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  1. This can be a factor of two things, the total weight of the load and trailer together and then the wheels. The wheels and tires on those trailers are fairly small and will be spinning many more times per distance traveled the the wheels and tires of your vehicle that you are pulling it with and you can over heat the bearings.
  2. I have this one Festool Hose Your existing hose plugs in to the large end fitting and then the other end has the same fitting that fits your tools.
  3. One of the best Festool purchases I have made was the hose extension. I find myself using it in the shop more then I thought and I can vacuum the vehicles with out moving the CT out of the garage. And if I was sanding windows 18 ft of the ground I would have to balance the CT on a garbage can.
  4. Yea they don't do any sales other then the free mobile base or over arm offer. So I would just do it, just rip that band aid off. You will be happy with your purchase.
  5. Chet

    plunge router

    Why would you want to bypass the switch. How would you safely power it on and off that way? Is there some place on the body were you could drill the appropriate hole for a simple toggle switch that you can operate will holding the router safely?
  6. I agree with both of these. Its what I use in my Incra lift.
  7. I hate when I assume because I very rarely assume correctly. I have started to remind myself that assuming will more then likely create extra work.
  8. You keep moving this date... You are running out of calendar.
  9. Chet

    Drill bits

    I have a set of bread point bits that I got from Rockler called Shop Basics and I have been pleased with them. Smallest one in the set is 1/8 s o Don't really know if they would have a tendency to break at the smaller sizes. My twist bit feet is a real old Craftsman from when they were making quality stuff. I broke the 1/16 bit numerous times in that set but I think you could do that in any quality set it is so thin. I ended up buying a whole handful of that size just because they broke so easily.
  10. Yea that knob is going to hurt when it ends up, upside someones head. I really like the design Rick, Very cool.
  11. Looks like some pretty good use of your space Jermey.
  12. I think you will get more positive reviews around here on this Ridgid Table Saw then the Delta you mentioned above. Get a battery operated Circular saw like this Battery operated Circular Saw and carry it in your vehicle so you can cut lumber down to size that will fit in the car. And Welcome to the forum Scooby
  13. Chet


    The top has some interesting grain in it. I think it looks pretty good even though it is not a book match and the color you got with the finish is pretty cool.
  14. Welcome to the forums Richard and thanks for your service to our country.