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  1. Cliff, there are three settings on the Domino that dictate how wide the slot is. Its a knob on top of the machine that you can adjust the width with, BUT make sure that when you change the setting that the Domino is turned on. I believe it mentions this in the manual. This is true. Fixing mistakes is part of the journey. Things are looking good.
  2. Chet

    Baby on board!

    Looks like it came fully assembled, thats a pretty nice deal. Congratulations on the new tool Mick.
  3. Chet


    Most times I wipe on one coat Garnet Shellac and then spray three coats of General Finishes High Performance - which is a waterborne poly. The shellac will give you nice warm tones and make the grain stand out. General Finishes also has another waterborne poly called enduroVar that has a little amber tone but it isn't the same appearance as ARS.
  4. I use General Finishes poly all the time. Same a Drew, said I use 1.3 cap set. I have used my gun all day, maybe 6 - 7 hours and had no problems between coats. I have a garage shop and spray in there with the man door open and the garage for up about 8 inches just for air flow. I haven't had a problem leaving material in the gun during this time, BUT I don't think I would stretch it over night with out cleaning. For cleaning I spray about a pint of water with a few drops of liquid dish soap. I shake it up some before spraying just to get the soap mixed with the water. After that I spray a pint of clear water through the gun. I just spray in to a bucket both times and then dump the water in the garden. Then I brake the gun down on an old towel to let the parts dry. I just use room temp water, warm would probably be okay, I don't think I would use hot water.
  5. Chet

    Ukulele Build

    You beat me to it. That look like it came out really nice John. Great work.
  6. You might try going the They have exploded diagrams of a lot of the tools they sell parts for.
  7. I have to do something like this for my F style clamps. What I have now does not make me happy. I can't help myself, I have to ask, whats up with the shop.
  8. Man, I wish I had thought of this Rick. That would have been a real fun build, I almost want to start over.
  9. It really not that bad. You just need to be patient and not get rambunctious with it. I have had days where after you start the milling process you hand can feel like you tried to choke a cactus... little tiny slivers all over. But I don't think it is as bad as people would have you believe.
  10. I should have added in my original post - I have been doing this for a while for new family babies. It comes with a little note saying that this is for storing "firsts" in the baby's life. Hospital bracelet when they come home, lock of hair from first hair cut, candle from first birthday cake, Bandaid from first scraped knee, first report card, AND first BAD report card, key to their first car along with first speeding ticket and so on.
  11. I made this for my niece's new baby boy. Just a small box from Wenge and Oak. I was trying to come up with something a little different for a handle on the lid... his name is Noah.
  12. Chet

    Staining Cherry?

    This is the real thing you need to worry about. Any stain matching now will end up being darker down the road. You have no real idea what the original cherry lumber looked like in terms of light or dark lumber and was the original piece stained and with what? Your could end up really chasing you tail. I think you safest bet would be to put it in the sun for a couple of days, do a light sanding and then put you top coat on. Let nature do the rest.