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  1. I am looking forward to watching on this build.
  2. Don't put anything on my cast iron surfaces including your sweaty mitts. When you are done with it put it away, that way you will know where it is when you need it next time.
  3. This is probably a good next step. When I got my Incra table and Lift (lift is made by Jessum) the instructions for adjusting the lift, based on the type of motor you were sticking in it were less then helpful. The motor was mounting a heavy fuzz off center. I called Incra and in about thirty seconds he had me understanding what I needed to adjust and all is perfect now.
  4. You have to pay attention to this. You can't automatically run your router at max RPM, you have to adjust the speed based on the diameter of the bit. Small diameter bits can take high RPM but the larger the bit the slower the RPM needs to be.
  5. Thats a great looking start. Trying to add a new technique or new tool to each project is a good way to grow your skills.
  6. On a lot of the fences the cursor with the hairline is adjustable, usually a couple of screws to loosen and then slide the lense to one side or the other until the hairline is over the number. If yours is adjustable, all you need to do is set your fence to a distance from the inside or fence side of the blade, say 10 inches then lock the fence. Once you have done this, adjust the hairline on you saw until it is over the 10 inch mark on the guide rail of the fence. This should give you a real close match to you tape measure. If you change the tape measure you use then you have to re-check this setting, each tape measure can and probably will read a little different from the other. Even the same brand can be slightly different.
  7. Chet

    New guy

    This is a great place to ask and learn. Welcome to the forums Rocko.
  8. Correct. Of course they will be once I add glue. I kind of got the idea from Mick. I couldn't figure out another way to do it at least on the table saw because the leg tenon isn't centered on the leg, it is offset.
  9. The pyramids for the stool were cut on the table saw with the blade set at 15 degrees and then sanded in the direction of the grain on all four surfaces using my good ol' prepin weapon sanding blocks, went 120, 150, 180 then with just a small piece of 320 to finish it off. For the chair arms I milled up a piece of stock about 8 inches long. The 8 inches was just to give me enough to work with when cutting it and then holding it in the vise to sand and in case I messed up on my first try. I ran it through the drum sander until I had the perfect fit in the arm mortise. Then I cut a pyramid on each end and sanded it that same way as before. I cut a 1/4 inch of the top of the existing tenon on the front legs. Then I cut the pyramid at a length that would fit down onto the top of the leg tenon. I sanded the bottom of the pyramids until I had an exposure that I was happy with. I will glue the pyramids in after the chair is all assembled.
  10. Thats good to know. I have a lot of extra length too, so I will do some trys first before I cut to length. Thanks for the information. I have been trying to think if there may be another to go about this too.
  11. All the slats for the back rest are glued up. There was more spring back in these then the arms but I new that was going to be the case going in because Marc talked about it in the videos. So just to keep that to a minimum I left each on in the clamp-up over night. I got the leg that I buggered up re-done and then cut the pyramids on the top of each. Then I did the same on the front chair legs with the thru mortise and tenon. Left arm. Right arm Next up I have to make the jig for cutting the tenons on the back slats. Getting close to a glue up or two.
  12. Thats interesting, their website is still up and working.
  13. This isn't a problem, all the stock I am working with I from the same tree. I actually re-made the leg today. I was just really upset at making a dumb, dumb, dumb mistake.