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  1. Very nice. I like the grain of the three drawers and the over all shape of the sideboard with the curve of the legs.
  2. The extra holes are new but shouldn't matter. I have been using the Festool Granet, it is more money but it does seem to hold up better. I have been getting mine at a local Benjamin Moore Paint Store if you have one by you Coop.
  3. I would be willing to guess that Festool makes demands trying to get a bigger bite of a company's sales and when the company calls their bluff Festool pulls their stuff... for a while until they realize that they aren't going to get to bully their way and then bring their product back. Just a guess.
  4. Use two 22.5 degree elbows with about a 3 or 4 inch piece of pipe between them, this will give you a nice sweep to your turn.
  5. Chet


    Good way to really find out what tools you need for you personal work flow.
  6. I contacted (emailed) fuji for some information on a paint product I wanted to spray. I attached the tech sheet for the product and asked my questions. I did take them about a day to get back but it was good information when they did.
  7. That is really something else Mick. Very nice.
  8. The light at the end of the tunnel must be getting pretty bright.
  9. When you post photos of chores around the house only Cody is presenting the picture, Hmmm? Are you going to mill up any of it?
  10. I have 24 kitchen cabinet doors I have to make, I will send you the dimensions.
  11. I will jump in here and give you my opinion. I have the same feather board and really like it. Yes it only fits in the miter slot. I bought mine just to use on my band saw. It is pretty adjustable though, you pull the black lever on top of the handle, this allows the feather board to slide back and forth in the black track on the bottom. Simple release the lever, push it against the wood for the pressure you need to keep you work properly against the fence then lock the lever.
  12. Yea, but with the SawStop the damage is nothing like that, it's hard to even classify it a nick. But Dave, at least next time you make a cut like that you already have you zero clearance in place.
  13. I found that ear muffs can contribute to not turning the saw off. Sometimes it is after I turn the DC off that I notice the saw is running. My two brake trips were when using the miter gauge at an angle which changes the proximity of the fence to the blade. I still would rather have to replace a brake and blade over a digit.
  14. Coop, it's a bevel, you get the appearance of steps because it is ply. You are seeing edge grain on every other layer.