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  1. This is where I would fall by the wayside. I have a hard time with repetitive tasks. Over and over doesn't go over real well. My hat is off to those that can.
  2. I have a brad nailer and a finish nailer and both are Senco. If I were looking for any kind of pneumatic nail gun Senco would be my first stop. I have shot over 4000 finish nails (I am on my second case of 4000) and probably 1000 brads and the only time I had a problem it was operator error. One of the things that originally pushed me towards Senco was that they are design so that most repairs can be done by the owner. They sell kits with all the parts and gaskets you would need to do a complete rebuild yourself. But I haven't had to do anything to either of mine as of yet. Also they are oil free.
  3. I know it is just a little part of the project but you don't put finish on the kumiko, correct?
  4. This is true. I have even had chip out on some hardwoods. I always use a backer board.
  5. Those actually look like they turned out pretty nice Ken.
  6. Sometimes a phone call is the better way to go, that way you can have a conversation with the tech instead of days of back and forth emailing.
  7. Coop types faster then I do. I was thinking the same thing.
  8. You would have to get another section of hose. And I stand corrected, mine is a hybrid polymer... but I am still real happy with it, even if it was made from used sausage casings.
  9. I have this one Goodyear Retractable Compressor It is by far the best one I have ever had. It is light weight, real flexible, it doesn't fight you when you are moving it around. Its a real soft pliable material. I have had it over 5 years and don't see so much as the beginings of a weak or worn spot. Thee retractor works nice and smooth. Its a bit pricey but so far worth every penny.
  10. I watched him via instagram as he did about 12 - 15 of these in one run. Looks like an interesting project for sure. On the surface it looks somewhat simple but watching some of his short videos on certain parts, there is more to this chair then meets the eye. He has a place in Florida, I believe, thats set up to do the cushions for him when he makes these. You might contact him if you are interested, I have emailed him a couple of times, he's a pretty helpful guy.
  11. Get some crubber from Benchcrafted and glue to both faces of the vice and you will be amazed at how much better is will hold something and with less torque. Really worth the few bucks. The bench does look nice, what did you end up using for finish?
  12. Derek, do you know why this is? Stability?
  13. Great looking station, very well done.
  14. This is pretty much my standard operating procedure. I tend to purchase about 25% more then I think I will need especially when the color of the wood needs to be consistent. If it doesn't get used there are other projects down the road, just throw it on the lumber rack. But I do it this way because I tried many times to use Ronn's technique but usually had the same result he did.
  15. If I did this it would be a sure way to guarantee that I would end up dropping a chisel or other sharp, pointed object.
  16. Possibly, but that would most likely take longer than a quick sanding operation. This is a good point and I don't know where the OP is located, but in my city they are pretty specific when issuing business licenses on whether your business will produce any dust or fumes in the process.
  17. Something like a small disc sander should do the job like the one below. This one is a combination belt and disc but not a bad price for what you need. Disc and Belt Sander But you might want to ask your supplier how much it would cost because either way you are going to pay for it, it will be his labor and he probably already has the machine and technique or it will be your time and energy which takes you away from your real work.
  18. This is one of the best things I have added to my shop and it provides great support to the body even with long days in the shop. I live close to you in San Jose and I have walked out onto this with just my socks when the shop is a little cold and you don't feel the cold in the bottom of your feet. It sweeps up pretty well especially after you have had it down for a while and it vacuums real well. I think carpet would be a head ache and it certainly would be a chore to keep clean. I don't think it would provide support under your feet during long sessions in the shop. If you want to stop by and see it sometime just drop me a PM.
  19. I think you should have done a "real time" video of all of this so we could have enjoyed the joyless task with you. Normally a persons most recent project is there favorite but of the three rockers do you gravitate towards one? You most certainly did a great job on this one.
  20. Probably not Jet or Grizzly. Seems that everyone around here that has the combo is in the Hammer corner.
  21. Here is a video of one a member here did.
  22. I actually like the drawer runners exposed. I think it could look real nice sanded the way Darrell Peart rounds some of his parts. This I agree with, even though drafting stools are narrower then a desk chair the thing that has me thinking it needs to be a little wider is that you have a design element to your drawer runners that look like the bow in, which I like but this could end end up being an ankle biter.
  23. These are a really nice bit, a little more money but they have a top and bottom bearing so they have more flexibility in how they can be used. They are worth the money. I purchased the 3/4 diameter with the 2 inch cutting length and just used it a lot in a recent project super clean cut. I used it on both hardwood and ply.