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    Axiom vs Avid vs ?

    I don't know anything about any of them but did you give this one any thought? Shaper Origin I think that if I was to consider something for the purposes you mentioned, this is what I would get. Mainly because no floor space is taken up when not in use. I have also heard that there customer service is top notch.
  2. Miters would not be a good choice in my mind. Mortise and tenon or maybe half lap with dowel pins to had some strength. The pins would even add a design feature.
  3. The cabinets look great. The whole bathroom looks nice.
  4. I have on smaller projects, I spare on larger ones and I am pleased with the results either way. Nice work Ross. I like the big contrast in color between the bowl and the rest of the piece.
  5. Yes, The pictures aren't accurate, but in the description they sate the the bigger bits has1/2 inch shank.
  6. You want to order this bushing. You mount the bushing in a piece of wood and use it as a template to start the hole. You will probably need to remove the bushing template to finish drilling to the full depth of the hole. Lee Valley Dog hole bushing. And this bit in 3/4 inch size. Make sure you select the 3'4 inch bit from the drop down menu. Brad point bit 3/4"
  7. I am kind of late to the show David, but that came out real nice. It is nice that the sap wood ended up in front and showing. It's to bad the design didn't allow it to be a bigger part of the appearance.
  8. Chet

    New Shop Thread

    Half the members here probably don't know why a mainframe computer needed "tape" on a reel. Just the color of blue would almost give away the origins of the cabinet.
  9. That came out real well my friend. The mahogany makes it look like a cuff detail on the legs. I would have to say it turned out to be a plus for the appearance.
  10. I like that you like it that much, but there will be no more bed or dining table projects in my small shop. I am glad I built both of those things but having to constantly move parts to get to the tools I needed to use next takes some of the joy out of the process. Plus I know you and your wife would find more happiness in a bed built by you. And then there is the shipping to think about...
  11. This is what I use. Its a good safe product to clean and condition wood surfaces. You just need a drop or two and you don't need to use it all the time just when things look dried out or have some dirt spots. Weiman Lemon Oil
  12. I would go that direction in a minute. I always used down sleeping bags that kept me very warm on some pretty cold back packing trips. My wife however is one that likes to feel the weight of blankets and such.
  13. Thanks! Thats pretty high praise to be compared to Phillip Morley. He is one of my favorite woodworkers and I could only dream of hitting that level.
  14. First off, this particular piece was only 1/2" thick. But I have had good luck with things like this. I think a lot has to do with the blades, I have had good results with the Bosch blades and also having a saw that has good power too, it helps because it keeps one from forcing the cut, always better to let the blade do it's thing.
  15. Like I mentioned before a lot of the parts for the headboard were done at the same time as the footboard because of using the same set ups for both. The only part that still need to be made was the top panel. The panel had a curve at the top and again because of the space in my shop I couldn't use the bandsaw for the cut so I used my jigsaw. I cleaned up the edge with a spoke shave. At this point I was like a horse headed for the barn and ceased to remember to take any pictures, but basically the only other thing I did before starting all the glue ups was to cut a rabbet along the bottom of the curved top panel and the top edge of the top rail to glue the two pieces together. The rest of the glue up was the same as the footboard. Completed headboard. My intention was to have the top panel have a recessed appearance similar the top drawer of the nightstands with the same band of molding right below it. Monday we emptied to bedroom and I shampooed the carpet. Then yesterday I set everything up. This picture got taken before the slats were in place. And the new mattress arrived this morning. The nightstands have gained a rich dark color since bringing them in the house, I can't wait until the bed is the same. We just need to find a bed spread that we or at least my wife is happy with and that will be the end of this project. This was an interesting milestone, with the exception of two couches and my wife's piano all the furniture in our house has now been made by me.
  16. Chet


    Is that Toronto in the back ground?
  17. With all the forms, templates and jigs used in this project, do you make your own set or does the school provide them?
  18. Chet

    Road trip

    The Lap of Luxury back then If I had it my way I would use the train for all my travel plans.
  19. Welcome to the forum Ryan. Have you considered Grizzly? They make some pretty decent tools for the money and have great customer service.
  20. Chet

    New Shop Thread

    I seem to have good luck solving dilemmas while in the shower. I was told that it's not uncommon because a shower tends to relax you. Trouble is my paper and and pencil get wet when I try to write the solutions down.
  21. When thinking about chair designs there is a lot of detail that doesn't immediately meet the eye. I think I would defiantly prototype, but I would use poplar not ply. Adapting on the fly with hardwood lumber can get expensive real quick. The other option would be to find inexpensive chair from retail with a similar design, buy it and reverse engineer it.
  22. Maybe a negative space in the center down the length of both. But what would have been real cool is if they weren't there at all, the shelf just floated from the leg connection. I had that exact saw until I bent the blade and replaced it with a saw from a brand that would be more excepted on woodworking sights. Its been a good saw but I actually think the Irwin saw was a nicer tool, definitely liked the handle more.
  23. Chet

    New Shop Thread

    I have thought about doing something like that to my saw but lack the desire to take the saw apart and put it back together again aaaannd I always seem to find some that is more fun to do in the shop.