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  1. Really nice looking, job well done. Just start using it, don't worry about dinging it, it's going to happen and there is nothing you can do to stop it. When it does you can breath a sigh of relief and get on with life. The other thing you can do is go out and give it a wap with a hammer and get on with life right now.
  2. Chet

    New Shop

    The top of a cheaply made coffin.
  3. I would rather have my planer by the jointer and when things come out of my drum sander the next steps are usually done at the assembly table whether it is finish sanding or layout of joinery. So I would swap the location of those to tools.
  4. That is by far the best looking and most ornate Rube Goldberg machine I have ever seen. Very well done.
  5. @Bmac do you use a specific wood because of the weight factor?
  6. Chet

    Marc & Powermatic

    He has already started replacing some things, the two I have seem is his spindle sander and the larger of the two bandsaws. I think he also has a SawStop on order.
  7. I would finish after doing the hinge work and shelf pin hole. There is always a chance of needing a light sanding after to get rid of any small splinters and fuzzies from drilling holes that may show up.
  8. That is the garage door, when using the planer the door is open. I can slide the machine forward some and then I can plane up to about 30 inches with out the door being open. When the weather is pleasant it is open a lot any way.
  9. This is what I would do. You could do your horizontals with sliding dovetails. I don't see any reason why you couldn't use ply for the dust panels other then the possibility of adding some weight depending on the thickness you chose to use. Congratulations to you and Megan.
  10. Coop, the stand the planer is on is the one thing in my shop that isn't on casters. The planer is on the dust system, the DC is right behind it in the picture. You can just see the flex hose in the upper right of the picture.
  11. Not just what I did for a day but most of last week. I was on call for jury duty last week, so not wanting to get into something serious and get interrupted, I did a bunch of shop maintenance. Cleaned and waxed all of the cast iron tops, sharpened some chisels and plane irons, I am really happy with my purchase of the Tormek sharpening system. I also reorganized my measure and marking storage space to make room for a couple of new tri squares. I did make a couple storage boxes. They are the size of Festool systainer 2's. When I sold my Domino it left a couple of spaces in the cabinet. One has accessories for the router and and track saw and the other is mostly empty at this point. Red lid handles because that is what I had in rattle can paint.
  12. I don't know how keen an eye I have, been wearing glasses since the third grade, but I am saying wrong plug.
  13. After seeing what this piece started out looking like, and what you have had to do as far as repairs and sanding, I think that is a good choice. AND it won't be in your house so you won't be seeing it much if at all. Out of sight, out of mind.
  14. My suggestion is quite a bit different then what has been said above but it might be a faster solution. I would leave the shop door open, go in the house and have a beer or two and hope the desk is gone when you come back out to continue working on it.
  15. If it is like my website the host pulls automatically once a year from my bank account. If Charles Neil still has an existing bank account and this is the way the website was set up the site could stay up for quite a while.
  16. They do use nice boxes for their gear.
  17. Well don't keep us in suspense... whats in the boxes?
  18. Glue ups with the pucker factor are always fun, even with an extra set of knowledgeable hands.
  19. I was thinking the same thing, I would probably frame the empty wrappers.
  20. Ross I looked in to this about ten years back and if I remember you can do it with regular waterborne paint. In the long run I did it the easier way and remodeled to whole bathroom so I never really tried it.
  21. All is good as long as you don't go out and buy the pro model. Be careful or you won't know were it is when you next need it. I have had one for about 6 years and I was glad I did to two times I used it since then.
  22. Same here and not even going to try, but we have a large number of idiots around here with illegal fireworks that will be sure to let us know when it is midnight. Happy New Year!!!
  23. Paul, is that the same model Phillip Morley has?
  24. The bench looks great. This is true, and they aren't failures they are mistakes and you can learn form mistakes. You will also learn how to fix mistakes and if you are like me you will get enough chances and get really good at fixing them to the point where even you don't see them.