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  1. Three legged stool seat with Maloof joints

    That puts a whole new meaning to the term "Power Carving".
  2. 'Safely' cutting plastic pipe

    I am assuming that your thoughts of using a table saw means there is no bandsaw at your disposal.
  3. new to sharpening

    Cool! Was that all new or used?
  4. Music Boxes

    Those are really cool Ronn. Full of colors that I could see kids liking. Great job.
  5. Dovetail Chisels

    Drew, dovetails is something that I have no desire for but recently I have been listening to a lot of the past episodes of Fine Woodworking's Shop Talk Live and this subject comes up quite often. One of the things that is mentioned almost every time is that before you go out and by specific chisels, you need to go through the process numerous times so you start to see what goes on and where the chisels that you have fall short, or if they even do, then when you are looking at dovetail chisel features it will be more obvious what you will like or need in a chisel.
  6. The top trestle can from a design I am more or less copying. I am not to concerned about sag because with the thickness of the legs and the distance between them, there is only about 38 inches. But after muscling the top around its not going to hurt. Also if you are going to do an extension set up to your table those tracks are basically hanging from the underside of the table. Yea, Marc's doesn't have an upper trestle but did have a center support from the trestle. I think in Shane's table he had more then one support because it was longer then Marc's
  7. Yes, in my design at this point it would be down on hands and knees to store or retrieve them. Also there is a upper trestle right under the top and so any storage would show.
  8. New Shop, New Woodworker - Need advice please!

    First off welcome to the forums. Just looking at it on their website, I would be pretty skeptical of the jointer/planer that you are looking at. The aluminum fence on a jointer like that can be a real finicky situation that can cause you more frustration then joy. For roughly the same money you could consider a Powermatic 6 inch jointer and the Dewalt 735 13 inch planer (which is a pretty popular choice around here myself included). I have my planer on a mobile cart, even though it doesn't get moved, but like Drew said it is a good way to go in small areas. You can get a mobile base for the jointer if you want and these two tools would be about the same footprint as the grizzly unit and I think you would be happier. It is mindful to be cautious of lower priced combo tools.
  9. Yea we have a good old fashion hardware store about I mile from the house that has a pretty good line of that type of stuff. Between the table legs is less then 20 inches so you couldn't store them side by side and storing them end to end the table isn't long enough. Plus I am so used to seeing the present table leaves in my closet that I don't know how I would start the day if there wasn't table parts stored there.
  10. Yea probably. I was hoping it would be okay with out but I think I am going to have to add them. Don't want the turkey falling through the table on Thanksgiving.
  11. Next thing I did was attach the tracks to the bottom of the main section of the top. I centered the two battens and then spaced the tracks off of these using a .020 shim on each side so as to not pinch the inside track as this is the one that will slide in and out. It was a good thing that my outfit/assembly table was mobile because this project is really starting to tax my shop space. I had to move the hand tool bench and also had to keep rolling the assembly table to different spots depending on what I was doing and what end of the table I was working on. Then I attached the faux breadboard ends to the track ends. Then with some help I flipped it over and marked where I want to locate the pins for the leaves. First I marked out the breadboard and top. Then I put in the leaves and marked everything so all the pins will line up correctly. Pencil lines are a little hard to see. I used a self centering dowel jig and a 5/16 bit to drill the holes. I used a blue tape flag to mark the correct depth. The pins have small ribs on them and are pressure fit, they go in fairly easily with a small mallet. I used a non-mar mallet so i didn't accidentally flatten the tip of the pin. You can see at the far end that when I laid out and drilled for the pins I still hadn't cut the leaves to their final size. I wanted to make sure that if they shifted for any reason during the pin install I would still have enough to trim to size. After all the pins were installed I put all the leaves in place. Then I laid out the track for my track saw to trim everything to final size. The edge of the main section was a good reference so I set the track so it just skimmed the edge of the main section. I used the TSO fence guide at one end and then clamped the track from underneath at the other. and made the cut. All done. I have to do some sanding on the top parts and assemble the base and then on to finishing. but this was for the most part the end of construction. stay tuned more to come.
  12. Mahogany King Bed inspired by D & W

    I think you nailed it. Your wood selection, all the book match,but nothing isomer done. I really like the center panels and changing the direction of the book match, nice detail. I also like the curve being reversed on the footboard compared to the headboard.
  13. Where do you get your veneer?

    Ronn, I haven't done business with this place, i just remember hearing about it. You might have to contact them to see if they have what you are looking for.
  14. My shop overhaul

    Glad to see you finely got your saw. I know you have been saving a long time.
  15. Trestle Table

    Gotta be nice to have that extra equipment when you need it.