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  1. Chet

    refinishing a dining table top

    Arm R Seal is a top coat. You don't need anything else before or after. Wipe on and it levels real nice. I lightly sand with 400 between each coat, usually 3 coats. On top surfaces that get the biggest chance of wear I will put a fourth coat but I dilute it about 5:1 Arm R Seal to mineral spirits. This helps it flash off quicker, which in turn creates less chance of dust nibs drying on the final surface.
  2. Chet

    Shaker huntboard

    You might try mocking up a double door on both sides and see how that looks.
  3. Chet

    refinishing a dining table top

    What Terry said.
  4. Chet

    Scrap wood step stool

    Kids in the shop learning, Nothing better. Sounds like she understands the process. I do the same thing and I am not 3 anymore.
  5. Chet

    Wedding Favors

    They are looking great Tom. Congratulations to you and your future bride. Enjoy the day.
  6. Chet

    Plant stand

    From what I see it came out great. This is true. This is true, too.
  7. Chet

    Polka Dot Box

    My thoughts exactly and it will be used again in that capacity for projects of this nature.
  8. This was a simple box that I made for my niece's new baby girl. The inside and outside are Wenge the polka dots are Maple. I used box joints on the corners and the handle on the lid is also made of maple. I kind of got the idea from one of Matt Kenney's boxes in his book 52 boxes in 52 weeks.
  9. Chet

    Morris Chair

    It looks good and thanks for the preview but it doesn't count until the final pictures are from its final location in your house.
  10. Chet

    Entry Level Workbench

    You show them the safest way to use the tool, you realize that they don't want to stick the fingers in a spinning blade any more then you do, but you still get nervous. Then you turn the shop lights off for the day and go have a beer... or two.
  11. Chet

    stickley bench project

    I used a laminating and veneer technique to get thick legs with normal dimension stock in my Arts and Craft sideboard build. It should help you get an idea of how to make your legs the dimension you need. It is one of the first things I did so it is in the first part of the journal below.
  12. Chet

    Garnet Shellac

    You definitely don't want garnet shellac on your holly stringing because you will loose its nice white appearance. you also need to protect the areas where th stringing and inlays will go from the shellac or the adhesive may not hold properly.
  13. Chet

    A differnt type of project

    That is really cool Ronn. I am with Drew, reminds me of childhood toys of mine.
  14. Another option if you want to use butt hinges is to add a hinge strip to the left side. I circled it in the photo below. This gives you the room you need for the door to swing open. The ones I installed here were the same thickness as the door and 1/4 wide. Do your hinge mortise work before you install the hinge strip to the leg. Obviously you will need to adjust your door sizes to allow for the hinge strip.