundreds of Jazz records.
  6. Today I cut out all of the larger squares that go around the squares with Holly. Then I made some jigs to cut all of the Holly that is going around the squares. Here are the jigs. The first one is very simple. I needed the banding to be 1/8" so I made a board with a fence. The fence has to be the same exact with because you are using it as a stop for the edging. Then I took my flush cut saw and made a score. Shoved a razor blade in it. I set the razor in a groove I made that was exactly 1/8" from the fence. Then, I glued a block on the bottom while holding a square onto it. I also glued a little block on the front so it doesn't twist while I pull it. The second jig is a similar setup. I used a previous fence system and cut a 45 with my flush trim saw. I shoved a razor blade and use that as a guillotine to cut the miters. Set up a stop block and give it a wack with the hammer. Then I tape some tape down and assemble the pieces.
  7. I use both but mainly a razor with the grain and a veneer saw against the grain. The best book I have found for starting in veneer is "the craft of veneering" a complete guide from basic to advanced by Craig Thibodeau. I get almost all of my veneer materials from
  8. I started working on the front of the shelves today. Cut one shelf worth of squares. I used the same method as the previous rhombuses. The squares are 2 5/8 from diagonals and the edging is 1/8. Then, set up to cut the holly strips that go around the squares. Got the miters pretty close to where I can appreciate them and batch them out. Tomorrow will be another day of cutting squares, edging and waiting for my glue to arrive. On a side note. This is how I store veneer that is not in use but is in the way. I tape it to my plywood that I am not using anytime soon and stack it up against the wall.
  9. Got all of the ebony veneered onto the three shelves. Still waiting on the glue. It is supposed to be here today. In the meantime, I decided to make a little box using the scraps from the rhombuses. I was originally going to use the scraps for the top but ended up putting on the bottom of the lid. At first, I was going to put a little marquetry piece on the bottom of the lid. I couldn't find anything that I liked that was super simple. So I picked a design that I liked and decided I wanted that for the top. So got out some veneer to pick the colors. Decided on the woods and made a packet. Then cut everything out. Then made a couple copies incase i ever need a quick inlay. Then glued the box up and cut it in half. Put the hinges on and applied some Osmo oil to it. Hopefully, I will have some more on the record cabinet soon!
  10. Sorry to hear about your loss. The top looks beautiful!
  11. If you are looking for a high gloss finish associated with French Polish but want a finish that is more durable than Shellac, you should use the lacquer and "rub the finish out". This is the process of adding multiple layers of lacquer and sanding the layers down until you get to a polish grit. Then polish the finish out. Mark talked about this process in the Humidor build if I can remember correctly.
  12. I cut the veneer for the inside of the sides. It is fiddleback English Sycamore. I also taped it and got it ready for the press to find out that I don't have any lightener for the glue. I ordered some and it will arrive on Thursday. So, I shifted gears and started to veneer the shelves. I used the track saw because these are much longer cuts. Here is how I cut veneer with the track saw. I put the sheets on a sheet of mdf. Then tape all the veneer together so they don't move during the cut. This is the blade that I use to get nice clean cuts. Once the sheets are cut, I tape the joints with masking tape. Then flip over and use veneer tape to re-tape the seams. Flip it back over and remove the masking tape. The tape with no tape will be the glue side. I put little marks where the seam is because sometimes when you are taping you lose track of where the seam is. Apply the glue and she is ready for the press.
  13. Yeah Coop the original drawing didn't work. The reason is if you look at the right side of the rhombuses they do not go through the center line. The picture is misleading because of the photo. The larger (rhombi?) are the center and outside. There are only four rhombi with boarder attached to them. I originally didn't think there was going to be that much wast. I had it planed for the grain to run with the side of the rhombus. I didn't like that and wanted the grain to be vertical. This caused a lot of waste. Not all is lost though because I'm sure I can find a use for it later down the road for like a sunburst pattern or something. My daughter also didn't have school yesterday so she made some things for me in the shop.
  14. The first thing I did this morning was make a jig to cut out the rhombuses. First, I made a basic mdf table with a straight edge as a fence. Then I cut a board that is the exact width as the rhombus. Next, I cut the veneer into sheets and made a packet to trim all of the edges. I was going to use my track saw to do this but I ended up using the table saw. This is the blade I use to cut veneer. I found that a lamination blade or aluminum blade work the best on veneer. I taped the joints together and cut two sides with my mdf rhombus jig. Once I had two sides cut, those sides could sit against the fence I made for the jig. I put the board that is as thick as the rhombus side and used that to cut one side. Then flipped it and cut the other. This left me with a perfect rhombus. I had to make two different sized rhombuses. One is the rhombus plus the holly boarder. which is the same size as the other rhombus with no boarder. Once I made all of the rhombuses, I cut the 3/16 strips of holly to go around the ebony. I used the same method as before. I cut a 3/16 strip and placed that against the fence and used it as a straight edge to cut the holly. It is kind of hard to tell because it is all mdf. Then I used a straightedge and an exacto knife to cut the edging angles. Once I had one cut, I taped the other holly strip to the bottom of that and used the angle from the previous cut to make the next cut. I wrapped the four rhombuses with the holly, then taped everything together and one panel is done!
  15. I would take the door stop off around the whole door jamb. Then use a power planer to take off the 1/8 or a belt sander. The sander will take longer. Fill the screw holes with wood filler and use the door stop material to fill in the latch hole. Fill any gaps around the latch hole with wood filler. Sand the whole jamb down and refinish it.
  16. I shop a lot at woodcraft not online but in the actual store. Their customer service is superb. I Know everyone that works there and chat it up every time I go in. Because of this relationship, they are more than willing to accommodate my needs. As far as the online woodcraft, I have been pleasantly disappointed with many things. The most recent was buying a pegas 21" scroll saw. After a couple of days use it started blowing fusses in the machine. I tried to get ahold of woodcraft to deal with the issue. I assumed that they would send me another machine and I could return mine. Instead, they told me to call the manufacture. I called the manufacture and a guy walked me through a step by step troubleshoot. The problem is that when I was taking the machine apart I broke two plastic pieces. The idea of this was frustrating that I broke part of my brand new machine to fix an issue. You could say it was my fault for breaking the piece which it was, but I felt like I should have never been in this situation in the first place. They sent me the part without any charge and I was on my way. As a result, I now only buy from the store directly or from the supplier.
  17. Todays progress. I worked on my sketchup model this morning to hone in the exact rhombus dimensions. This is crucial because of compounding error. Although there is still going to be some error, that is why I am building my case around the sides. If my sides end up being 15 1/16, I can adjust everything else around that measurement. Using a sketchup svg attachment, I was able to send the rhombus over to the cnc to give me an exact template. I also sharpened my veneer saw and put the last shelf into the vacuum press. Tomorrow should be an exciting day with cutting the veneer.
  18. ha ha I had my daughter 3 years ago. Now she is at the age where she can somewhat be trusted to do things without complete supervision. I just got a Mac I had an HP before.
  19. Yeah Chet, the top will have a glass shelf. There are a couple of reasons I haven't been on in a while. The main reason was two things happened pretty close to each other. My second daughter was born, and Tapatalk logged me out. With having a new baby and trying to figure out how to get that to work just never worked itself out. I would go back from time to time to see if tapatalk would let me log back in but it never did. My business has also been so busy. When I would do anything that wasn't work, I felt like I should be working instead of doing that. I just recently realized that my mac uploads my photos on the computer. With that realization that I can just drop the photos into my posts I thought about posting again. So hopefully you will see more of me!