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  1. I bought 3 extra sets of standard blades with my DW735 due to all the concerns about short lifespans but I haven't even flipped my original blades around yet so I still have 7 sets of edges left. I'm wondering if the quick wear of the 735 blades is not as big of an issue any more or maybe depends on what people are planing? In my case it's hundreds of lineal feet of almost 100% hardwood (white oak, hard maple, walnut, birch, cherry, etc).
  2. Thanks for letting us know what's going on and for deciding to keep the forum in house. I have learned so much from all of your content and enjoy interacting with others here. -Darryl
  3. I'm all for you doing a dining room table. I told my wife I'd build one in the next few years. -Darryl
  4. Same here. I have a single grr-ripper and a riving knife. I don't use the blade guard. I plan to get a second one but haven't yet. I have the 1/8" leg and back leg attachment. I have ripped as narrow as 5/16" with it with no problems. I use it a lot with my router table as well. -Darryl
  5. I have the 608 and am very happy with it. The dial adjustment is very good and helps get nice snug dados. No need for taking blades out to change shims is great. Just take the main nut off, turn a click or 2 and tighten the nut again. The bottoms of the dados are very smooth as well. It's expensive but I would buy again. -Darryl
  6. I really like my 735. -Darryl
  7. I've been so busy at my "real job" for the last couple of months I have not been able to spend nearly as much time in my workshop as I wanted. I'm lucky enough to get 2 weeks off for Christmas with my employer which I've really been enjoying. My kids are home from school as well but without the other job to worry about I'm getting a lot more time to build. I only got my shop setup earlier this year and still have a number of jigs and unfinished projects to work on. 2015 should be a very productive year with wood for me. I already have a year full of requests from my daughters and wife. I have 2 beds, a desk, a breakfast nook among others to work on. I've always wanted to build but am so excited to have the setup now. My father built furniture for a living so I picked up lots when I was growing up. I hope others are getting some extra quality time as well - especially now that Christmas is actually over. -Darryl
  8. I really like Freud bits and have about 25 of them now. When I first started I was going to buy a set like that but I found a number of bits in there I didn't think I would ever use. I ended up buying them mostly one at a time as needed. I highly recommend Freud bits. -Darryl
  9. Sounds like Bell Forest does a good job. Before reading about the positive experiences with this place I couldn't imagine ordering lumber like this but it seems it would be fine. -Darryl
  10. I just cleaned and sharpened my "beater" chisels last night and amazed at how sharp and useful they are now. -Darryl
  11. Luckily I have a dealer just like the one in the first post only a 10 minute drive away. -Darryl