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  1. 60 board feet of Mahogany for my office remodel. 2008 Dodge Caliber. It it can be done. Loading The pile The room
  2. I just use grill spray. Turkey burgers may just lack the fat torelease easily.
  3. Today was a Snake River Farms Wagyu London Broil. Cooked to 125 with a reverse dear, rested, and consumed.
  4. I just chop up tomatoes, white onions, and peppers. Then toss with Lime Juice, Salt, Pepper, granulated garlic, and chili powder. Let sit for a while for flavor melding.
  5. Salmon is for Lisa. I don’t like it. I like other fish. I let it share the pit when the ribs are wrapped as I don’t want a cross-taste issue to develop. The salsa was good.
  6. Did some Loin Back Ribs and Salmon today. Some Hatch Chili Salsa goes nicely on the side.
  7. Klappco


    Making salsa today for burgers. Will be grilled on the cast iron. Served on Hawaiian Sweet Buns with mayo, smoked Mozzarella, Avocado, and Salsa. Fresh ground Chuck Roast patties.
  8. I’ve used it quite a bit for smoking when I can’t get Hickory. Works well!
  9. It is a legit 8/4, a tiny bit over. I don’t have to have a legit 1/2” on the boards, a little under would work just fine.
  10. Not for sure but the retailer is pretty good. What way does it worry?
  11. We are running about 13% humidity right now and it has been in the shop in that for a week with no signs of movement. Thanks for for the help! Of course our smoke scale EPA thing is at 203 right now (Unhealthy for everyone rating) so I won’t be working out there today.
  12. I am planning to tease a 42” x 6.5” piece of 8/4 Sapele into three pieces and then run them through the planet to make them equally thick and smooth at about 1/2” or a touch more. This will be for a Bluetooth speaker setup. In doing this should the wood be stickered and rested for a bit after resawing before running through the planer? Pic of the wood below.