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  1. If you want it darker I would just put a second coat of shellac, but sapele will darken on its own over time so I think I would be cautious about getting it too dark in the finish process.
  2. The top picture was under lest then ideal light and the bottom was under shop lights, it was for the detail of he pyramid. The picture below is probably the best example of how it looks overall but as the light moves the color and highlights change. If you are familiar with Sapele it can be hard to describe the color because of the ribbon pattern I always use de-waxed shellac flakes. If you use shellac that isn't de-waxed you can have problems with your top coats not wanting to bond. I generally use a 2 pound cut but I mix in small usable portions, it has a decent shelf life but I would rather mix for the job. I get my shellac flakes from Wellermart they are the cheapest I have found.
  3. I have done a few projects recently with Sapele. I didn't do a pore fill on any of them and my finish is a simple one. I sand to 180 grit then one coat of garnet shellac NOT the pre made stuff, I mix my own flakes, after it drys I block sand lightly with 400 then I spray 3 coats of General Finishes High Performance Satin, this is a water borne finish, lightly sanding between each coat with 400. Here is a picture of a chair I finished this way and a close up of one of the arms to give you an idea of the finished look.
  4. I always enjoy following your work and it is always top notch.
  5. I have the Incra table with the Incra lift made by Jessum, I have had it for over 5 years now. The table top is Phenolic and I have had no problems or complaints.
  6. Chet

    New shop storage

    Yea, I thought so too. I was having a hard time coming up with a way to store them that I was happy with, then I saw this on another forum. I am real please with how their idea turned out.
  7. Chet

    New shop storage

    The black labels are black anodized aluminum that has been engraved using an engraving machine I have for a part time business I own doing awards for schools and individuals. Its how I pay for my woodworking habit. I did the cut outs using a couple of circle patterns I made. I drilled a hole with a Forstner bit in the center of the cut out about a quarter of an inch deep then using my router with a bushing I made a pass around the inside of the circle that was about an 1/8 inch deep. after that I starting in the center hole and wasted everything else away until I got to the first routed circle but when I did the waste away I had the bit set just over 1/16 of an inch deep. this way when the blade sits, the teeth are over the deeper circle, this way the blade isn't resting on the teeth. It was time consuming, there are 14 cut outs and it took the better part of a day.
  8. Chet

    New shop storage

    I have had this drawer cabinet under my saw for three years and over time have decided that I wasn't totally happy with how it was working out and it also created a bit of a knuckle scrapper when using the hand wheel to adjust the blade tilt on the saw. So after seeing a blade storage idea that I really liked on another forum I decided it was time to start fresh and replace the old one. The old one had three drawers with ridge foam insulation that had been routed out to hold blades and other fixtures and tools. The new one also has three drawers, with one drawer at this time, with nothing in it so thats a plus. Its also five inches narrower so the knuckles are safe. I still have to get one more knob for the little drawer at the top but I stuck on a scrap of sapele for now so I can get in to it. A peek of the old one in the bottom of the picture. And the NEW - Plenty of room to turn now.
  9. Yea, you have a tough nut to crack there. Two simple rules to alway try to keep in play is use as little of the flex hose as you can and avoid tight turns it is better to use two 45 degree fittings then one 90 degree fitting. I know none of that helps you. How about moving the placement of your saw so you have more room between it and the partition. You would probably have to build in a filler strip on the top deck on the outfield side but it would give you a more usable amount of room off your port. Looking at your pictures I am not sure you have enough room to even get a 90 on there as it sits now.
  10. Couldn't have said it better.
  11. First thing I would say, if this is a business I would talk with your insurance agent and see how much your insurance would go down with the SawStop. Their answer may help your decision. My SawStop is just the PCS model but I have been extremely happy with it and the fit and finish is spot on and the assembly instructions were some of the best I have seen.
  12. After having it on my Morris chair for a month I think you should give mohair a look. Its not like back in the day were the choices were gray and gray, now there are quite a large number of colors... and after looking at a lot of them I went with gray but they did have some nice blues.
  13. They're pretty new, it was just introduced this past July at AWFS in Las Vegas.
  14. I would have to say that in my heart I lean toward Arts & Crafts styles and I think this might come from the fact that there is a lot of A&C influence in the national park lodges that I have visited over the years. But in reality if you were to see my home it is a hodge podge of styles because in the end if I see something that interests me and looks fun and challenging to build then that is what drives me.
  15. I do the same thing my rip is their glue line rip and I have been real happy with the freud blades. I have had the ones I have now for 5 years and only sharpened them once. Keep them clean and don't abuse them and they hold up well If I were to get a combo I would probably be looking at the Woodworker II.