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  1. Trestle Table

    I am assuming this table is going to be a daily user. Whats your plans for finish... kids and all.
  2. Practice

    I used to go to far in the past. Now I go with just one or two light passes with a block plane, this works perfect for me.
  3. Post It Note Projects

    I am glad thats out in the open. Now we can all relax and have fun.
  4. Trestle Table

    Very cool work. Glad to see your journals back on the scene.
  5. Router Bit Storage

    Are you talking about one inch on center?
  6. Morris Chair

    I see you got the German Shepard pup out for some shop time.
  7. Shop Layout

    JT is you DC mobile, is that why it is in the center? If you don't want anything behind the Table saw, I would give some thought to putting your jointer (when you get it) to the right side of you table saw. Surface and joint one edge and your right at the table saw to clean up the other edge. If you could put your planer where the DC is you have a nice triangle for your milling. And your drum sander is right there also.
  8. Baby Boat

    That is really a beautiful project Isaac. That has the potential of being a family heirloom.
  9. Grizzly Coupons

    I just received an email from Grizzly with two coupons. One is for 10% off the purchase of a jointer and the other one is 10% of dust collector. They are both valid until April 1st. They say in the email that I indicated in two separate surveys of theirs that I indicated in one that my next purchase was going to be a jointer and the other survey that my next purchase was going to be a dust collector. Don't recall taking a survey, usually don't do that sort of thing. I don't know if these coupons are connected to my email address, but if someone is in the market for these two tools and wants to give them a try just send me a PM.
  10. China Cabinet

    I must be a real greenhorn because I just saw a whole handful of tricks here that I haven't seen before. I like the track saw track idea. I have a clamp down straight edge but it isn't very big and the tracks open a lot more length options with out having to make another purchase.
  11. Morris Chair

    Yea I don't see why the foam won't work. Its mainly there to give a little to help even out the pressure. Plus the pink will go better with the murals on your shop walls.
  12. Morris Chair

    I just watched Marc's section on building the form again because I was curious with what is been talked about with the forms. Here is my personal take away. One, Drew is probably partially correct in that it provided some ease of production for the benefit of the whole video series. Two there is a little science to what he has done buy cutting the bottom portion of the form and then cutting the top portion. If you were to extend that arc to a full half circle, think of making something like a form for the apron on a Demilune table. If you were to cut the forum with just a single cut on your bandsaw instead of two cuts to allowing for the space needed for you lamination, once you put your lamination in a forum from a single cut, the two halves of the form would not go together, you need to allow space for the lamination. And my third thought is that by building it to the size at which he did the cauls have a little more mass and there for when you apply your clamps you get a more even pressure across the whole lamination. It may be over kill but it probable provides less chance of gaps and other mishaps in the project.
  13. Better & Cheaper type of Scotchbrite Pads

    I moved it Tom I think I am going try these.
  14. Dremel Rotary Tools?

    I too think the variable speed is the wiser way to go.
  15. Yea, I think that any idea you come up with that doesn't involve renting a lift of some sort is going to be dicey at best.