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  1. That is some real impressive work Dave. Perfect proportions if you ask me and Yea, that cross beam looks like a good place to rest your muddy boots.
  2. Just catching up on this. Those are some really nice looking boxes. This came just in time. I am remaking a music box for my brother and his wife. The movement is what is important to them, the box will be completely new. I want to use stop hinges for the lid but the only ones I had ever seen were the ones from Brusso. I have used those a couple of times and like them but they would be to chunky for this project. The ones you used here will be perfect.
  3. I like them both, but I really like the red grain in the first one.
  4. @gee-dub did this recently on his SawStop, hopefully he will see this.
  5. Challenging and fun should be the main requirement.
  6. Welcome to the forums Al. Being on the west coast, if your concerns or connected to the possibility of earthquakes then anchoring is something you may have to look into. Other then that you should be okay, unless you plan on some other activity like tackle football taking place in the same room.
  7. I have had the PVC on my dust collection system up for eight years and I got shocked one time right by my Dewalt 735 and I attribute it to the fan on the Dewalt blowing the chips out at an increased speed. The shock, at most, was the same as you can get from new carpet. I got shocked from a 240 amp arc welder once... and only once, now that will get your attention.
  8. Some years back Tom Cancelleri, a past member here, bought a large bandsaw that looked like the cast iron table had been stored in the ocean. It had some serious rust that he used Evap-o-Rust on and I don't recall him complaining of a film or coating being left behind. The top looked remarkable when he was done cleaning it.
  9. My wife and I have always enjoyed that type of music but when we had a young family we started buying season tickets to San Jose Symphony's Summer Pops series as a way to force us to get a baby sitter and go out on dates. The summer series was always done with guest conductors from all over the country. One of the features of the summer series was before starting each piece the conductor would point out certain parts or instruments to listen to or pay particular attention to. Over time it was like going from AM radio to high end stereo gear with how we learned to listen to music.
  10. Chet

    My New CNC

    That is really beautiful, certainly not bad for just you second go.
  11. Chet

    Fire Nearby

    The state of California IS an earthquake zone.
  12. I was thinking of this also. Maybe her website might have a way you can contact her and see if she can point you to a better forum or learning source.
  13. B&D makes a lot of stuff that is badged for Harbor Freight.