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  1. All four have been in the shop and worked on small projects. She is the only one that has shown interest in continuing the hobby. They all have things they pursue and are good at as far as hobbies go. And I am glad to say none of the hobbies include being glued to video games.
  2. It was signed by both of us before she sprayed the finish. I only signed after asking her if she wanted me to. I signed Paga, which is what the grandkids call me. You can see the signatures in the first picture of her spraying. We would have to talk about the safety of using that too, like don't us it on your older brother.
  3. I am not saying this because she is my grand daughter but she is a very focused person. She has more focus on going after something she wants to do then a lot of adults I know.
  4. I was too, I went ahead and re-ordered another one. I just posted here to see if there was something way superior out there.
  5. I will pass it along Ross. It will probable get a good giggle out of her.
  6. I meant to post this, I kept track of her time on this - including time at the lumber yard and clean up at the end of each day she was right at 45 hours.
  7. Okay, the last day started off by attaching the figure 8's to the base. Then center punching for the screw hole in the top. Then drilling and pre-threading the holes in the top. A final vacuuming of the parts before finishing. This next step is were she really left me impressed. I thought this is were she would have some struggles but after practicing the spray process on some spare plywood. I was real amazed at the job she did on the actual top. She was just a little nervous and asked me to spray the base. Spraying the bottom of the top. And the top side. A couple of final pictures. And one with the newly minted woodwork.
  8. Well my real cool wife just bought this for me for my birthday. I have been looking at ideas for drilling in the center of small parts for some project ideas and I think this looks like it might work better then other things was looking at. Drew, my wife says Thank You, because she had no idea as to what to get me.
  9. That is a great day for the two of you for sure.
  10. Just to share with you Ross, the tiles from Rubber Flooring Inc are light years better then most of the other interlocking floors. They are a pure joy to work on all day. But they probably cost more then the Harbor Freight type tiles.
  11. Watching Rockler's video, I was never really impressed with the old still that he shows in the beginning but I can picture some good uses for the Rockler model. It looks like a real quality unit. I might be putting this on the list. If they changed the blue anodized aluminum to red they could double the price.
  12. I haven't had any kind of tripping problem at all with mine. They sweep up pretty well and vacuum even better. If you are thinking go doing the whole garage floor you might want t olook at their rolls, I think that is a lower price per square foot.
  13. I have had these 8mm strong rubber tile down for over a year and wish I had done it years ago. I can work in the shop all day and not feel wore out. You can get it in locking tiles or custom cut rolls.
  14. Welcome to the forums Luke, glad to have you join us.
  15. Chet

    Feet Up Rev 2

    We'll be there in late September, looking forward to it.
  16. As a matter of fact, today I did. I actually vacuumed, getting ready to spray the finish.
  17. A good idea that actually is already in the making.
  18. Today she started off by adding a small chamfer to the bottom edge of the table top. First some practice with a piece of scrap. Then on to the actual top. Then it was a lot of sanding. She started out using my ETS 150/5 but was a lot more comfortable using the smaller 125. Practiced drilling the holes for the figure 8's. Then getting it done on the actual aprons. She tried doing a chamfer on the bottom of a scrap leg and she was doing fairly well but she said that she kept losing the grip of the plane and her hand was always sliding so I ended up doing the legs themselves for her. One thing I have learned with this project is that we as adults take all the tools we use for granted but for a little one like her it is totally different. Then we glued up the base. No action shots here, it took both of us spreading glue to get it done, it was pretty warm in the shopped I didn't want the glue setting up on us. But I do have to say she has a real aptitude for spreading glue with a brush. I guess the art time back in kindergarten paid off.
  19. Well she cut a bunch of curves today. First up the legs. She did a curved reverse taper on the two outside faces of the legs. I cleaned up those cuts at the router table with a pattern bit so this makes two machines in the process that she didn't want to use, first the jointer and now the router table. I think she has made some good choices in not doing anything she is not comfortable with. Here she is cutting the curves on the leg. This is the second cut with the waste from the first cut taped back on. It looks like her back hand is in a bad place but I posed most of the pictures with the saws off. I failed to get any pictures of her cutting the curves on the apron pieces but here she is at the spindle sander cleaning up the cuts, first on the long aprons... ...then on the shorter aprons. She did have a mistake at the band saw cutting the curve on one of the small aprons. She lost sight of the line because it sort of blended with the grain. It would have been easy to just mill another one up but I told her that there are ways to fix small mistakes. I told her I could show her how or we could make a new piece all over. She wanted to see me fix it. I took a chisel and shaved a thin piece off the off cut, supper glued it in the kerf and to the under side of the curve so when she sanded the curve again after the fix it would flake of. Here, in the close up you can see it just to the left of the high point of the curve. But from a normal distance it is pretty hard to see. I told her to keep it a secret, don't point it out to people. Couple of pictures of the dry fit. Next up is to chamfer the bottom edge of the top, some sanding and a glue up.
  20. Its 1.75 hp. 115 volt. I never even thought of checking Grizzly
  21. I am interested in what brands of remote switches you all use for your dust collectors. I have had a Long Ranger for a number of years that just died and I need to replace. I was happy with it but wanted to hear from you guys.
  22. You might want to check this out also, Marc had some problems with the oak cracking when steam An I think he discusses the solution.
  23. My neighbor Just had his heater and A/C replace including the condenser and every quote he got was with in pennies $9100. Some of this price may be because of our California location.
  24. Starting to look like your version of the Studley Chest. Well done Daniel.