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  1. Well, from now when it comes to sharing safety points about using a branding iron you can now officially say, "you are probably wondering how I know this".
  2. I have started doing the inside first and winding the paper to the outside. It is a lot easier to deal with the outside clip last.
  3. Chet

    Small Miter Box

    Well it is a pretty nice looking pencil box. A happy mistake.
  4. Chet

    Small Miter Box

    Cool box Coop, it has some real nice grain features. Wasn't there originally plans to us some spalted lumber? Did you decide to save that for something else?
  5. Are you sure he glued it in or did he just insert it into the groove and glue the box itself. If he just inserted it into the groove with no glue then the panel is allowed to float giving it room to move, which would be much because it is a small project.
  6. In the video posted above Marc talks about using an online calculator that Rockler has for figuring out the design of different shapes shutters
  7. Raised beds are the way to go. The soil stays in much better shape because the drainage is way better so the soil doesn't compact the same. I still have to till it but I wouldn't call it back breaking at all. I made the beds 18 inches high, the soil inside is about 14 inches deep.
  8. Slow as it is, Its the gift that keeps on giving.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving to all... and safe travels to all that are on the road.
  10. Chet

    Bending wood

    This is why I like the square drive. It does look like it turned out real nice.
  11. I know your piece isn't nessekaryly an antique but you might try contacting this gentleman. He also has a YouTube channel called Thomas Johnson Antique Furniture Restoration that may be of some help.
  12. Okay, now that you have the turners, what is Lefse?
  13. If they left there mark some where it will most likely be on the under side or inside of the parts. You might try contacting this organization.