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  1. That certainly looks like it will do the job for years to come.
  2. Great results Bmac. I do like the fabric, nice choice.
  3. That looks like an interesting place.
  4. Knowing you machine, confidence in your set up and having your head in the game makes the difference. Having said that, good time for a auxiliary tall fence.
  5. Chet


    Congratulations Dave. That seems to be a rare occasion these days.
  6. I am a little below the surface, I'm not sure it is as much as a 1/32" though.
  7. It was made just for this job. I hang on to jigs like this, then get tired of looking at them and toss them out, then instantly have a use for one of them. So I start the circle of life all over again.
  8. It was made just for this job.
  9. Continuing on... This is the hardware I am using to attach the side boards to the legs each part sets flush in a sallow mortise and attaches with screws. I'm thinking it will be easier to rout the mortises for the hardware before gluing the legs to the foot board panel section. I have been working mainly on the foot board at this time, but as with some of the other steps it seems to make sense to do the mortises in all four legs and the two side boards at the same time. So first up was prepping the side boards. After milling them flat I need to rip them to width and cut them to final length. My shop doesn't have the space to do this on any of the stationary equipment, so I am using the track saw. Cleaned up one edge and the ripped to width. After ripping the two sides I was able to pretty up both edges on the jointer. This was the set up for cutting to length. I used my shorter track along with the TSO guide rail square. I made up a jig to cut the mortises along with the plunge router and a 1/2 long pattern bit. Then leaving the jig in place as a guide I cleaned up the corners with a chisel. And the fit. The legs were pretty much the same process. The leg fit. I do have one more step to do on the legs.
  10. Chet

    New Shop Thread

    I need to get some better spring clamps, would this fall in that category?
  11. Do you know anything about the history of the house? The odd sizes of the door and things sounds like it may have been "hand built" by the original owner and things were built to function more then built to a standard. Probably keep them from rattling during certain times of the year too.
  12. Its was a 3"diameter cove bit from Infinity. I took several passes to keep the cuts nice and clean.
  13. Anywhere in California we would be calling it under water year.
  14. I was pleased with the way they came of the saw, but they have been sanded. A couple things went into this. I wanted the top panels of both the foot board and head board to have sort of a recessed look the the top drawer of the night stands. If you look at the last picture of my first post about the bed, the dry fit picture, the two top panels are resawn and book matched and the grain sort of follows the grain and curve of the top rail. Hope that makes sense.
  15. made some caps for the legs. I started with some blocks 1 3/4" thick and the same width and depth as the legs. I set the table saw blade at 15° and cut the two short sides and then the two long sides, pushing a scrap behind them so I didn't get any digits tangled up in the saw blade. I took some lengths of scraps and made up some molding to go with the caps and also at the base of the legs. I there should be way more then needed of the three different moldings but I don't want to have to go back and recreate something at the last minute. Next thing up was to put a coat of shellac on the panels and the edges of all the stiles and rails before I start the glue ups. I put some blue tape on the edges where glue will be applied. The first part of the foot board glue up was the lower section that has the three panels. When that dried I added the horizontal panels and top rail to the bottom section. After that came out of the clamps I used a flush trim bit and straight edge to trim just a fuzz off of the edges so the legs will set perfectly flush with the panel section. I think it would have been fine but this extra step assures a nice fit and it removed a heavy 1/32 of an inch.