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    FB is stupid

    So will any airport TSA.
  2. I think I would tend to do something like Ross mentions. I would want it pretty well secured just in case. It sounds like you want the option of removing it from the wall down the road. What about a horizontal sliding dovetail or even two. If you had the dovetail stand away from the wall you could end up with the appearance of the rack floating in the air.
  3. When I go my bandsaw the driver was pretty much a jerk an left it at the curb and the pallet was in horrible shape so I had to unpack everything right were it was. Fortunately I have a pretty strong son in law that lives right next door. When I had my Powermatic Jointer delivered the driver was a real gem. He hopped out of the cab, asked me we're I wanted it, I pointed out the spot in the shop and he dropped it right on the money. I tried to give him $40 for his effort and he wouldn't take it. Same freight company both times.
  4. If you look at his last picture you can see that it allows them to be shipped in a smaller box which I would guess also saves on shipping. I could never figure out how the folded them smaller. When I was a meatcutter we got a lot of our blades folded up smaller and I could never quite figure out how they did it. they weren't a small as pictured above because they were somewhere around 200 inches and almost an inch wide depending on the types of saws we had at the different stores but it was smaller then the easy way of folding them in thirds.
  5. I have had all my woodslicers delivered with an extra twist to the coil and never had problem. I guessing you just had the fluke blade, unfortunately, but I am sure they will be happy to replace it.
  6. Would a vacuum bag work for glue up's of this nature? I know you would need a long bag but it might solve the clamp shortage.
  7. Most times the motor needs to cool down to a certain temperature before you can rest things.
  8. Sounds like you need some pet goats.
  9. Welcome to the forums Mike. I don't see any reason that it wouldn't work. You just need to make sure you front/side/back material is thick enough so that under use the dowels don't blow out the sides.
  10. Was the lid part of the box? Did you make the box and then cut the lid portion off, if so you may have turned the lid 180 degrees from its original orientation.
  11. Everyday we have quotes posted in our local paper that were overheard in public. Sometimes there just cute things but most of the time they are pretty funny and in this case fitting to the times.
  12. I was thinking the same thing. I just did something similar for a shop project. Cutting it on a full sized board is something I didn't think for your project but it would be a good idea.
  13. We have had two or three articles in the news papers asking people to not use paper towels in place of TP. It doesn't dissolve the way TP does and can really muck up the sewer systems.
  14. All trolling aside, it looks to be some sort of molding and may require a finer cut at this point then one gets from the bandsaw
  15. Hmm, I thought I saw you doing just that.
  16. Welcome to the forums Dave I can't add any advise that isn't already stated but I do have t saw that is a nice looking Dresser. Well done!
  17. The table is looking good Ross. Did I miss a page in "The life of Ross" Were did the shed come in to being and was it built specifically to be your shop?
  18. Congratulations Ken and Sharon. I guess guys like us have one thing in common, we know how to find women willing to tolerate us for a long time.
  19. There are 4 beds that are 9' X 3' and 18 " deep mad from redwood 2 X 6's. I have one small on that is 2' X 4 '. We are doing some tomatoes, one beef steak and one grape, a cucumber. three bell peppers, a cantaloupe, butternut squash and bush beans.
  20. Well I spent most of the day prepping the raised vegetable beds for planting. Had some other yard tasks on the list but we got rained out.
  21. This is pretty much my standard operation. How quickly I turn off the machines for the day is in direct relation to the price per board foot of the material in use.
  22. Welcome to the forums and hoping to see more of your work. I see you made a nice upgrade from the Craftsman table saw.
  23. I thought I read on USAToday a few days back there were going to be plans put in place to give student loans some grace periods during this time.
  24. Even under these circumstances ??? That would seem a bit tight and not the best CS.