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  1. It didn't come in the mail, it was a father's day gift. This is by far the best push broom I have ever had for the shop. It has a high and low setting and variable speed trigger. Its a really, really nice machine.
  2. I can't speak to pine but my poplar work bench dog holes have held up so far for 7 years of hold fast use. Its made from two 8/4 laminations.
  3. I think that would be a special experience to hear music on that system... but it would probably ruin listening to music for the rest of your life.
  4. I really like the grain in those doors.
  5. really ended up looking nice. Great design.
  6. Talking with people that have different hobbies then I do has made me realize that any hobby done right is expensive.
  7. Looking at the picture you posted, the mechanism looks real similar to LN block planes and I know they used Stanley for a starting point in a lot of their designs. Any chance their parts will work on your plane.
  8. That's looking real good Coop. Not trying to stir the pot but did you give any thought to a frosted design for the glass?
  9. Sometimes it really helps to walk away from a problem for a while.
  10. No problem. The links that aren't allowed are ones that are put up just to self promote or to drive business.
  11. That came out real nice gee-dub no matter how long it may have taken. Great looking piece. Thats what I did I really like the clean look. We have a newer TV that sits a few inches higher then in the picture and that makes me even happier that there are no wires.
  12. What about leaving the center screw hole as is and making the two end holes in the runners oblong, that should allow for what you need.
  13. You can say that about most things these days.
  14. I will second Drew on this. The only BB slides in the house are on the kitchen drawers. I really like the feel of the hardwood runners.
  15. Looking good so far my friend. It's making me want to get back in the shop.
  16. About a year and a half ago my sister in law developed a really bad allergy to dust and it affected her eyes more then anything. While her eye doctor and medical doctor were getting this figured out for her, the way it affected her eyes, she had use binoculars to watch TV.
  17. I have been using a technique that I learned from William Ng. You work wood glue into the gap and then sand with 80 or 100 grit sandpaper. The low grit sandpaper gives a better dust particle to fill the gap and make it look more natural and it takes the finish way better then dust mixed with glue. The low grit sandpaper is the important part. Since I saw this on one of his videos it is my go-to for gaps and touch ups. But as always try it for yourself on some scrap
  18. This looks like a fun project. Are you going to put glass in the doors or wood panels. +1 on the sound bar, way better sound quality then the TV's speakers.
  19. This was in my email this morning.
  20. Will they do a wire transfer as small as a dollar?
  21. Chet


    It is amazing how animals will find and get into spaces that we didn't even know existed.
  22. The outside dimension is 3 5/8", internally it is 2 7/8". I used a 1/4" thick back panel and the glass is set back 1/2" from the front edge and the glass was 1/8' thick if I remember correctly. I did the engraved plate myself. I have had a small awards business for the past 15 years that I run from home so I have the engraver. The format that I used for the engraving is the same as it appears on the grave marker that was provided by the military. If you want a plate made drop me a PM.