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  1. He reaches for your pencil, you wack him on the knuckles with you big rasp, that should slow him down.
  2. Chet

    Covid-19 Vaccine

    Some times its just a challenging with people that fall in the adult category.
  3. Chet

    Covid-19 Vaccine

    My wife and I had no ill effects at all, not even a sore arm. We were kind of surprised because my wife almost always has a drab day or two after her regular flu shots.
  4. See Coop, I not the only one that helps you spend your pension.
  5. Yea, let them do the grunt work, you have more important things to build.
  6. Yes I think I would make the angle a little steeper, but just as important to the angle is where the under cut starts in relation to the top edge. You want to decide on how thick you want the outside edge of the top to be. The nice thing about it is you can sneak up on it, take an 1/8" off and see how it looks. If you not happy take another 1/8" and so on until your happy.
  7. Very nice results. Looks great.
  8. I have also noted that the older I get the heavier the light wood gets.
  9. You might look into using hardwood veneer ply like oak or maple from you big box store. It is mostly the construction grade material that seems to be seeing the high prices. In my local Lowes 3/4 Maple was $58 a sheet and 3/8 OSB was $38. You wouldn't want to us OSB for you top but the pricing in my location tells me you might want to look at hardwood ply.
  10. You left out tchotchke's and bric-a-brac. This looks to be fun and challenging.
  11. Ya gotta love when a plan comes together.
  12. Welcome Leah, A block plane is pretty much a one handed tool Hand saws can be used one handed although they are a little easier to start using both. The Japanese pull saw might be easier one handed. A wood rasp can be used one handed but there are times when two would be preferable. Jig saw is a power tool that is one handed. You can get them in two grip styles, "D" hand and barrel grip. Orbital sanders are another one handed power tool. Cordless drills are another tool that can be operated one handed and there are some smaller, lighter versions out there that
  13. That is pretty cool. Congratulations. I had a neighbor that got me into trap shooting back in the early 80's. I got 18 birds on my first try and never cam close to that again. Gave it up after a couple of years because of a growing family and we moved out the area.
  14. I'd be careful about how you approach the rest of the day.