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  1. I'm guessing the funeral is at noon then.
  2. I haven't looked at their overarm stuff lately. I had their original set up and didn't care for it much, When you got close to the end of a cut it would actually start jetting it straight back at you, real annoying.
  3. Unless you see yourself doing a lot of sheet goods I wouldn't be in to big of a hurry to was $$'s on the 52 inch fence. I have had mine since 2014 and never felt the need for more then the 36 inch that I have.
  4. I have 7 in my shop and it is nice. The other thing that helped was I had a new garage door install a couple of months ago that is white on the inside and that made a big difference also.
  5. Chet

    New Shop Thread

    This seems to becoming more and more the case. Just this morning I was pricing something out and was looking at two pretty big names retail wise and saw a $100 price difference.
  6. A lot of people have started out with this HVLP unit. Earlex-HV5500-Spray-Station
  7. Yea but those truffles would have gone real good with some walnut halves and a nice glass of Port.
  8. I would probably do something like that. Also on some shaker pieces you will see were the back panels are finished with something like white or gray milk paint. In the end it is in an area that isn't really seen once the piece is in place.
  9. Good answer. Dust frames and panels are traditionally made like frame and panel doors, where the panel is recessed in the frame. Originally they were used to keep dust from settling on what ever is in the drawer below.
  10. I think the grits on a drum sander are courser then the the equivalent number of your ROS discs. I use 120 on my drum sander then start with 80 on my ROS and work through the grits.
  11. Chet


    Wish this worked in California.
  12. You are going to be real happy with that.
  13. I have 3, 4inch double squares and 1, 6 inch double square all are PEC blems. They are all over 6 years old now and still serving me well.
  14. Chet

    New Shop Thread

    Really starting to look like a room with walls.
  15. Been There, Done That. Another very nice project, well done Bmac.
  16. Sometimes this is what a person's budget allows. We all start somewhere with our tools and very rarely is it at the top.
  17. I go back one grit after running something through the drum sander. I have 120 on the drum sander so I start my sanding after running through the drum sander at 80 and progress through the grits, 120, 150, 180.
  18. Wood then paint it with Epoxy.
  19. I was just at my hardwood dealer Monday and they were pretty well stocked with 5 X 5 baltic birch. So go figure.
  20. Chet


    Works fine for me also Dave. Is this the link you are using?
  21. Why don't you ask the person that owns them at the present. They should be able to tell you.
  22. This sound like a good plan.