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  1. First off, i had to replace my keyboard… Apparently apple doesn't make them drool proof. Second, 5th photo from the bottom… does anyone else think those look like Silver bars on the second shelve on the right?
  2. Sorry, don't have anything for this project, yet… I am working on a wright up for it and hope to have it together in the next month or two. To hold you over you can check out a video of me making an african mahogany bench.. Mods, please let me know if linking to a youtube site is taboo.
  3. So i finally got some real pics of this project. Thought y'all might like to see some decent pics. http://www.woodtalkonline.com/uploads/gallery/album_945/med_gallery_15932_945_275195.jpg http://www.woodtalkonline.com/uploads/gallery/album_945/gallery_15932_945_10067.jpg http://www.woodtalkonline.com/uploads/gallery/album_945/gallery_15932_945_329734.jpg http://www.woodtalkonline.com/uploads/gallery/album_945/med_gallery_15932_945_72532.jpg http://www.woodtalkonline.com/uploads/gallery/album_945/med_gallery_15932_945_77077.jpg http://www.woodtalkonline.com/uploads/gallery/album_945/med_gallery_15932_945_643045.jpg
  4. pdjms1

    Chopin Bookcase (Krenov Inspired)

    After watching the Krenov inspired bookcase by TWW I decided I needed a bookcase more then a display case. This is my version... if sagging turns into an issue I do have a plan but thought I would try this first since the maple seems pretty sturdy.
  5. Frankin Pug... interesting that I haven't received any such notification in the states... I wonder if this does have something to do with the CDN weakening against the Euro. Maybe I just haven't been watching my e-mail closely enough but you might be on to something about this being limited to your country.
  6. Ok, so i have my new lighting installed and am running a total of 7 4ft 2bulb T8 fixtures with Philips 850 bulbs (CRI 82 Lumen output of 2850 (i think)) and it is wonderful! I have a three car garage but only have the equiv of 2 bays lit for working with one 2bulb fixture over my wife parking spot (arg). Having better light makes such a difference in visibility and enjoyment in the shop. Only problem is now that its spring (here in Texas) my wife has me outside working on planting the Maple trees we picked up end of last year and building a couple of retaining walls, oh and finishing off the fence now that the farm behind us has been sold and is going to be more cookie cutter homes :*( So looks like I won't be back in the shop for another month or so
  7. Thanks for the kind words Byrdie, its Walnut with a ply back with the suede applied to the front side. Its a simple tung oil finish applied with the first coat cut 50/50 with mineral spirits and then full strength for the 2nd and 3rd coats. I just finished installing 6 new T8 fixtures in the shop (garage) and also just built a shed to house some spare wood flooring and other misc supplies that have been taking up space in my shop (umhem garage) lol. So things should be a little brighter and I should have a little more space to move around.
  8. Hey shop furniture is the perfect time to practice your improvising muscles and build your "chops". One of my favorite ways to build is to come up with a general sketch, dimensions, etc and then just get in the shop and figure it out. SketchUp is great and all but sometimes a little overkill and developing your ability to come up with solutions on the fly can help you out in other more important/planned projects when issues arise. Looks like your spindle sander stand is going to be a great addition to your shop. Good job!
  9. quite a feat! lots of patience to make something like that. Beautiful job.
  10. Like the shape of the PC tower, looks like it was a functional element for venting and it adds a very nice design element. Ya done good, sir!
  11. Agreed! I would never purchase a rifle to NOT shoot it! But it was a very thoughtful gift and I am going to respect the efforts of those who protected its chastity before me, lol. The only condition where I would take it out of the case is if my Grandfather in-law, the one who gave it to me, asked me to take it to the range with him. If that were to happen it would be down out of that case so fast it would make your head spin. My Great Grandfather who was in WW2 taught me how to shoot with a lever action .22 LR and ever since lever actions have been held in special regard in my book. Thanks for all the compliments!
  12. No prob Eric, thanks for keeping us all on topic! lol.
  13. I keep coming back to this post and am truly impressed with how my eye finds new details each time. Lots of unique details with repeating themes without being overly busy… that can be a difficult thing to do. Congrats on a great build!