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    I love mission style furniture and really want to make a Morris Chair. Totally new to WW but love every minute of it!!!

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  1. How do I cancel being a supporter? It just automatically took $20 from my account.
  2. Wow! What a pleasure to read through and see!
  3. Not a professional either but I figured what isn't good for me is worse for them. The difference is they love so unconditionally they'll put themselves through it just to be with us.
  4. Thank you very much for all the replies! I got what I asked for which is solid advice. I can honestly say I've taken a little out of every one. The truth is I do have everything I need. My Rockler hang on the wall DC works fine for now. I have a filter system hanging on the wall and a great respirator if things get too heavy.
  5. Are you serious? That's possibly normal? I spent longer than I'll admit tapering the hell out of 2x4 trying different feed methods and a lot of swearing trying to figure out why.
  6. I was/am but that's an expense I voted out because I'm not where I think I need to be to spend that much on a really good dust collection system. I could get the Clear Vue CV1800 but not enough to really do the piping right. That's where I'm leaning Kev. Making good with what I've got and spending the time it takes to make them purr. I've looked through the projects where people on here have made works of art with contractor grade throw away equipment. Its time I stop buying tools better than me and start becoming better than my tools.
  7. Hello everyone, Just got my yearly year end bonus and the bills are paid, cards paid off, and presents bought with cash not credit. There's some left over so here's where the advice comes in. I'm not to the caliber most of you are and not in my shop as much as you are either. I know and sometimes believe buy as much as you can afford but I'm trying to be practical. I could get a nice new jointer but I'm leaning towards keeping my Craigslist special Jet 6" and buying Shelix heads for my jointer and planer. I could easily see buying a great new tool but I'm just not there yet to justify the cost. At my pace it's going to be a while. It's therapy for me and is it wrong to improve what I have and buy lumber to actually make something I'd want to show all of you?
  8. I've truly never checked it. No matter how I feed a board through it (6") I end up with a taper. I needed to know what to do before I get started testing and checking tolerances.
  9. Thank You very much!!!
  10. I believe it's been discussed here before but I can't find it. My Jet jointer has the dovetail sliding area for the tables and there's a way to adjust these so they are I think "coplanar". I've been avoiding it because I don't know what to do so any link or advise would be great. Thanks
  11. I don't have Nest so I can't speak about that. My thermostat is connected to my home network and I have an APP for it which I like but how often do I really need to see what's going on. I also have the MyQ garage door opener. Both of these items came with the house we just bought. The garage door I would pass on cuz it's real iffy. It works most of the time and never when I'm in a hurry. It's great when you have subcontractors coming by like I did. My buddy insulated my garage and I let him in from 200 miles away. I did research on home automation because I love techy stuff but there just wasn't enough that seemed worth the price. I'm using my money to replace all the bulbs with LED.
  12. Are you suggesting I'm tormenting you/users?
  13. To get back to why I put this on here..... LOL My bank reversed two of the three charges but according to Sony reversed one of the charges they shouldn't have so they suspended my account until I corrected it. I conferenced my bank and Sony to correct it. I had to go to Best But and get three $20 cards to correct my account by calling in and giving them the codes. They then said it would be 24 hours until it's active again. 26 hours later it still wasn't active. I got on their chat and asked why. This was Saturday night. I was then told it takes 24 business hours. I can't say enough how much I hate this company!!!!!!!! I can't wait for tonight to see was reason I get for it still not being activated.
  14. I'll keep that in mind for next time. Thanks The kids don't know it obviously since Christmas isn't here yet but we bought the family a Xbox 1