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  1. I was going to say the same thing, I think it looks pretty good for pine and I bet when you get you top coat on you will be happy.
  2. That's some real top notch work, lots of well done detail.
  3. I just had to replace my Hepa filter on the CT, $75.00 for paper mounted in a flexible plastic frame.
  4. I had one of the very first additions of the wobble dado and the registration marks for setting it were probably 1/8 inch off, no help at all.
  5. Yes it does. Thats the same hood Got with my 1400 and my CT has the original hose. The hose goes into the hood connector.
  6. This is the way I would do it.
  7. I think CSH is a better quality too. I by all mine from there.
  8. I have that knob resting between the base of my thumb and index finger when I am using mine.
  9. You're going to like it I have their large.
  10. Is that one of the Veritas models Coop?
  11. I wouldn't know how to drink my morning coffee if I didn't have a paper, news paper. I need a page to turn to trigger my next sip.
  12. I am working on a kitchen renovation right know and everyday has been like that.
  13. Man, that song takes me way back. And I will pretty much listen to anything involving Billy Gibbons. Ross, any idea who the young girl playing bass is? She was on stage with some pretty tall company there and holding her own.
  14. Been there done that. When I was a boy scout we were on a back packing trip and I started losing my footing on a down hill stretch, I reached out to brake my fall and ended up grabbing a hand full of stinging nettle. I couldn't close my hand for about five days.
  15. That would have made a lot of racket if it would have gotten pulled through the entire run.
  16. Chet

    Sapele Wood

    My humble opinion is Sapele stands best by itself. There is probably an accent wood that would work with it but I like it on its own.
  17. Chet

    Sapele Wood

    I paid $7.65 a board foot for 8/4 sapele about a year ago.
  18. Very nice. I like the grain of the three drawers and the over all shape of the sideboard with the curve of the legs.
  19. The extra holes are new but shouldn't matter. I have been using the Festool Granet, it is more money but it does seem to hold up better. I have been getting mine at a local Benjamin Moore Paint Store if you have one by you Coop.
  20. I would be willing to guess that Festool makes demands trying to get a bigger bite of a company's sales and when the company calls their bluff Festool pulls their stuff... for a while until they realize that they aren't going to get to bully their way and then bring their product back. Just a guess.
  21. Use two 22.5 degree elbows with about a 3 or 4 inch piece of pipe between them, this will give you a nice sweep to your turn.
  22. Chet


    Good way to really find out what tools you need for you personal work flow.
  23. I contacted (emailed) fuji for some information on a paint product I wanted to spray. I attached the tech sheet for the product and asked my questions. I did take them about a day to get back but it was good information when they did.