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  1. No I don't Ken. It kind of went from my head to the proto type and once I was satisfied with that I took it apart to use as set up templates.
  2. I am starting a project that I have been thinking about for years and for different reasons have been putting of. My Dad served in WWII in the Navy and my Father in law was a career Navy man and veteran of WWII, Korea And Viet Nam. I have both of there flags and have wanted to build cases for them both but really wanted to do something a different from the normal looking cases. I have spent a lot of time thinking about this and worrying that I would finish them and then come up with a better idea... time wasted sort of. Then this last November my youngest sister lost her husband in a car accident. He also spent four years in the Navy and then almost 40 more working as a government employee with the Navy in weapons development and that is all he could tell us. All three of them were true God and Country men. When my sister asked me to make a case for his flag I figured it was time to get of my duff and do all three at once. I have come up with some design ideas and made a couple of proto types out of poplar to kind of work out the details and to see if what was in my head would actually look good and work. All three will be the same and made out of Sapele. I went to the lumber yard today and got this really nice of 8/4, 10 inches by 12 feet piece. Did my rough layout and then broke it down using my jigsaw. Then over to the band saw to rip it to rough width and then resew it to rough thickness. After that I sticker it all and I am going t let it set for a few days to see if it wants to move in any way. I honestly don't think it will, while I was breaking it down to this point I didn't get the feeling I was releasing and tension. But you never know.
  3. I have been wanting t build a new stand for the planer for years, but yes, adding two new sustainers to the floor space finally kicked me into gear on the stand. I am glad now that I didn't build the stand for the planer a couple of years ago, when I first started thinking about it because now I would be building it again to accommodate the Festool stash.
  4. No I haven't really thought about that. I use an igaging block for setting my table saw but never thought about anything for the planer.
  5. I have had this small cart that I built for my first lunchbox planer. Then I got the Dewalt 735 and modified the cart to make it work for the new jointer, then I move the jointer and had to make some modifications to make it work in the new location. Needless to say it was becoming a real Frankenstein of a cart and it was small and just a bit top heavy. The other thing that was creeping into my shop was a handful of Festool Systainers. So this last Saturday I decided to remedy both problems with one project. One sheet of pre-finished plywood and six sets of drawer glides later I had this. I tried everything out with the end of my scraps from my dining table build from last year. So at the end of the day I had this. Then this afternoon with some plywood scraps I made this little rack for my sanding discs. I still have to get some finish on it but I used up what little I had on the trim of the planer cabinet. I hung it on the side of the cabinet that hold the drum sander and all my other sanding supplies. I used a french cleat to hang it.
  6. Yea I heard about this a year or so back they were talking about them on FFW's Shoptalk live.
  7. All that time keeping the shop clean with the help of a good DC shot to hell in an instant.
  8. Always good to add to the skills.
  9. Chet

    New tool brag

    I just figured I would sell it to you. But I am pretty sure it is staying were it is.
  10. I use Senco brads in Senco guns also with no problems and I was going to ask the same things mentioned above.
  11. I do mostly relative dimensioning once the project gets going but one important thing to remember is what ever tape measure you use, use the same one all the way through a project. Don't switch back and forth during the project.
  12. Welcome the the forums Doc. I use Feud Rip and Cross Cut full kerf blades and I have less hp then you do and the only thing that slows me down some is something like 8/4 maple. I think some thing that really helps is cleaning the blades regularly. I am a little hesitant about thin kerf because of the potential for deflection.