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  1. Thats usually when I have my best ideas also.
  2. Thats some pretty good stuff considering your layoff Duck. Is that a picture of an ostrich or me in the morning before the coffee is done?
  3. Just a tip in case you plan on doing this again. I learned this from Phillip Morley. Next time just cut the mistake rabbet all the way and then make a patch for the entire length of the piece. That way your whole glue line is parallel with the grain instead of where you can see it when it crosses the grain. Pretty much invisible that way. Not to bad though, the way yours came out.
  4. I had a Chocolate Labrador 20 years ago that love eating tomatoes off our vines and he had a real knack for picking them at the perfect time. Some times he would be laying on the grass with two or three tomatoes just munching away.
  5. Chet

    Domino Time

    I would agree with this.
  6. How about a third and untried option of wasting away just shy of your line with the saw and then using the router and trammel to get to your line. might have created less smoking on the cherry. Kind of an in between the two techniques you used.
  7. Also looks like a break room or something below. I would be concerned with stuff falling of the stair treads as well as peoples shoe and on to people's food and drink.
  8. I did mine 1 1/2 on center. If you were to have a couple of different style molding or raised panel bits that may be a couple of inches in diameter or more and if you want them side by side for organizational reasons, you could end up with the blades banging against each other. I ran in to this with my 1 1/2 inch layout and have to have them away from each other. Every time I open my bit drawer I have to avert my vision so it doesn't bug me that they aren't lined up.
  9. Chet

    Domino Time

    Good glue coverage on face and edge grain will give you most of your strength in a mortise and tenon joint. But there are times when you may want to take the time to fit the tenon more closely to the mortise all the way around. Any project that will under go stress or racking in the course of its lifetime could suffer premature failure with larger gaps at the end of the mortise.
  10. That came out real nice Isaac. What a cutie in the test sit picture. By the way I hate to be the one to inform you, but that saw in the forth picture isn't a Veritas Western Style Saw. But hey if you cut those dovetails with that saw who am I to criticize.
  11. This is correct. Everybody is not listed on there its just a source to start the process when you move to a new area.
  12. Here is the link to the miter sled Coop mentioned above.
  13. Doing it in sections will work fine. All your glue lines will be lost in the design of the overall profile. I did something similar to this years ago using three different crown moldings to make a mantel for our fire place.