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  1. We have had two or three articles in the news papers asking people to not use paper towels in place of TP. It doesn't dissolve the way TP does and can really muck up the sewer systems.
  2. All trolling aside, it looks to be some sort of molding and may require a finer cut at this point then one gets from the bandsaw
  3. Hmm, I thought I saw you doing just that.
  4. Welcome to the forums Dave I can't add any advise that isn't already stated but I do have t saw that is a nice looking Dresser. Well done!
  5. The table is looking good Ross. Did I miss a page in "The life of Ross" Were did the shed come in to being and was it built specifically to be your shop?
  6. Congratulations Ken and Sharon. I guess guys like us have one thing in common, we know how to find women willing to tolerate us for a long time.
  7. There are 4 beds that are 9' X 3' and 18 " deep mad from redwood 2 X 6's. I have one small on that is 2' X 4 '. We are doing some tomatoes, one beef steak and one grape, a cucumber. three bell peppers, a cantaloupe, butternut squash and bush beans.
  8. Well I spent most of the day prepping the raised vegetable beds for planting. Had some other yard tasks on the list but we got rained out.
  9. This is pretty much my standard operation. How quickly I turn off the machines for the day is in direct relation to the price per board foot of the material in use.
  10. Welcome to the forums and hoping to see more of your work. I see you made a nice upgrade from the Craftsman table saw.
  11. I thought I read on USAToday a few days back there were going to be plans put in place to give student loans some grace periods during this time.
  12. Even under these circumstances ??? That would seem a bit tight and not the best CS.
  13. The chair ended up looking beautiful. I think you fabric choice really enhanced the project. Sounds like you need a quick small stool project for her, then make the next chair.
  14. We have the shelter in place order but we can go out to exercise which I do. I walk about 5 miles a day for exercise and probably about another mile and a half with my dog for his. His is a slow pace because there are things that need sniffing by him. We have been outside getting the vegetable garden going and other spring projects in the yard. And I have some small shop projects going on. When went to the grocery store Thursday and marveled at the fact that things like TP and pasta and can goods were low or gone but remedies that may be useful if you were to come down with the virus or flu were fully stocked and untouched. We only showed for what we needed and got all but to items. People really need to get their heads out of their bums. Also stores are posting that there will be no refunds for hoarded items like TP and soaps and sanitizers and bottled water. We are supposed to be at the top of the animal kingdom but it doesn't take much for people to fall into the heard mentality.