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  1. Chet

    Large miters

    What is mentioned above is a good way to go. This wouldn't work. Unless you cut the two miters to equal degrees the front edges of your shelves won't line up, one will be set back some from the other.
  2. That makes two of us. I will probably get the stainless steel then.
  3. Chet

    A Roubo from beams?

    There you go, some visual proof of progress. Nice!!!
  4. Chet

    Twin Turbo Vise

    Unless you are in the Steam Punk crowd. Yea, on Friday live it looked to be zero racking.
  5. Chet

    Closet Remodel.

    Does SHE have a name?
  6. Chet

    Twin Turbo Vise

    I was pretty intrigued by these when I saw them. I'm thinking about getting it as a tail vise set up. Ronn with this being in the kickstart phase did they already bill your card?
  7. Chet

    Hand tool cabinet in maple

    I would bet that by the time you get it planed it won't even show. Not much different then a full sized panel just not centered.
  8. Frank, When I built my dining table, I was headed down this road. We found a chair that we liked the design of but it was painted, which we didn't like. It was at a store that sold to restaurants so you were able to buy a single chair. I had taken it apart and was figuring out how much wood I would need when my wife bailed me out by finding some chairs that she really liked that were solid wood and I designed the table around them and was even lucky enough to find out how they finished them so it was easy to match the table. I wasn't really looking forward to making 6 of the same thing but having taken the chair apart, using the pieces for templetes was going to make the job easier. You just have to remember that if you have to cut a part out to get it a part, add enough to the length of your rough cuts to allow for your joinery that you cut away.
  9. I don't have a tail vise right now but I do have the Veritas inset vise that pretty much serves the same purpose. I would say that I use it versus the leg vise in easily a 50/50 ratio maybe even closer to 60/40 tail vise to leg vise. I us it to hold work for router and domino work along with a lot of hand tool work. The inset vise has served me well but I us it enough that I am looking for options for a more traditional end vise for the type of bench.
  10. That came out great, a really nice build. Interesting detail on he chop. I've been wanting to get work lamp like that for my bench for certain tasks.
  11. Chet

    Hand tool cabinet in maple

    Just a little but that is what makes it interesting around here ... and educational.
  12. Chet

    Popular Woodworking

    His comments echo a lot of what is happening in all types of businesses.
  13. Chet

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Get some sun screen on the bills. Tent trailer in the driveway now, rents cheap.
  14. Chet

    Hand tool cabinet in maple

    As far as the cart, what if you cut a piece of ply the same length as the cart but wide enough to support the dust deputy barrel more completely and then just bolt it to the cart. you might only need it to be half inch thick ply.