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  1. Yea using the right technique in the right situation has no role in the production of fine furniture. It is all about only using only a limited subset of possible methods rather than picking and choosing what is best for the specific situation. But because good screws were expensive in the past or technically impossible the techniques they used are held to some foolish pedestal as being better. But absolutist statements are just more fun I guess.
  2. Got it antique bible boxes are crap no matter what the auction houses say because they are nailed together.
  3. Even after paint? This is for a closet and for built in's I would think that biscuits could be tricky to fit is say both ends are flush up against walls and couldn't fit it through the door. As this is about built in's in a closet there are rather different considerations than building a table. I find this kind of interesting, does this mean Schwarz's book on campaign furniture is a book on how to build crappy furniture?
  4. One of those double sided Japanese pull saws might be a good option as well.
  5. Oh I think it is perfect for a leg vice and you would want to turn the nut around, but that isn't what it is being sold as. The only products Lee Valley sells that are shown as being for leg vices are the Lake Eire Toolworks wooden ones. Just weirdnesses on how they are marketing the screws on their website.
  6. It is the right dirrection for being used as a tail vice, which is what it is being sold for. Hmm I wonder if you could run sleeve bushings on it to give support for the vice.
  7. This looks like it would work well on a wagon vise http://www.leevalley.com/en/Wood/page.aspx?p=31134&cat=1,41659
  8. No mount the saw on a tilting table to you can relevel the table after you tilt it to the desired angle. That way you are working on a level surface.
  9. http://www.leevalley.com/en/Wood/page.aspx?p=41664&cat=1,41659 That looks like it would be a good basis for a variety of vises
  10. Hmm, would this be useful to stabilize wood when you are wanting to violate wood movement rules?
  11. He was using construction lumber though. What is that in your area?
  12. You sound like someone who has never read an internet comments section. Bravo for following the never read the comments section rule so well. But this wasn't about guild builds, it was about video's for his youtube channel and every has access to all the content on that. Except that is pretty much the way he is treating the new bed project he is making for youtube. He decided to do it how he wanted to, not what would generate the least flak from the comments section.
  13. Gives me the idea of a torsion box that mounts into the split in a split top Roubo. I think that could work nicely
  14. Or at least give them what they will accept. At the company I work for we have gotten companies rejecting our parts because they stopped having a QC department and when our parts stopped going in right they said it was our problem. Then of course we checked the mating component and found out it was way out of spec. This was not a small company or one who is a low cost option. They went with the low bid on the contract and got crap.
  15. What about folding legs on an assembly table so that it only takes up space when you need it instead of being a constant part of the workspace? Then the bench doesn't need to be the full size of the assembly table.
  16. In principle one of the bevels would have to be out of square. Of course it gets into issues of how square is square, are we talking about a tollerance of a degree or is it measured in arc seconds(those would never matter for woodworking)
  17. The question here is what is your time worth. And that isn't something anyone else can really answer.
  18. Not if one uses a camper. Now say through hiking the Appalachian trail in the middle of winter probably would qualify.
  19. I don't think it is expensive compared to say owing a boat or air plane.
  20. And as splinters breaking off from the hull was a serious caused of injury and death, having wood that was not likely to do that would be a pluss as well.
  21. Hmm now I am wondering about getting bright finish wire nails and blackening them. That could look sharp.
  22. Nails are traditional for highly carved box construction.
  23. For sharpening carbide cutters for the lathe and work the pedestal grinder isn't bad. The main issue I would see would be holding the cutter. But it shouldn't grab and jump around. And it would not work well at all with a silicon oxide wheel. But Silicon Carbide wheels are readily available and tend to come in the dremel sets. And putting light marks wouldn't use them up fast. It also makes neat green sparks.
  24. No you don't tie them together. You test them relative to each other and if you get any resistance and not an open you have found a short.