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  1. I live in California and Prop 65 is an absolute joke. It is even on restaurant entrances if they sell wine. It is a non thing as far as I am concerned.
  2. You mean you didn't have to count them before you signed for delivery?
  3. Chet

    Chop saw

    This is always a good plan "A", then you can move on to things that may cost money.
  4. I love smoked chuck we use it for all sorts of things Sandwiches, burritos, tacos, even stir it in with fried rice. I usually do about 30-40 pounds at a time on the smoker. I am going to be interested in how this turns out, it could be a real cool deal for woodworkers.
  5. If you use and oil based finish make sure you let the rag air dry before throwing it away.
  6. Thats a good way to stretch out the holiday season. Enjoy the new tool.
  7. What can you say about friends, eh?
  8. I use these Holey Galahad And Amazons price is Cheaper by about $15 over Woodcraft. I like this brand because of the holes in the wheel. With the holes, when it is spinning you can still see your work at the point of contact. This is especially nice if you are working away from or toward a line.
  9. What Coop Said. So much for used gear, eh?
  10. Chet

    New Shop Thread

    I think I would rather do insulation and sheet rock before I spent, how many hours did you say, on my hands and knees with a caulk gun. Are you going to do any ply or T1-11 over the sheet rock so you don't always have to be looking on the floor for your stud witness marks?
  11. I have a Veritas Jack plane and I am real happy with it but I don't use my plans as much as Chestnut. Mine are used to mainly assist in my power tool work. A good way to think of the Jack plane is in its name. Jack as in Jack of all trades master of none.
  12. Welcome to the forums Richard. I am no where were you but you might have some luck locating lumber near you with this site, Just enter your Zip Code.
  13. Chet

    2021 Exhibition

    Congratulations Mark. It is a well deserved honor for you.
  14. My Incra fence has a micro adjust, every click moves the fence one thou. Really nice feature if you need to go back to a set up.
  15. That came out nice and should out last you. Green is one of my favorite colors. Great job.
  16. I have that same roller/applicator. I have been using it for bent lamination glue ups, I've been real happy with it and it certainly speeds things up.
  17. Just a point for future reference. Once you have mill to final size you don't really want to sticker your parts any more. Milling in stages is good and while you are doing this you sticker to allow air flow which allows the wood to lose moister which may cause to wood to move i.e. cup, bow twist or what not. But once you mill to final dimension you don't want the movement anymore so skip the stickers and just stack it up. Some people even place it in garbage bags or shrink wrap it.
  18. Chet

    New Shop Thread

    I thought it ran on Dilithium Crystals.
  19. Also if you make a purchase online that you don't pay your states sales tax on you are supposed to declare it when you file your tax return. Our CPA asks us every year almost as soon as we sit down at her desk and yes I am honest, almost to a fault, I find I sleep better that way.
  20. Good to hear @curlyoak.
  21. The real problem in finding tools right now is a lot of places went through Covid shut downs and it is taking time to get the supply change fully operational again. SawStop is in Oregon, a state that was hit pretty hard in this whole thing. I have seen many comments elsewhere of people waiting months to get Sawstops they ordered. Powermatic and Festool are that way too on some things.
  22. Still wouldn't want it at that price.
  23. Looks like they started posting a month ago. This is good, we don't get his program out here. I don't know how or who does or PBS programing but it stinks.
  24. That picture gives me the heebie jeebies.
  25. If that shoe belong to my wife that board would barely be 6 inches wide, well maybe 7.