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  1. Hey, great to see you back here Graham.
  2. Welcome to the forums Mr. H. Very nice. Were they done with hand tools exclusively?
  3. I have a very small "N" gauge set up with no scenery at this point. Even in N Gauge the locomotive I have was around $200. I got it to have something to do when the weather won't let me be in the shop. I am looking at building some of the scenery using wood scrapes from the shop. Making up some veneers that I can then cut with an exacto knife and straight edge in the warmth of my home for small buildings. It may not be show worthy but it should keep me entertained.
  4. That really need up looking beautiful. The pull really sets it off nicely.
  5. I don't have one but they are real popular with model railroaders to make scenery for their layouts. It wouldn't take long to get your money back compared to the prices of the pre-made scenery that the companies sell.
  6. I have looked at bow sanders off and on. Yours looks like the smaller one from Lee Valley. Is that size the only one you have? When I look at the Lee Valley ones the smaller seems more useful.
  7. When you are drooling profusely from the mouth in anticipation of what is to come, it is hard to remember to take pictures. I speak from experience.
  8. The top looks great Coop. That tree has served you well. I think the handles are going to work well also. I am like Coop I spray the High Performance in light coats. I also spray more coats on flat surfaces that will see use. I had a past member here tell me that it was best to spray a heavier last coat. I did and regretted it. It ended up being cloudy. I had to let it cure real well, sand it back and start over. So don't do that.
  9. I think in the DYI realm this is true but I had a brother in law that was an architect and we went to his trade show a few times. We saw some really nice looking countertops that were a surprise to find out they were concrete. Most companies were using recycled concrete a long with other recycled materials.
  10. I use something like this Coop. Clamp Light
  11. I have read some of her articles and one of her books. The stories in her book of dealing with some of her clients makes her a saint in my mind. I would have strangled some of them for their attitudes. She also strikes me as being a fun person to have a beer with. Rest in Peace Nancy.
  12. Thats a cool work around to half blind dovetails.
  13. I need a nap from just reading this.
  14. Chet

    Clearance Sale

    I'm just spit balling here but depending on how old it is I would guess some where between 50 and 30 percent of the original price.
  15. ... Just don't call me anything obscene or Late to dinner. Looking forward to watching this. That nice straight grain in the legs is beautiful. I wish I could find walnut like that around here. My hardwood dealer always looks like it is going out of business for the last year.